30 Entrepreneur (business startup)

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File size: 4 MB
Date added: June 12, 2019
Date updated: June 17, 2019


– libertetstudio Present – 30 Entrepreneur (business startup)
Hi! Enjoy this exclusive set of colorful line vector icons pack. We are built on a Pixel perfect Grid precise grid of 48px with 2px outlines. All icons are separated into ai, eps, svg and png files. You can use these icons to design websites, apps, blogs prints. We are created with passion and taste.

– Features
30 Icons Included in this pack ( 30 Outline / 30 Color line / 30 flat icons )
Vector Icons Based on 48px Pixel perfect
Various file formats : Ai,Eps,Svg,Png

– File Included
Ai / Eps File editable stroke weight
PNG File in 1 Sizes ( 48px )
Svg File ( Outline, Color line and flat )
Svg File ( Outline, Color line and flat )

Thank you for purchasing. if you need help.
contact us. E-mail : fatnaruto@gmail.com


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Entrepreneur-business-startup.zip (4 MB):
color line icons/svg/09-Computer.svg
color line icons/svg/02-Employee.svg
color line icons/svg/26-Smartphone.svg
color line icons/svg/22-Rocket.svg
color line icons/svg/29-Money.svg
color line icons/svg/08-Trophy.svg
color line icons/svg/04-Growth.svg
color line icons/svg/27-Folder.svg
color line icons/svg/18-Growth.svg
color line icons/svg/25-Clipboard.svg
color line icons/svg/28-Hourglass.svg
color line icons/svg/21-Wallet.svg
color line icons/svg/12-Line chart.svg
color line icons/svg/16-Megaphone.svg
color line icons/svg/17-Chat bubble.svg
color line icons/svg/23-Innovation.svg
color line icons/svg/06-Idea.svg
color line icons/svg/30-Calculator.svg
color line icons/svg/13-Clock.svg
color line icons/svg/05-Rocket.svg
color line icons/svg/03-Event.svg
color line icons/svg/20-Search.svg
color line icons/svg/11-Growth.svg
color line icons/svg/01-Employee.svg
color line icons/svg/24-Briefcase.svg
color line icons/svg/14-Presentation.svg
color line icons/svg/19-Computer.svg
color line icons/svg/07-Employee.svg
color line icons/svg/15-Target.svg
color line icons/svg/10-Puzzle.svg
color line icons/png/16-Megaphone.png
color line icons/png/12-Line chart.png
color line icons/png/21-Wallet.png
color line icons/png/28-Hourglass.png
color line icons/png/25-Clipboard.png
color line icons/png/18-Growth.png
color line icons/png/27-Folder.png
color line icons/png/04-Growth.png
color line icons/png/08-Trophy.png
color line icons/png/29-Money.png
color line icons/png/22-Rocket.png
color line icons/png/26-Smartphone.png
color line icons/png/02-Employee.png
color line icons/png/09-Computer.png
color line icons/png/10-Puzzle.png
color line icons/png/15-Target.png
color line icons/png/19-Computer.png
color line icons/png/07-Employee.png
color line icons/png/14-Presentation.png
color line icons/png/24-Briefcase.png
color line icons/png/01-Employee.png
color line icons/png/11-Growth.png
color line icons/png/20-Search.png
color line icons/png/03-Event.png
color line icons/png/05-Rocket.png
color line icons/png/13-Clock.png
color line icons/png/30-Calculator.png
color line icons/png/06-Idea.png
color line icons/png/23-Innovation.png
color line icons/png/17-Chat bubble.png
color line icons/ai/Entrepreneur color.ai
color line icons/eps/Entrepreneur color.eps
line icons/svg/09-Computer.svg
line icons/svg/02-Employee.svg
line icons/svg/26-Smartphone.svg
line icons/svg/22-Rocket.svg
line icons/svg/29-Money.svg
line icons/svg/08-Trophy.svg
line icons/svg/04-Growth.svg
line icons/svg/27-Folder.svg
