Abstract linear tribal Boho Collection, Modern ethnic Clipart

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Date added: July 8, 2020
Date updated: September 15, 2020


I’m happy to present the Abstract linear tribal Boho Collection. This Pack Includes more than 170 unique design items. The Abstract linear tribal Boho Collection inspired with boho style, gipsy life, tribal symbols and desert in modern style. All artworks are hand sketched.
This collection contains 118 elements and abstract shapes, 11 pre-made compositions, 6 backgrounds, 20 compositions in black, 14 unique stories template and 10 unique highlight covers. You can change the color and elements. Use them for your modern ethnic projects, minimalist posters, greeting cards, gifts, modern stationery, surface patterns, scrapbooking, gift wrapping paper, textile design, advertising, social media accounts promotion (Instagram, Pinterest), for social media cards, packaging design, cases, blogs, web, banners, any kind of invitations, phone cases, womanly branding identity, cosmetic packing, illustrations for mobile app, print for clothes and textile and etc. Also you can decorate your house or use for the festival branding.

ZIP includes:
• 118 linear objects and abstract shapes (AI, EPS, PNG approx 3600 px wide on longest side on transparent background);
• 20 compositions in black color (AI, EPS, PNG approx 3600 px wide on longest side on transparent background);
• 6 pre-made backgrounds (AI, EPS, PNG 3600*3600 px on transparent background, JPEG 5000*5000 px);
• 11 pre-made compositions (AI, EPS, PNG 3600*3600 px on transparent background, JPEG 5000*5000 px);
• 14 stories templates 1080*1920 px (AI, EPS, PNG 300 dpi, JPEG);
• 10 highlight covers 1080*1920 px (AI, EPS, PNG 300 dpi, JPEG);

Your files will not contain a text. Mockup and texture are not included.
All vector shapes are grouped together (with names). For easy editing and recoloring (individual for each group of shapes). So you can edit elements without loos of quality or add color you need. Fully editable and scalable elements. Including layered Ai file with outlines (you can add or hide with fill).
See my other Elegant Boho Peacock Clipart crella.net/product/elegant-doodle-peacock-collection-in-linear-style/
My friends I have Instagram www.instagram.com/tatyana_zenartist/
Please fell free to contact me if you have any questions.
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1-Abstract-linear-tribal-boho-collection-y4avev.zip (194 MB):
AI/Color compositions, backgrounds.ai
AI/Elements, shapes, black compositions.ai
AI/Instagram templates.ai
EPS/Compositions and backgrounds.eps
EPS/Compositions in black.eps
EPS/Instagram templates.eps
JPEG/Backgrounds, compositions, templates/Background 1.jpg
JPEG/Backgrounds, compositions, templates/Background 2.jpg
JPEG/Backgrounds, compositions, templates/Background 3.jpg
JPEG/Backgrounds, compositions, templates/Background 4.jpg
JPEG/Backgrounds, compositions, templates/Background 5.jpg
JPEG/Backgrounds, compositions, templates/Background 6.jpg
JPEG/Backgrounds, compositions, templates/Color composition 1.jpg
JPEG/Backgrounds, compositions, templates/Color composition 10.jpg
