20 Aviators Lightroom Presets and LUTs

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Date added: January 11, 2022
Date updated: January 17, 2022


Looking to add a touch of courage and danger to your photos? Look no further than the new Aviators Lightroom Presets. Inspired by the 2022 film “Top Gun: Maverick”, these presets will give your photos a cinematic look – perfect for giving your work that extra edge.

What You’ll Get
– Presets for Lightroom
– Presets for Lightroom Classic
– Presets for Lightroom for Mobile
– Presets for Photoshop and Camera Raw
– DNG presets for Lightroom for Mobile
– ICC profiles for Capture One Pro and Capture One Express
– LUTs for Premiere Pro, After Effects, Final Cut Pro X, DaVinci Resolve, OBS Studio, and more (3dl, cube, look, png, and mga)
– PDF installation guide

The Bundle
– Hanger (5 Presets)
– Maverick (5 Presets)
– Mustang (5 Presets)
– North Island (5 Presets)

Photo Editing Features
– ✔️ Edit anywhere. Works with Lightroom for desktop, mobile, and web.
– ✔️ Edit faster. Made with speed-optimized profiles.
– ✔️ Vary the preset strength using the Amount slider.
– ✔️ Achieve natural results with built-in skin tone protection.

Video Editing Features
– ✔️ Experience a seamless workflow with wide software support.
– ✔️ Produce high-quality results without artifacts – enhanced with VOXCOLOR SmoothTones.
– ✔️ Simplify masking tasks with the “Skin” LUTs

Compatible with software for Apple™ macOS and Microsoft Windows
– Adobe After Effects Creative Cloud
– Adobe Camera v14 or newer
– Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud 2022 or Newer
– Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic Creative Cloud 2022 or newer
– Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Creative Cloud 2022 or newer
– Adobe Premiere Pro Creative Cloud 2022 or newer
– Apple Final Cut Pro v10.4 or newer
– Avid Media Composer
– Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve
– Capture One Express 20 or newer
– Capture One Pro 20 or newer
– CyberLink ColorDirector
– OBS Studio
– Serif Affinity Photo
– Sony Vegas Pro
– Spark AR Studio
– The Foundry Visionmongers Nuke
– Wondershare Filmora

Compatible with apps for iOS
– Adobe Photoshop Lightroom for Mobile
– Luma Touch LumaFusion
– Video LUT

Compatible with apps for Android
– Adobe Photoshop Lightroom for Mobile

All trademarks or registered trademarks are property of their respective owners. This product contains presets and LUTs that are enhanced with VOXCOLOR’s algorithms. SparkleStock produces products which integrate with other software. For help with this product, please contact SparkleStock.