line icons/svg/18-Growth.svg
line icons/svg/25-Clipboard.svg
line icons/svg/28-Hourglass.svg
line icons/svg/21-Wallet.svg
line icons/svg/12-Line chart.svg
line icons/svg/16-Megaphone.svg
line icons/svg/17-Chat bubble.svg
line icons/svg/23-Innovation.svg
line icons/svg/06-Idea.svg
line icons/svg/30-Calculator.svg
line icons/svg/13-Clock.svg
line icons/svg/05-Rocket.svg
line icons/svg/03-Event.svg
line icons/svg/20-Search.svg
line icons/svg/11-Growth.svg
line icons/svg/01-Employee.svg
line icons/svg/24-Briefcase.svg
line icons/svg/14-Presentation.svg
line icons/svg/19-Computer.svg
line icons/svg/07-Employee.svg
line icons/svg/15-Target.svg
line icons/svg/10-Puzzle.svg
line icons/png/16-Megaphone.png
line icons/png/12-Line chart.png
line icons/png/21-Wallet.png
line icons/png/28-Hourglass.png
line icons/png/25-Clipboard.png
line icons/png/18-Growth.png
line icons/png/27-Folder.png
line icons/png/04-Growth.png
line icons/png/08-Trophy.png
line icons/png/29-Money.png
line icons/png/22-Rocket.png
line icons/png/26-Smartphone.png
line icons/png/02-Employee.png
line icons/png/09-Computer.png
line icons/png/10-Puzzle.png
line icons/png/15-Target.png
line icons/png/19-Computer.png
line icons/png/07-Employee.png
line icons/png/14-Presentation.png
line icons/png/24-Briefcase.png
line icons/png/01-Employee.png
line icons/png/11-Growth.png
line icons/png/20-Search.png
line icons/png/03-Event.png
line icons/png/05-Rocket.png
line icons/png/13-Clock.png
line icons/png/30-Calculator.png
line icons/png/06-Idea.png
line icons/png/23-Innovation.png
line icons/png/17-Chat bubble.png
line icons/ai/Entrepreneur.ai
line icons/eps/Entrepreneur.eps
flat icons/svg/09-Computer.svg
flat icons/svg/02-Employee.svg
flat icons/svg/26-Smartphone.svg
flat icons/svg/22-Rocket.svg
flat icons/svg/29-Money.svg
flat icons/svg/08-Trophy.svg
flat icons/svg/04-Growth.svg
flat icons/svg/27-Folder.svg
flat icons/svg/18-Growth.svg
flat icons/svg/25-Clipboard.svg
flat icons/svg/28-Hourglass.svg
flat icons/svg/21-Wallet.svg
flat icons/svg/12-Line chart.svg
flat icons/svg/16-Megaphone.svg
flat icons/svg/17-Chat bubble.svg
flat icons/svg/23-Innovation.svg
flat icons/svg/06-Idea.svg
flat icons/svg/30-Calculator.svg
flat icons/svg/13-Clock.svg
flat icons/svg/05-Rocket.svg
flat icons/svg/03-Event.svg
flat icons/svg/20-Search.svg
flat icons/svg/11-Growth.svg
flat icons/svg/01-Employee.svg
flat icons/svg/24-Briefcase.svg
flat icons/svg/14-Presentation.svg
flat icons/svg/19-Computer.svg
flat icons/svg/07-Employee.svg
flat icons/svg/15-Target.svg
flat icons/svg/10-Puzzle.svg
flat icons/png/16-Megaphone.png
flat icons/png/12-Line chart.png
flat icons/png/21-Wallet.png
flat icons/png/28-Hourglass.png
flat icons/png/25-Clipboard.png
flat icons/png/18-Growth.png
flat icons/png/27-Folder.png
flat icons/png/04-Growth.png
flat icons/png/08-Trophy.png
flat icons/png/29-Money.png
flat icons/png/22-Rocket.png
flat icons/png/26-Smartphone.png
flat icons/png/02-Employee.png
flat icons/png/09-Computer.png
flat icons/png/10-Puzzle.png
flat icons/png/15-Target.png
flat icons/png/19-Computer.png
flat icons/png/07-Employee.png
flat icons/png/14-Presentation.png
flat icons/png/24-Briefcase.png
flat icons/png/01-Employee.png
flat icons/png/11-Growth.png
flat icons/png/20-Search.png
flat icons/png/03-Event.png
flat icons/png/05-Rocket.png
flat icons/png/13-Clock.png
flat icons/png/30-Calculator.png
flat icons/png/06-Idea.png
flat icons/png/23-Innovation.png
flat icons/png/17-Chat bubble.png
flat icons/ai/Entrepreneur flat.ai
flat icons/eps/Entrepreneur flat.eps