50 Motivational Quote Templates for Social Media – Quote Pack for Entrepreneurs

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Date added: May 29, 2020


50 Motivational Quote Templates for Social Media – Quote Pack for Entrepreneurs and Girl Bosses

Fill out your content calendar with these inspirational quote graphics!

This quote pack includes 50 individual, beautifully designed quotes available in 3 different versions:

Black text on white background (JPG)
Black text on transparent background (PNG)
White text on transparent background (PNG)
These are 1080 by 1080 pixel squares, perfect for Instagram or any other social media platform. You can also use these quotes on your website or in email marketing. There are a total of 150 quote files across the different formats.

These are flattened text images so there are no fonts to download! Feel free to add your own branding elements, customize the colors, or add your own photos to the transparent backgrounds, or use them as is. 🙂

Social Media Managers: You are allowed to use these for your clients as a social media manager, but you need to purchase a separate commercial license for each client. You may not resell the templates.

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Quote-Pack-xqbkez.zip (9 MB):
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White Text Transparent/49.png
White Text Transparent/8.png
White Text Transparent/9.png
White Text Transparent/14.png
White Text Transparent/28.png
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White Text Transparent/15.png
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White Text Transparent/36.png
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White Text Transparent/26.png
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White Text Transparent/30.png
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White Text Transparent/25.png
White Text Transparent/31.png
White Text Transparent/19.png
White Text Transparent/4.png
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White Text Transparent/43.png
White Text Transparent/5.png
White Text Transparent/41.png
White Text Transparent/7.png
White Text Transparent/6.png
White Text Transparent/40.png
White Text Transparent/44.png
White Text Transparent/2.png
White Text Transparent/50.png
White Text Transparent/3.png
White Text Transparent/45.png
White Text Transparent/1.png
White Text Transparent/47.png
White Text Transparent/46.png
Black Text on White/48.jpg
Black Text on White/49.jpg
Black Text on White/8.jpg
Black Text on White/9.jpg
Black Text on White/14.jpg
Black Text on White/28.jpg
Black Text on White/29.jpg
Black Text on White/15.jpg
Black Text on White/17.jpg
Black Text on White/16.jpg
Black Text on White/12.jpg
Black Text on White/13.jpg
Black Text on White/39.jpg
Black Text on White/11.jpg
Black Text on White/10.jpg
Black Text on White/38.jpg
Black Text on White/21.jpg
Black Text on White/35.jpg
Black Text on White/34.jpg
Black Text on White/20.jpg
Black Text on White/36.jpg
Black Text on White/22.jpg
Black Text on White/23.jpg
Black Text on White/37.jpg
Black Text on White/33.jpg
Black Text on White/27.jpg
Black Text on White/26.jpg
Black Text on White/32.jpg
Black Text on White/18.jpg
Black Text on White/24.jpg
Black Text on White/30.jpg
Black Text on White/31.jpg
Black Text on White/25.jpg
Black Text on White/19.jpg
Black Text on White/42.jpg
Black Text on White/4.jpg
Black Text on White/5.jpg
Black Text on White/43.jpg
Black Text on White/7.jpg
Black Text on White/41.jpg
Black Text on White/40.jpg
Black Text on White/6.jpg
Black Text on White/2.jpg
Black Text on White/50.jpg
Black Text on White/44.jpg
Black Text on White/45.jpg
Black Text on White/3.jpg
Black Text on White/47.jpg
Black Text on White/1.jpg
Black Text on White/46.jpg
Black Text Transparent/48.png
Black Text Transparent/49.png
Black Text Transparent/8.png
Black Text Transparent/9.png
Black Text Transparent/14.png
Black Text Transparent/28.png
Black Text Transparent/29.png
Black Text Transparent/15.png
Black Text Transparent/17.png
Black Text Transparent/16.png
Black Text Transparent/12.png
Black Text Transparent/13.png
Black Text Transparent/39.png
Black Text Transparent/11.png
Black Text Transparent/10.png
Black Text Transparent/38.png
Black Text Transparent/35.png
Black Text Transparent/21.png
Black Text Transparent/20.png
Black Text Transparent/34.png
Black Text Transparent/22.png
Black Text Transparent/36.png
Black Text Transparent/37.png
Black Text Transparent/23.png
Black Text Transparent/27.png
Black Text Transparent/33.png
Black Text Transparent/32.png
Black Text Transparent/26.png
Black Text Transparent/18.png
Black Text Transparent/30.png
Black Text Transparent/24.png
Black Text Transparent/25.png
Black Text Transparent/31.png
Black Text Transparent/19.png
Black Text Transparent/4.png
Black Text Transparent/42.png
Black Text Transparent/43.png
Black Text Transparent/5.png
Black Text Transparent/41.png
Black Text Transparent/7.png
Black Text Transparent/6.png
Black Text Transparent/40.png
Black Text Transparent/44.png
Black Text Transparent/2.png
Black Text Transparent/50.png
Black Text Transparent/3.png
Black Text Transparent/45.png
Black Text Transparent/1.png
Black Text Transparent/47.png
Black Text Transparent/46.png