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SparkleStock-Aviators.zip (64 MB):
Installation Guide.pdf
Lightroom CCSparkleStock Aviators.zip
Lightroom MobileHanger 01 S.dng
Lightroom MobileHanger 01.dng
Lightroom MobileHanger 02 S.dng
Lightroom MobileHanger 02.dng
Lightroom MobileHanger 03 S.dng
Lightroom MobileHanger 03.dng
Lightroom MobileHanger 04 S.dng
Lightroom MobileHanger 04.dng
Lightroom MobileHanger 05 S.dng
Lightroom MobileHanger 05.dng
Lightroom MobileMaverick 01 S.dng
Lightroom MobileMaverick 01.dng
Lightroom MobileMaverick 02 S.dng
Lightroom MobileMaverick 02.dng
Lightroom MobileMaverick 03 S.dng
Lightroom MobileMaverick 03.dng
Lightroom MobileMaverick 04 S.dng
Lightroom MobileMaverick 04.dng
Lightroom MobileMaverick 05 S.dng
Lightroom MobileMaverick 05.dng
Lightroom MobileMustang 01 S.dng
Lightroom MobileMustang 01.dng
Lightroom MobileMustang 02 S.dng
Lightroom MobileMustang 02.dng
Lightroom MobileMustang 03 S.dng
Lightroom MobileMustang 03.dng
Lightroom MobileMustang 04 S.dng
Lightroom MobileMustang 04.dng
Lightroom MobileMustang 05 S.dng
Lightroom MobileMustang 05.dng
Lightroom MobileNorth Island 01 S.dng
Lightroom MobileNorth Island 01.dng
Lightroom MobileNorth Island 02 S.dng
Lightroom MobileNorth Island 02.dng
Lightroom MobileNorth Island 03 S.dng
Lightroom MobileNorth Island 03.dng
Lightroom MobileNorth Island 04 S.dng
Lightroom MobileNorth Island 04.dng
Lightroom MobileNorth Island 05 S.dng
Lightroom MobileNorth Island 05.dng
LUTs3DLHanger 01.3dl
LUTs3DLHanger 01_S.3dl
LUTs3DLHanger 02.3dl
LUTs3DLHanger 02_S.3dl
LUTs3DLHanger 03.3dl
LUTs3DLHanger 03_S.3dl
LUTs3DLHanger 04.3dl
LUTs3DLHanger 04_S.3dl
LUTs3DLHanger 05.3dl
LUTs3DLHanger 05_S.3dl
LUTs3DLMaverick 01.3dl
LUTs3DLMaverick 01_S.3dl
LUTs3DLMaverick 02.3dl
LUTs3DLMaverick 02_S.3dl
LUTs3DLMaverick 03.3dl
LUTs3DLMaverick 03_S.3dl
LUTs3DLMaverick 04.3dl
LUTs3DLMaverick 04_S.3dl
LUTs3DLMaverick 05.3dl
LUTs3DLMaverick 05_S.3dl
LUTs3DLMustang 01.3dl
LUTs3DLMustang 01_S.3dl
LUTs3DLMustang 02.3dl
LUTs3DLMustang 02_S.3dl
LUTs3DLMustang 03.3dl
LUTs3DLMustang 03_S.3dl
LUTs3DLMustang 04.3dl
LUTs3DLMustang 04_S.3dl
LUTs3DLMustang 05.3dl
LUTs3DLMustang 05_S.3dl
LUTs3DLNorth Island 01.3dl
LUTs3DLNorth Island 01_S.3dl
LUTs3DLNorth Island 02.3dl
LUTs3DLNorth Island 02_S.3dl
LUTs3DLNorth Island 03.3dl
LUTs3DLNorth Island 03_S.3dl
LUTs3DLNorth Island 04.3dl
LUTs3DLNorth Island 04_S.3dl
LUTs3DLNorth Island 05.3dl
LUTs3DLNorth Island 05_S.3dl
LUTsCUBEHanger 01.cube
LUTsCUBEHanger 01_S.cube
LUTsCUBEHanger 02.cube
LUTsCUBEHanger 02_S.cube
LUTsCUBEHanger 03.cube
LUTsCUBEHanger 03_S.cube
LUTsCUBEHanger 04.cube
LUTsCUBEHanger 04_S.cube
LUTsCUBEHanger 05.cube
LUTsCUBEHanger 05_S.cube
LUTsCUBEMaverick 01.cube
LUTsCUBEMaverick 01_S.cube
LUTsCUBEMaverick 02.cube
LUTsCUBEMaverick 02_S.cube
LUTsCUBEMaverick 03.cube
LUTsCUBEMaverick 03_S.cube
LUTsCUBEMaverick 04.cube
LUTsCUBEMaverick 04_S.cube
LUTsCUBEMaverick 05.cube
LUTsCUBEMaverick 05_S.cube
LUTsCUBEMustang 01.cube
LUTsCUBEMustang 01_S.cube
LUTsCUBEMustang 02.cube
LUTsCUBEMustang 02_S.cube
LUTsCUBEMustang 03.cube
LUTsCUBEMustang 03_S.cube
LUTsCUBEMustang 04.cube
LUTsCUBEMustang 04_S.cube
LUTsCUBEMustang 05.cube
LUTsCUBEMustang 05_S.cube
LUTsCUBENorth Island 01.cube
LUTsCUBENorth Island 01_S.cube
LUTsCUBENorth Island 02.cube
LUTsCUBENorth Island 02_S.cube
LUTsCUBENorth Island 03.cube
LUTsCUBENorth Island 03_S.cube
LUTsCUBENorth Island 04.cube
LUTsCUBENorth Island 04_S.cube
LUTsCUBENorth Island 05.cube
LUTsCUBENorth Island 05_S.cube
LUTsICCHanger 01.icc
LUTsICCHanger 01_S.icc
LUTsICCHanger 02.icc
LUTsICCHanger 02_S.icc
LUTsICCHanger 03.icc
LUTsICCHanger 03_S.icc
LUTsICCHanger 04.icc
LUTsICCHanger 04_S.icc
LUTsICCHanger 05.icc
LUTsICCHanger 05_S.icc
LUTsICCMaverick 01.icc
LUTsICCMaverick 01_S.icc
LUTsICCMaverick 02.icc
LUTsICCMaverick 02_S.icc
LUTsICCMaverick 03.icc
LUTsICCMaverick 03_S.icc
LUTsICCMaverick 04.icc
LUTsICCMaverick 04_S.icc
LUTsICCMaverick 05.icc
LUTsICCMaverick 05_S.icc
LUTsICCMustang 01.icc
LUTsICCMustang 01_S.icc
LUTsICCMustang 02.icc
LUTsICCMustang 02_S.icc
LUTsICCMustang 03.icc
LUTsICCMustang 03_S.icc
LUTsICCMustang 04.icc
LUTsICCMustang 04_S.icc
LUTsICCMustang 05.icc
LUTsICCMustang 05_S.icc
LUTsICCNorth Island 01.icc
LUTsICCNorth Island 01_S.icc
LUTsICCNorth Island 02.icc
LUTsICCNorth Island 02_S.icc
LUTsICCNorth Island 03.icc
LUTsICCNorth Island 03_S.icc
LUTsICCNorth Island 04.icc
LUTsICCNorth Island 04_S.icc
LUTsICCNorth Island 05.icc
LUTsICCNorth Island 05_S.icc
LUTsLOOKHanger 01.look
LUTsLOOKHanger 01_S.look
LUTsLOOKHanger 02.look
LUTsLOOKHanger 02_S.look
LUTsLOOKHanger 03.look
LUTsLOOKHanger 03_S.look
LUTsLOOKHanger 04.look
LUTsLOOKHanger 04_S.look
LUTsLOOKHanger 05.look
LUTsLOOKHanger 05_S.look
LUTsLOOKMaverick 01.look
