20 Pandan Lightroom Presets and LUTs

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Date added: June 8, 2021
Date updated: June 8, 2021


Combine moody film tones with eye-catching greens to create a fresh look. These Lightroom presets are the perfect way to bring a moody vibe that’s different than your typical film looks. The presets make your photos more pleasing by simplifying colors and adding a unique shade of green. In this bundle, you’ll receive presets for Lightroom, profiles for Capture One, and LUTs.

Download Includes

Presets for Lightroom CC, Lightroom Classic CC, and Lightroom Mobile

ICC profiles for Capture One Pro and Capture One Express

LUTs for Premiere Pro, After Effects, Final Cut Pro X, DaVinci Resolve, OBS Studio, Spark AR Studio and more (3dl, cube, look, png, and mga)

PDF installation guide

Preset Bundle

1980s (5 Presets)

999 (5 Presets)

Ahenio (5 Presets)

Anise (5 Presets)


Photo Editing

✔️ Edit anywhere, any time. Supports Lightroom for desktop, mobile, and web.

✔️ Speed-optimized profiles lets you edit faster.

✔️ Supports the Amount/Opacity slider.

✔️ Enhanced with VOXCOLOR skin tone protection for more natural portraits.

Video Editing

✔️ LUTs support a wide range of video editing software.

✔️ Get banding and artifact-free results. Enhanced with VOXCOLOR SmoothTones.

✔️ Special “Skin” LUTs recover 50-75 percent of the original skin tones.


