70 Natural Falling Autumn Leaves Photoshop Overlays

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Date added: September 2, 2020
Date updated: November 17, 2020



70 Natural Fall Leaf Overlays by CT

Sweater weather has finally arrived and what better way to celebrate than creating beautiful images with these stunning autumn overlays! These overlays are super easy to use and install, especially if this is your first time using photoshop overlays!


1. Place on top of your photo
2. Adjust overlay to your liking

If needed, everything will be explained step-by-step in the included PDF instruction guide.

All handmade with love. I use these exact overlays on my photos and they are an absolute staple in my editing.

These overlays will be provided in 300 dpi resolution transparent PNG images sized at 7500 x 5000 pixels.


• 40 Fall Leaf PNG Overlays
• 30 Individual PNG Leaves
• 7 Page PDF Instruction Guide with Pictures + Tips
• Instant Download


1. Following your purchase, you will be provided a PDF guide with a download link to the files.

2. These overlays are compatible on your phone and on your computer. Please read the instructions for user tips & guidance.

MORE BUNDLES: etsy.me/2YvfwLA

If you have any questions or concerns, send a message to [brittneyw611@me.com] and I will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Please do not share, modify, or redistribute these files in any way, shape or form. Legal action will be met if this restriction is violated.


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CityTurtles-Fall-Leaf-Overlays.zip (538 MB):
PNG Fall Overlays/CT-Fall-Overlay-30.png
PNG Fall Overlays/CT-Fall-Overlay-31.png
PNG Fall Overlays/CT-Fall-Overlay-32.png
PNG Fall Overlays/CT-Fall-Overlay-33.png
PNG Fall Overlays/CT-Fall-Overlay-34.png
PNG Fall Overlays/CT-Fall-Overlay-35.png
PNG Fall Overlays/CT-Fall-Overlay-36.png
PNG Fall Overlays/CT-Fall-Overlay-37.png
PNG Fall Overlays/CT-Fall-Overlay-38.png
PNG Fall Overlays/CT-Fall-Overlay-39.png
PNG Fall Overlays/CT-Fall-Overlay-4.png
PNG Fall Overlays/CT-Fall-Overlay-40.png
PNG Fall Overlays/CT-Fall-Overlay-5.png
PNG Fall Overlays/CT-Fall-Overlay-6.png
PNG Fall Overlays/CT-Fall-Overlay-7.png
PNG Fall Overlays/CT-Fall-Overlay-8.png
PNG Fall Overlays/CT-Fall-Overlay-9.png
PNG Fall Overlays/CT-Fall-Overlay-1.png
PNG Fall Overlays/CT-Fall-Overlay-10.png
PNG Fall Overlays/CT-Fall-Overlay-11.png
PNG Fall Overlays/CT-Fall-Overlay-12.png
PNG Fall Overlays/CT-Fall-Overlay-13.png
PNG Fall Overlays/CT-Fall-Overlay-14.png
PNG Fall Overlays/CT-Fall-Overlay-15.png
PNG Fall Overlays/CT-Fall-Overlay-16.png
PNG Fall Overlays/CT-Fall-Overlay-17.png
PNG Fall Overlays/CT-Fall-Overlay-18.png
PNG Fall Overlays/CT-Fall-Overlay-19.png
PNG Fall Overlays/CT-Fall-Overlay-2.png
PNG Fall Overlays/CT-Fall-Overlay-20.png
PNG Fall Overlays/CT-Fall-Overlay-21.png
PNG Fall Overlays/CT-Fall-Overlay-22.png
PNG Fall Overlays/CT-Fall-Overlay-23.png
PNG Fall Overlays/CT-Fall-Overlay-24.png
PNG Fall Overlays/CT-Fall-Overlay-25.png
PNG Fall Overlays/CT-Fall-Overlay-26.png
PNG Fall Overlays/CT-Fall-Overlay-27.png
PNG Fall Overlays/CT-Fall-Overlay-28.png
PNG Fall Overlays/CT-Fall-Overlay-29.png
PNG Fall Overlays/CT-Fall-Overlay-3.png
PNG Single Leaves/CT-Fall-Leaf-1.png
PNG Single Leaves/CT-Fall-Leaf-10.png
PNG Single Leaves/CT-Fall-Leaf-11.png
PNG Single Leaves/CT-Fall-Leaf-12.png
PNG Single Leaves/CT-Fall-Leaf-13.png
PNG Single Leaves/CT-Fall-Leaf-14.png
PNG Single Leaves/CT-Fall-Leaf-15.png
PNG Single Leaves/CT-Fall-Leaf-16.png
PNG Single Leaves/CT-Fall-Leaf-17.png
PNG Single Leaves/CT-Fall-Leaf-18.png
PNG Single Leaves/CT-Fall-Leaf-19.png
PNG Single Leaves/CT-Fall-Leaf-2.png
PNG Single Leaves/CT-Fall-Leaf-20.png
PNG Single Leaves/CT-Fall-Leaf-21.png
PNG Single Leaves/CT-Fall-Leaf-22.png
PNG Single Leaves/CT-Fall-Leaf-23.png
PNG Single Leaves/CT-Fall-Leaf-24.png
PNG Single Leaves/CT-Fall-Leaf-25.png
PNG Single Leaves/CT-Fall-Leaf-26.png
PNG Single Leaves/CT-Fall-Leaf-27.png
PNG Single Leaves/CT-Fall-Leaf-28.png
PNG Single Leaves/CT-Fall-Leaf-29.png
PNG Single Leaves/CT-Fall-Leaf-3.png
PNG Single Leaves/CT-Fall-Leaf-30.png
PNG Single Leaves/CT-Fall-Leaf-4.png
PNG Single Leaves/CT-Fall-Leaf-5.png
PNG Single Leaves/CT-Fall-Leaf-6.png
PNG Single Leaves/CT-Fall-Leaf-7.png
PNG Single Leaves/CT-Fall-Leaf-8.png
PNG Single Leaves/CT-Fall-Leaf-9.png

Hi there! My name is Brittney and I am a photographer + photo editor based in New York City. I created CityTurtles to help fellow creatives up-level their editing skills and improve their photography with beautiful, easy-to-use tools! Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions. Thank you so much for your support!