LUTsLOOKMaverick 01_S.look
LUTsLOOKMaverick 02.look
LUTsLOOKMaverick 02_S.look
LUTsLOOKMaverick 03.look
LUTsLOOKMaverick 03_S.look
LUTsLOOKMaverick 04.look
LUTsLOOKMaverick 04_S.look
LUTsLOOKMaverick 05.look
LUTsLOOKMaverick 05_S.look
LUTsLOOKMustang 01.look
LUTsLOOKMustang 01_S.look
LUTsLOOKMustang 02.look
LUTsLOOKMustang 02_S.look
LUTsLOOKMustang 03.look
LUTsLOOKMustang 03_S.look
LUTsLOOKMustang 04.look
LUTsLOOKMustang 04_S.look
LUTsLOOKMustang 05.look
LUTsLOOKMustang 05_S.look
LUTsLOOKNorth Island 01.look
LUTsLOOKNorth Island 01_S.look
LUTsLOOKNorth Island 02.look
LUTsLOOKNorth Island 02_S.look
LUTsLOOKNorth Island 03.look
LUTsLOOKNorth Island 03_S.look
LUTsLOOKNorth Island 04.look
LUTsLOOKNorth Island 04_S.look
LUTsLOOKNorth Island 05.look
LUTsLOOKNorth Island 05_S.look
LUTsMGAHanger 01.mga
LUTsMGAHanger 01_S.mga
LUTsMGAHanger 02.mga
LUTsMGAHanger 02_S.mga
LUTsMGAHanger 03.mga
LUTsMGAHanger 03_S.mga
LUTsMGAHanger 04.mga
LUTsMGAHanger 04_S.mga
LUTsMGAHanger 05.mga
LUTsMGAHanger 05_S.mga
LUTsMGAMaverick 01.mga
LUTsMGAMaverick 01_S.mga
LUTsMGAMaverick 02.mga
LUTsMGAMaverick 02_S.mga
LUTsMGAMaverick 03.mga
LUTsMGAMaverick 03_S.mga
LUTsMGAMaverick 04.mga
LUTsMGAMaverick 04_S.mga
LUTsMGAMaverick 05.mga
LUTsMGAMaverick 05_S.mga
LUTsMGAMustang 01.mga
LUTsMGAMustang 01_S.mga
LUTsMGAMustang 02.mga
LUTsMGAMustang 02_S.mga
LUTsMGAMustang 03.mga
LUTsMGAMustang 03_S.mga
LUTsMGAMustang 04.mga
LUTsMGAMustang 04_S.mga
LUTsMGAMustang 05.mga
LUTsMGAMustang 05_S.mga
LUTsMGANorth Island 01.mga
LUTsMGANorth Island 01_S.mga
LUTsMGANorth Island 02.mga
LUTsMGANorth Island 02_S.mga
LUTsMGANorth Island 03.mga
LUTsMGANorth Island 03_S.mga
LUTsMGANorth Island 04.mga
LUTsMGANorth Island 04_S.mga
LUTsMGANorth Island 05.mga
LUTsMGANorth Island 05_S.mga
LUTsPNGHanger 01.png
LUTsPNGHanger 01_S.png
LUTsPNGHanger 02.png
LUTsPNGHanger 02_S.png
LUTsPNGHanger 03.png
LUTsPNGHanger 03_S.png
LUTsPNGHanger 04.png
LUTsPNGHanger 04_S.png
LUTsPNGHanger 05.png
LUTsPNGHanger 05_S.png
LUTsPNGMaverick 01.png
LUTsPNGMaverick 01_S.png
LUTsPNGMaverick 02.png
LUTsPNGMaverick 02_S.png
LUTsPNGMaverick 03.png
LUTsPNGMaverick 03_S.png
LUTsPNGMaverick 04.png
LUTsPNGMaverick 04_S.png
LUTsPNGMaverick 05.png
LUTsPNGMaverick 05_S.png
LUTsPNGMustang 01.png
LUTsPNGMustang 01_S.png
LUTsPNGMustang 02.png
LUTsPNGMustang 02_S.png
LUTsPNGMustang 03.png
LUTsPNGMustang 03_S.png
LUTsPNGMustang 04.png
LUTsPNGMustang 04_S.png
LUTsPNGMustang 05.png
LUTsPNGMustang 05_S.png
LUTsPNGNorth Island 01.png
LUTsPNGNorth Island 01_S.png
LUTsPNGNorth Island 02.png
LUTsPNGNorth Island 02_S.png
LUTsPNGNorth Island 03.png
LUTsPNGNorth Island 03_S.png
LUTsPNGNorth Island 04.png
LUTsPNGNorth Island 04_S.png
LUTsPNGNorth Island 05.png
LUTsPNGNorth Island 05_S.png
Photoshop CCSparkleStockAviatorsHanger 01 - SparkleStock.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockAviatorsHanger 01 S - SparkleStock.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockAviatorsHanger 01 S.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockAviatorsHanger 01.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockAviatorsHanger 02 - SparkleStock.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockAviatorsHanger 02 S - SparkleStock.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockAviatorsHanger 02 S.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockAviatorsHanger 02.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockAviatorsHanger 03 - SparkleStock.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockAviatorsHanger 03 S - SparkleStock.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockAviatorsHanger 03 S.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockAviatorsHanger 03.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockAviatorsHanger 04 - SparkleStock.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockAviatorsHanger 04 S - SparkleStock.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockAviatorsHanger 04 S.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockAviatorsHanger 04.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockAviatorsHanger 05 - SparkleStock.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockAviatorsHanger 05 S - SparkleStock.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockAviatorsHanger 05 S.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockAviatorsHanger 05.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockAviatorsMaverick 01 - SparkleStock.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockAviatorsMaverick 01 S - SparkleStock.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockAviatorsMaverick 01 S.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockAviatorsMaverick 01.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockAviatorsMaverick 02 - SparkleStock.