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SparkleStock-Pandan-zw8spe.zip (70 MB):
Installation Guide.pdf
Lightroom CCSparkleStock Pandan.zip
Lightroom MobileAnise 01 S.dng
Lightroom MobileAnise 01.dng
Lightroom MobileAnise 02 S.dng
Lightroom MobileAnise 02.dng
Lightroom MobileAnise 03 S.dng
Lightroom MobileAnise 03.dng
Lightroom MobileAnise 04 S.dng
Lightroom MobileAnise 04.dng
Lightroom MobileAnise 05 S.dng
Lightroom MobileAnise 05.dng
Lightroom MobileAvens 01 S.dng
Lightroom MobileAvens 01.dng
Lightroom MobileAvens 02 S.dng
Lightroom MobileAvens 02.dng
Lightroom MobileAvens 03 S.dng
Lightroom MobileAvens 03.dng
Lightroom MobileAvens 04 S.dng
Lightroom MobileAvens 04.dng
Lightroom MobileAvens 05 S.dng
Lightroom MobileAvens 05.dng
Lightroom MobileChervil 01 S.dng
Lightroom MobileChervil 01.dng
Lightroom MobileChervil 02 S.dng
Lightroom MobileChervil 02.dng
Lightroom MobileChervil 03 S.dng
Lightroom MobileChervil 03.dng
Lightroom MobileChervil 04 S.dng
Lightroom MobileChervil 04.dng
Lightroom MobileChervil 05 S.dng
Lightroom MobileChervil 05.dng
Lightroom MobileOlida 01 S.dng
Lightroom MobileOlida 01.dng
Lightroom MobileOlida 02 S.dng
Lightroom MobileOlida 02.dng
Lightroom MobileOlida 03 S.dng
Lightroom MobileOlida 03.dng
Lightroom MobileOlida 04 S.dng
Lightroom MobileOlida 04.dng
Lightroom MobileOlida 05 S.dng
Lightroom MobileOlida 05.dng
LUTs3DLAnise 01.3dl
LUTs3DLAnise 01_S.3dl
LUTs3DLAnise 02.3dl
LUTs3DLAnise 02_S.3dl
LUTs3DLAnise 03.3dl
LUTs3DLAnise 03_S.3dl
LUTs3DLAnise 04.3dl
LUTs3DLAnise 04_S.3dl
LUTs3DLAnise 05.3dl
LUTs3DLAnise 05_S.3dl
LUTs3DLAvens 01.3dl
LUTs3DLAvens 01_S.3dl
LUTs3DLAvens 02.3dl
LUTs3DLAvens 02_S.3dl
LUTs3DLAvens 03.3dl
LUTs3DLAvens 03_S.3dl
LUTs3DLAvens 04.3dl
LUTs3DLAvens 04_S.3dl
LUTs3DLAvens 05.3dl
LUTs3DLAvens 05_S.3dl
LUTs3DLChervil 01.3dl
LUTs3DLChervil 01_S.3dl
LUTs3DLChervil 02.3dl
LUTs3DLChervil 02_S.3dl
LUTs3DLChervil 03.3dl
LUTs3DLChervil 03_S.3dl
LUTs3DLChervil 04.3dl
LUTs3DLChervil 04_S.3dl
LUTs3DLChervil 05.3dl
LUTs3DLChervil 05_S.3dl
LUTs3DLOlida 01.3dl
LUTs3DLOlida 01_S.3dl
LUTs3DLOlida 02.3dl
LUTs3DLOlida 02_S.3dl
LUTs3DLOlida 03.3dl
LUTs3DLOlida 03_S.3dl
LUTs3DLOlida 04.3dl
LUTs3DLOlida 04_S.3dl
LUTs3DLOlida 05.3dl
LUTs3DLOlida 05_S.3dl
LUTsCUBEAnise 01.cube
LUTsCUBEAnise 01_S.cube
LUTsCUBEAnise 02.cube
LUTsCUBEAnise 02_S.cube
LUTsCUBEAnise 03.cube
LUTsCUBEAnise 03_S.cube
LUTsCUBEAnise 04.cube
LUTsCUBEAnise 04_S.cube
LUTsCUBEAnise 05.cube
LUTsCUBEAnise 05_S.cube
LUTsCUBEAvens 01.cube
LUTsCUBEAvens 01_S.cube
LUTsCUBEAvens 02.cube
LUTsCUBEAvens 02_S.cube
LUTsCUBEAvens 03.cube
LUTsCUBEAvens 03_S.cube
LUTsCUBEAvens 04.cube
LUTsCUBEAvens 04_S.cube
LUTsCUBEAvens 05.cube
LUTsCUBEAvens 05_S.cube
LUTsCUBEChervil 01.cube
LUTsCUBEChervil 01_S.cube
LUTsCUBEChervil 02.cube
LUTsCUBEChervil 02_S.cube
LUTsCUBEChervil 03.cube
LUTsCUBEChervil 03_S.cube
LUTsCUBEChervil 04.cube
LUTsCUBEChervil 04_S.cube
LUTsCUBEChervil 05.cube
LUTsCUBEChervil 05_S.cube
LUTsCUBEOlida 01.cube
LUTsCUBEOlida 01_S.cube
LUTsCUBEOlida 02.cube
LUTsCUBEOlida 02_S.cube
LUTsCUBEOlida 03.cube
LUTsCUBEOlida 03_S.cube
LUTsCUBEOlida 04.cube
LUTsCUBEOlida 04_S.cube
LUTsCUBEOlida 05.cube
LUTsCUBEOlida 05_S.cube
LUTsICC (Capture One)Anise 01.icc
LUTsICC (Capture One)Anise 01_S.icc
LUTsICC (Capture One)Anise 02.icc
LUTsICC (Capture One)Anise 02_S.icc
LUTsICC (Capture One)Anise 03.icc
LUTsICC (Capture One)Anise 03_S.icc
LUTsICC (Capture One)Anise 04.icc
LUTsICC (Capture One)Anise 04_S.icc
LUTsICC (Capture One)Anise 05.icc
LUTsICC (Capture One)Anise 05_S.icc
LUTsICC (Capture One)Avens 01.icc
LUTsICC (Capture One)Avens 01_S.icc
LUTsICC (Capture One)Avens 02.icc
LUTsICC (Capture One)Avens 02_S.icc
LUTsICC (Capture One)Avens 03.icc
LUTsICC (Capture One)Avens 03_S.icc
LUTsICC (Capture One)Avens 04.icc
LUTsICC (Capture One)Avens 04_S.icc
LUTsICC (Capture One)Avens 05.icc
LUTsICC (Capture One)Avens 05_S.icc
LUTsICC (Capture One)Chervil 01.icc
LUTsICC (Capture One)Chervil 01_S.icc
LUTsICC (Capture One)Chervil 02.icc
LUTsICC (Capture One)Chervil 02_S.icc
LUTsICC (Capture One)Chervil 03.icc
LUTsICC (Capture One)Chervil 03_S.icc
LUTsICC (Capture One)Chervil 04.icc
LUTsICC (Capture One)Chervil 04_S.icc
LUTsICC (Capture One)Chervil 05.icc
LUTsICC (Capture One)Chervil 05_S.icc
LUTsICC (Capture One)Olida 01.icc
LUTsICC (Capture One)Olida 01_S.icc
LUTsICC (Capture One)Olida 02.icc
LUTsICC (Capture One)Olida 02_S.icc
LUTsICC (Capture One)Olida 03.icc
LUTsICC (Capture One)Olida 03_S.icc
LUTsICC (Capture One)Olida 04.icc
LUTsICC (Capture One)Olida 04_S.icc
LUTsICC (Capture One)Olida 05.icc
LUTsICC (Capture One)Olida 05_S.icc
LUTsLOOKAnise 01.look
LUTsLOOKAnise 01_S.look
LUTsLOOKAnise 02.look
LUTsLOOKAnise 02_S.look
LUTsLOOKAnise 03.look
LUTsLOOKAnise 03_S.look
LUTsLOOKAnise 04.look
LUTsLOOKAnise 04_S.look
LUTsLOOKAnise 05.look
LUTsLOOKAnise 05_S.look