JPEG/Backgrounds, compositions, templates/Color composition 11.jpg
JPEG/Backgrounds, compositions, templates/Color composition 2.jpg
JPEG/Backgrounds, compositions, templates/Color composition 3.jpg
JPEG/Backgrounds, compositions, templates/Color composition 4.jpg
JPEG/Backgrounds, compositions, templates/Color composition 5.jpg
JPEG/Backgrounds, compositions, templates/Color composition 6.jpg
JPEG/Backgrounds, compositions, templates/Color composition 7.jpg
JPEG/Backgrounds, compositions, templates/Color composition 8.jpg
JPEG/Backgrounds, compositions, templates/Color composition 9.jpg
JPEG/Backgrounds, compositions, templates/Cover 1.jpg
JPEG/Backgrounds, compositions, templates/Cover 10.jpg
JPEG/Backgrounds, compositions, templates/Cover 2.jpg
JPEG/Backgrounds, compositions, templates/Cover 3.jpg
JPEG/Backgrounds, compositions, templates/Cover 4.jpg
JPEG/Backgrounds, compositions, templates/Cover 5.jpg
JPEG/Backgrounds, compositions, templates/Cover 6.jpg
JPEG/Backgrounds, compositions, templates/Cover 7.jpg
JPEG/Backgrounds, compositions, templates/Cover 8.jpg
JPEG/Backgrounds, compositions, templates/Cover 9.jpg
JPEG/Backgrounds, compositions, templates/Story 1.jpg
JPEG/Backgrounds, compositions, templates/Story 10.jpg
JPEG/Backgrounds, compositions, templates/Story 11.jpg
JPEG/Backgrounds, compositions, templates/Story 12.jpg
JPEG/Backgrounds, compositions, templates/Story 13.jpg
JPEG/Backgrounds, compositions, templates/Story 14.jpg
JPEG/Backgrounds, compositions, templates/Story 2.jpg
JPEG/Backgrounds, compositions, templates/Story 3.jpg
JPEG/Backgrounds, compositions, templates/Story 4.jpg
JPEG/Backgrounds, compositions, templates/Story 5.jpg
JPEG/Backgrounds, compositions, templates/Story 6.jpg
JPEG/Backgrounds, compositions, templates/Story 7.jpg
JPEG/Backgrounds, compositions, templates/Story 8.jpg
JPEG/Backgrounds, compositions, templates/Story 9.jpg
JPEG/Preview/Black compositions.jpg
JPEG/Preview/Color compositions, backgrounds.jpg
JPEG/Preview/Covers, stories.jpg
PNG/Color Compositions, templates/Background 1.png
PNG/Color Compositions, templates/Background 2.png
PNG/Color Compositions, templates/Background 3.png
PNG/Color Compositions, templates/Background 4.png
PNG/Color Compositions, templates/Background 5.png
PNG/Color Compositions, templates/Background 6.png
PNG/Color Compositions, templates/Color composition 1.png
PNG/Color Compositions, templates/Color composition 10.png
PNG/Color Compositions, templates/Color composition 11.png
PNG/Color Compositions, templates/Color composition 2.png
PNG/Color Compositions, templates/Color composition 3.png
PNG/Color Compositions, templates/Color composition 4.png
PNG/Color Compositions, templates/Color composition 5.png
PNG/Color Compositions, templates/Color composition 6.png
PNG/Color Compositions, templates/Color composition 7.png
PNG/Color Compositions, templates/Color composition 8.png
PNG/Color Compositions, templates/Color composition 9.png
PNG/Color Compositions, templates/Cover 1.png
PNG/Color Compositions, templates/Cover 10.png
PNG/Color Compositions, templates/Cover 2.png
PNG/Color Compositions, templates/Cover 3.png
PNG/Color Compositions, templates/Cover 4.png
PNG/Color Compositions, templates/Cover 5.png