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockAviatorsMaverick 02 S - SparkleStock.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockAviatorsMaverick 02 S.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockAviatorsMaverick 02.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockAviatorsMaverick 03 - SparkleStock.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockAviatorsMaverick 03 S - SparkleStock.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockAviatorsMaverick 03 S.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockAviatorsMaverick 03.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockAviatorsMaverick 04 - SparkleStock.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockAviatorsMaverick 04 S - SparkleStock.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockAviatorsMaverick 04 S.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockAviatorsMaverick 04.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockAviatorsMaverick 05 - SparkleStock.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockAviatorsMaverick 05 S - SparkleStock.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockAviatorsMaverick 05 S.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockAviatorsMaverick 05.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockAviatorsMustang 01 - SparkleStock.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockAviatorsMustang 01 S - SparkleStock.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockAviatorsMustang 01 S.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockAviatorsMustang 01.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockAviatorsMustang 02 - SparkleStock.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockAviatorsMustang 02 S - SparkleStock.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockAviatorsMustang 02 S.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockAviatorsMustang 02.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockAviatorsMustang 03 - SparkleStock.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockAviatorsMustang 03 S - SparkleStock.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockAviatorsMustang 03 S.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockAviatorsMustang 03.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockAviatorsMustang 04 - SparkleStock.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockAviatorsMustang 04 S - SparkleStock.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockAviatorsMustang 04 S.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockAviatorsMustang 04.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockAviatorsMustang 05 - SparkleStock.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockAviatorsMustang 05 S - SparkleStock.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockAviatorsMustang 05 S.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockAviatorsMustang 05.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockAviatorsNorth Island 01 - SparkleStock.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockAviatorsNorth Island 01 S - SparkleStock.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockAviatorsNorth Island 01 S.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockAviatorsNorth Island 01.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockAviatorsNorth Island 02 - SparkleStock.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockAviatorsNorth Island 02 S - SparkleStock.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockAviatorsNorth Island 02 S.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockAviatorsNorth Island 02.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockAviatorsNorth Island 03 - SparkleStock.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockAviatorsNorth Island 03 S - SparkleStock.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockAviatorsNorth Island 03 S.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockAviatorsNorth Island 03.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockAviatorsNorth Island 04 - SparkleStock.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockAviatorsNorth Island 04 S - SparkleStock.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockAviatorsNorth Island 04 S.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockAviatorsNorth Island 04.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockAviatorsNorth Island 05 - SparkleStock.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockAviatorsNorth Island 05 S - SparkleStock.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockAviatorsNorth Island 05 S.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockAviatorsNorth Island 05.xmp