19 Bali Lightroom Preset

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Date added: November 29, 2021
Date updated: December 7, 2021


19 Bali Lightroom Preset

Why this Bali Lightroom Preset pack is unique and you won’t see it on anywhere platform?
Because it contains the most iconic viral photos that you see most often on Instagram.
Get this preset pack and you can get green and blue color-based presets that would go in most of your photos. If you’ve any specific queries about how to increase lightness in photos or you want more yellow highlight or green highlight then you can message me anytime.
Bali Lightroom Preset pack Includes ~

Mobile Lightroom Presets (DNG) – Bali Lightroom Preset
Lightroom Desktop Presets (lrtemplate) – Bali Lightroom Preset
Photoshop Desktop Presets (xmp) – Bali Lightroom Preset
How to use Bali Lightroom Preset?
1] First install preset in any of your favourite software.
2] Apply preset on those photographs which have more percentage of sample photos’ color tones. Observe the published “before and after” images.
3] After applying particular preset on the photo, now you can do some color manipulation if you feel like. You can play with the settings of “Basic, HSL/Grayscale, Split Toning, Vignetting, and Camera Calibration” in order to adjust color tones on images.
Do not directly download on mobile. Download on laptop or computer first.

If you’re directly downloading on mobile and wish to use only “Adobe Lightroom App” then use DNG file format only.

PS: please increase the laptop or mobile brightness for a preset experience while watching images in the gallery.
Femmepod gives 30 days of free support from the date of purchase. Contact me if you’re unable to achieve the desired result because every photo setting is different. A bit of tweaking is necessary if you’re not getting the desired result. Message me if you wish to see the preview of this preset pack or confused about which preset pack would be best for your purpose.


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19-Bali-Lightroom-Preset-Femmepod-odjzhu.zip (55 MB):
bali lightroom preset 2 preview.jpg
bali lightroom preset preview.jpg
dng/1 before.dng
dng/10 before.dng
dng/11 before.dng
dng/12 before.dng
dng/13 before.dng
dng/14 before.dng
dng/15 before.dng
dng/16 before.dng
dng/17 before.dng
dng/18 before.dng
dng/19 before.dng
dng/2 before.dng
dng/3 before.dng
dng/4 before.dng
dng/5 before.dng
dng/6 before.dng
dng/7 before.dng
dng/8 before.dng
dng/9 before.dng
lrtemplate/1 after bali lightroom preset.lrtemplate
lrtemplate/10 after bali lightroom preset.lrtemplate
lrtemplate/11 after bali lightroom preset.lrtemplate
lrtemplate/12 after bali lightroom preset.lrtemplate
lrtemplate/13 after bali lightroom preset.lrtemplate
lrtemplate/14 after bali lightroom preset.lrtemplate
lrtemplate/15 after bali lightroom preset.lrtemplate
lrtemplate/16 after bali lightroom preset.lrtemplate
lrtemplate/17 after bali lightroom preset.lrtemplate
lrtemplate/18 after bali lightroom preset.lrtemplate
lrtemplate/19 after bali lightroom preset.lrtemplate
lrtemplate/2 after bali lightroom preset.lrtemplate
lrtemplate/3 after bali lightroom preset.lrtemplate
lrtemplate/4 after bali lightroom preset.lrtemplate
lrtemplate/5 after bali lightroom preset.lrtemplate
lrtemplate/6 after bali lightroom preset.lrtemplate
lrtemplate/7 after bali lightroom preset.lrtemplate
lrtemplate/8 after bali lightroom preset.lrtemplate
lrtemplate/9 after bali lightroom preset.lrtemplate
read me bali lightroom presets.pdf
Thank you note.txt
xmp/1 after bali lightroom preset.xmp
xmp/10 after bali lightroom preset.xmp
xmp/11 after bali lightroom preset.xmp
xmp/12 after bali lightroom preset.xmp
xmp/13 after bali lightroom preset.xmp
xmp/14 after bali lightroom preset.xmp
xmp/15 after bali lightroom preset.xmp
xmp/16 after bali lightroom preset.xmp
xmp/17 after bali lightroom preset.xmp
xmp/18 after bali lightroom preset.xmp
xmp/19 after bali lightroom preset.xmp
xmp/2 after bali lightroom preset.xmp
xmp/3 after bali lightroom preset.xmp
xmp/4 after bali lightroom preset.xmp
xmp/5 after bali lightroom preset.xmp
xmp/6 after bali lightroom preset.xmp
xmp/7 after bali lightroom preset.xmp
xmp/8 after bali lightroom preset.xmp
xmp/9 after bali lightroom preset.xmp

Femmepod develops the most demanded plus creative lightroom preset pack in the market.
You could use Femmepod preset file on both the mobile and desktop.
Femmepod is the only seller in the market that gives 30 days of free support to teach you how to use preset and get the exact effect that you see in photos.