LUTsLOOKAvens 01.look
LUTsLOOKAvens 01_S.look
LUTsLOOKAvens 02.look
LUTsLOOKAvens 02_S.look
LUTsLOOKAvens 03.look
LUTsLOOKAvens 03_S.look
LUTsLOOKAvens 04.look
LUTsLOOKAvens 04_S.look
LUTsLOOKAvens 05.look
LUTsLOOKAvens 05_S.look
LUTsLOOKChervil 01.look
LUTsLOOKChervil 01_S.look
LUTsLOOKChervil 02.look
LUTsLOOKChervil 02_S.look
LUTsLOOKChervil 03.look
LUTsLOOKChervil 03_S.look
LUTsLOOKChervil 04.look
LUTsLOOKChervil 04_S.look
LUTsLOOKChervil 05.look
LUTsLOOKChervil 05_S.look
LUTsLOOKOlida 01.look
LUTsLOOKOlida 01_S.look
LUTsLOOKOlida 02.look
LUTsLOOKOlida 02_S.look
LUTsLOOKOlida 03.look
LUTsLOOKOlida 03_S.look
LUTsLOOKOlida 04.look
LUTsLOOKOlida 04_S.look
LUTsLOOKOlida 05.look
LUTsLOOKOlida 05_S.look
LUTsMGAAnise 01.mga
LUTsMGAAnise 01_S.mga
LUTsMGAAnise 02.mga
LUTsMGAAnise 02_S.mga
LUTsMGAAnise 03.mga
LUTsMGAAnise 03_S.mga
LUTsMGAAnise 04.mga
LUTsMGAAnise 04_S.mga
LUTsMGAAnise 05.mga
LUTsMGAAnise 05_S.mga
LUTsMGAAvens 01.mga
LUTsMGAAvens 01_S.mga
LUTsMGAAvens 02.mga
LUTsMGAAvens 02_S.mga
LUTsMGAAvens 03.mga
LUTsMGAAvens 03_S.mga
LUTsMGAAvens 04.mga
LUTsMGAAvens 04_S.mga
LUTsMGAAvens 05.mga
LUTsMGAAvens 05_S.mga
LUTsMGAChervil 01.mga
LUTsMGAChervil 01_S.mga
LUTsMGAChervil 02.mga
LUTsMGAChervil 02_S.mga
LUTsMGAChervil 03.mga
LUTsMGAChervil 03_S.mga
LUTsMGAChervil 04.mga
LUTsMGAChervil 04_S.mga
LUTsMGAChervil 05.mga
LUTsMGAChervil 05_S.mga
LUTsMGAOlida 01.mga
LUTsMGAOlida 01_S.mga
LUTsMGAOlida 02.mga
LUTsMGAOlida 02_S.mga
LUTsMGAOlida 03.mga
LUTsMGAOlida 03_S.mga
LUTsMGAOlida 04.mga
LUTsMGAOlida 04_S.mga
LUTsMGAOlida 05.mga
LUTsMGAOlida 05_S.mga
LUTsOpen Broadcaster SoftwareAnise 01 S.png
LUTsOpen Broadcaster SoftwareAnise 01.png
LUTsOpen Broadcaster SoftwareAnise 02 S.png
LUTsOpen Broadcaster SoftwareAnise 02.png
LUTsOpen Broadcaster SoftwareAnise 03 S.png
LUTsOpen Broadcaster SoftwareAnise 03.png
LUTsOpen Broadcaster SoftwareAnise 04 S.png
LUTsOpen Broadcaster SoftwareAnise 04.png
LUTsOpen Broadcaster SoftwareAnise 05 S.png
LUTsOpen Broadcaster SoftwareAnise 05.png
LUTsOpen Broadcaster SoftwareAvens 01 S.png
LUTsOpen Broadcaster SoftwareAvens 01.png
LUTsOpen Broadcaster SoftwareAvens 02 S.png
LUTsOpen Broadcaster SoftwareAvens 02.png
LUTsOpen Broadcaster SoftwareAvens 03 S.png
LUTsOpen Broadcaster SoftwareAvens 03.png
LUTsOpen Broadcaster SoftwareAvens 04 S.png
LUTsOpen Broadcaster SoftwareAvens 04.png
LUTsOpen Broadcaster SoftwareAvens 05 S.png
LUTsOpen Broadcaster SoftwareAvens 05.png
LUTsOpen Broadcaster SoftwareChervil 01 S.png
LUTsOpen Broadcaster SoftwareChervil 01.png
LUTsOpen Broadcaster SoftwareChervil 02 S.png
LUTsOpen Broadcaster SoftwareChervil 02.png
LUTsOpen Broadcaster SoftwareChervil 03 S.png
LUTsOpen Broadcaster SoftwareChervil 03.png
LUTsOpen Broadcaster SoftwareChervil 04 S.png
LUTsOpen Broadcaster SoftwareChervil 04.png
LUTsOpen Broadcaster SoftwareChervil 05 S.png
LUTsOpen Broadcaster SoftwareChervil 05.png
LUTsOpen Broadcaster SoftwareOlida 01 S.png
LUTsOpen Broadcaster SoftwareOlida 01.png
LUTsOpen Broadcaster SoftwareOlida 02 S.png
LUTsOpen Broadcaster SoftwareOlida 02.png
LUTsOpen Broadcaster SoftwareOlida 03 S.png
LUTsOpen Broadcaster SoftwareOlida 03.png
LUTsOpen Broadcaster SoftwareOlida 04 S.png
LUTsOpen Broadcaster SoftwareOlida 04.png
LUTsOpen Broadcaster SoftwareOlida 05 S.png
LUTsOpen Broadcaster SoftwareOlida 05.png
Photoshop CCSparkleStockPandanAnise 01 - SparkleStock.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockPandanAnise 01 S - SparkleStock.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockPandanAnise 01 S.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockPandanAnise 01.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockPandanAnise 02 - SparkleStock.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockPandanAnise 02 S - SparkleStock.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockPandanAnise 02 S.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockPandanAnise 02.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockPandanAnise 03 - SparkleStock.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockPandanAnise 03 S - SparkleStock.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockPandanAnise 03 S.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockPandanAnise 03.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockPandanAnise 04 - SparkleStock.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockPandanAnise 04 S - SparkleStock.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockPandanAnise 04 S.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockPandanAnise 04.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockPandanAnise 05 - SparkleStock.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockPandanAnise 05 S - SparkleStock.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockPandanAnise 05 S.