15 Mobile & Desktop Presets LACONIC

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Date added: May 21, 2020
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LACONIC Lightroom Mobile Presets

Stylish photo editing portraiture, subject shooting and photographs inside. Preset removes gray shades, turning dirty shades into high-quality and clean shades. Your photos will be professionally designed and have a quality look. This preset will help you style Instagram feed. You can use this instagram filter as basic presets for your photos.

High quality preset Perfect for bloggers, travel, lifestyle and portrait photography.

All photographers do not need to spend hours for photo post production. With these modern Lightroom presets for professional photographers, everybody can achieve thousands of fashion touch ups for several minutes.

Our team has made Adobe Lightroom presets that improve images quickly and easy. All Lightroom retouching presets are designed to increase the beauty of your photographs in just several clicks. The list of demands for professional retouching is very long. People want to receive efficient and natural retouching, have a unique style and a photographer’s signature. Not all professional Lightroom presets can satisfy the requirements, if you buy Lightroom presets, you need to receive the best outcomes.


– 15 Professional Lightroom Mobile Preset in DNG Format compatible with Lightroom Mobile;
– 15 Professional Desktop Lightroom Preset in XMP Format compatible with Desktop Lightroom;
– 3 PDF of instructions for Installation and Usage (available for free download here: get.adobe.com/reader/ ).


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  1. Silvia G

    Love it!

  2. Caitlin

    Very nice

  3. Alicia Alby


  4. Maureen Ann


  5. Bareley Famous

    Nice color))

  6. Peyton Nicole


  7. Leslie Velazquez


  8. KaityB505

    Nice preset

  9. Lindsay Comer

    Looks nice!

  10. Maegan McBee


  11. Priscilla Beaver


  12. Agne Grigalyte

    Not bad.

  13. Aliyah Hannig

    Love these!!

  14. Anonymous (verified owner)

  15. Joyce Cozzolino

    Wonderful presets!

  16. Allyssa Allen

    Love this preset 🤍🤍🤍

  17. Hedda

    Perfect presets

  18. Dana Wehmeyer

    Nice filter

  19. Gabriella Matte

    Nice Presets ))

  20. Angela N


  21. Bareley Famous

    Nice presets

  22. Erin Queen


  23. Crystal

    Great filters!

  24. Kimberly Slagle

    So cute!

  25. Aly Miller


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0065-LACONIC-Mobile-Desktop-Lightroom-Presets-9fxzll.zip (13 MB):
DNG/Preset 1 Laconic.DNG
DNG/Preset 10 Laconic.DNG
DNG/Preset 11 Laconic.DNG
DNG/Preset 12 Laconic.DNG
DNG/Preset 13 Laconic.DNG
DNG/Preset 14 Laconic.DNG
DNG/Preset 15 Laconic.DNG
DNG/Preset 2 Laconic.DNG
DNG/Preset 3 Laconic.DNG
DNG/Preset 4 Laconic.DNG
DNG/Preset 5 Laconic.DNG
DNG/Preset 6 Laconic.DNG
DNG/Preset 7 Laconic.DNG
DNG/Preset 8 Laconic.DNG
DNG/Preset 9 Laconic.DNG
XMP/Preset 1 Laconic.xmp
XMP/Preset 10 Laconic.xmp
XMP/Preset 11 Laconic.xmp
XMP/Preset 12 Laconic.xmp
XMP/Preset 13 Laconic.xmp
XMP/Preset 14 Laconic.xmp
XMP/Preset 15 Laconic.xmp
XMP/Preset 2 Laconic.xmp
XMP/Preset 3 Laconic.xmp
XMP/Preset 4 Laconic.xmp
XMP/Preset 5 Laconic.xmp
XMP/Preset 6 Laconic.xmp
XMP/Preset 7 Laconic.xmp
XMP/Preset 8 Laconic.xmp
XMP/Preset 9 Laconic.xmp