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockPandanAnise 05.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockPandanAvens 01 - SparkleStock.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockPandanAvens 01 S - SparkleStock.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockPandanAvens 01 S.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockPandanAvens 01.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockPandanAvens 02 - SparkleStock.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockPandanAvens 02 S - SparkleStock.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockPandanAvens 02 S.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockPandanAvens 02.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockPandanAvens 03 - SparkleStock.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockPandanAvens 03 S - SparkleStock.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockPandanAvens 03 S.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockPandanAvens 03.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockPandanAvens 04 - SparkleStock.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockPandanAvens 04 S - SparkleStock.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockPandanAvens 04 S.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockPandanAvens 04.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockPandanAvens 05 - SparkleStock.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockPandanAvens 05 S - SparkleStock.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockPandanAvens 05 S.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockPandanAvens 05.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockPandanChervil 01 - SparkleStock.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockPandanChervil 01 S - SparkleStock.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockPandanChervil 01 S.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockPandanChervil 01.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockPandanChervil 02 - SparkleStock.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockPandanChervil 02 S - SparkleStock.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockPandanChervil 02 S.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockPandanChervil 02.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockPandanChervil 03 - SparkleStock.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockPandanChervil 03 S - SparkleStock.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockPandanChervil 03 S.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockPandanChervil 03.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockPandanChervil 04 - SparkleStock.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockPandanChervil 04 S - SparkleStock.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockPandanChervil 04 S.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockPandanChervil 04.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockPandanChervil 05 - SparkleStock.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockPandanChervil 05 S - SparkleStock.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockPandanChervil 05 S.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockPandanChervil 05.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockPandanOlida 01 - SparkleStock.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockPandanOlida 01 S - SparkleStock.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockPandanOlida 01 S.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockPandanOlida 01.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockPandanOlida 02 - SparkleStock.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockPandanOlida 02 S - SparkleStock.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockPandanOlida 02 S.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockPandanOlida 02.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockPandanOlida 03 - SparkleStock.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockPandanOlida 03 S - SparkleStock.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockPandanOlida 03 S.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockPandanOlida 03.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockPandanOlida 04 - SparkleStock.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockPandanOlida 04 S - SparkleStock.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockPandanOlida 04 S.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockPandanOlida 04.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockPandanOlida 05 - SparkleStock.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockPandanOlida 05 S - SparkleStock.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockPandanOlida 05 S.xmp
Photoshop CCSparkleStockPandanOlida 05.xmp