PNG/Color Compositions, templates/Cover 6.png
PNG/Color Compositions, templates/Cover 7.png
PNG/Color Compositions, templates/Cover 8.png
PNG/Color Compositions, templates/Cover 9.png
PNG/Color Compositions, templates/Story 1.png
PNG/Color Compositions, templates/Story 10.png
PNG/Color Compositions, templates/Story 11.png
PNG/Color Compositions, templates/Story 12.png
PNG/Color Compositions, templates/Story 13.png
PNG/Color Compositions, templates/Story 14.png
PNG/Color Compositions, templates/Story 2.png
PNG/Color Compositions, templates/Story 3.png
PNG/Color Compositions, templates/Story 4.png
PNG/Color Compositions, templates/Story 5.png
PNG/Color Compositions, templates/Story 6.png
PNG/Color Compositions, templates/Story 7.png
PNG/Color Compositions, templates/Story 8.png
PNG/Color Compositions, templates/Story 9.png
PNG/Elements/Arrow 1.png
PNG/Elements/Arrow 2.png
PNG/Elements/Beads 1.png
PNG/Elements/Beads 2.png
PNG/Elements/Beads 3.png
PNG/Elements/Beads 4.png
PNG/Elements/Bug with wings.png
PNG/Elements/Cactus 1.png
PNG/Elements/Cactus 2.png
PNG/Elements/Comp in black 1.png
PNG/Elements/Comp in black 10.png
PNG/Elements/Comp in black 11.png
PNG/Elements/Comp in black 12.png
PNG/Elements/Comp in black 13.png
PNG/Elements/Comp in black 14.png
PNG/Elements/Comp in black 15.png
PNG/Elements/Comp in black 16.png
PNG/Elements/Comp in black 17.png
PNG/Elements/Comp in black 18.png
PNG/Elements/Comp in black 19.png
PNG/Elements/Comp in black 2.png
PNG/Elements/Comp in black 20.png
PNG/Elements/Comp in black 3.png
PNG/Elements/Comp in black 4.png
PNG/Elements/Comp in black 5.png
PNG/Elements/Comp in black 6.png
PNG/Elements/Comp in black 7.png
PNG/Elements/Comp in black 8.png
PNG/Elements/Comp in black 9.png
PNG/Elements/Dreamcatcher 1.png
PNG/Elements/Dreamcatcher 2.png
PNG/Elements/Feather 1.png
PNG/Elements/Feather 2.png
PNG/Elements/Feather 3.png
PNG/Elements/Flower 1.png
PNG/Elements/Flower 2.png
PNG/Elements/Flower 3.png
PNG/Elements/Horns 1.png
PNG/Elements/Horns 2.png
PNG/Elements/Horns 3.png
PNG/Elements/Leaf 1.png
PNG/Elements/Leaf 2.png
PNG/Elements/Leaf 3.png
PNG/Elements/Leaf 4.png
PNG/Elements/Moon 1.png
PNG/Elements/Moon 2.png
PNG/Elements/Moon 3.png
PNG/Elements/Ornament 1.png
PNG/Elements/Ornament 2.png
PNG/Elements/Ornament 3.png
PNG/Elements/Ornament 4.png
PNG/Elements/Ornament 5.png
PNG/Elements/Ornament 6.png
PNG/Elements/Ornament 7.png
PNG/Elements/Ornament element 1.png
PNG/Elements/Ornament element 2.png
PNG/Elements/Plant 1.png
PNG/Elements/Plant 10.png
PNG/Elements/Plant 11.png
PNG/Elements/Plant 2.png
PNG/Elements/Plant 3.png
PNG/Elements/Plant 4.png
PNG/Elements/Plant 5.png
PNG/Elements/Plant 6.png
PNG/Elements/Plant 7.png
PNG/Elements/Plant 8.png
PNG/Elements/Plant 9.png
PNG/Elements/Star 1.png
PNG/Elements/Star 2.png
PNG/Elements/Sun 1.png
PNG/Elements/Sun 2.png
PNG/Elements/Track 1.png
PNG/Elements/Track 2.png
PNG/Elements/Track 3.png
PNG/Shapes/Shape 1.png
PNG/Shapes/Shape 10.png
PNG/Shapes/Shape 11.png
PNG/Shapes/Shape 12.png
PNG/Shapes/Shape 13.png
PNG/Shapes/Shape 14.png
PNG/Shapes/Shape 15.png
PNG/Shapes/Shape 16.png
PNG/Shapes/Shape 17.png
PNG/Shapes/Shape 18.png
PNG/Shapes/Shape 19.png
PNG/Shapes/Shape 2.png
PNG/Shapes/Shape 20.png
PNG/Shapes/Shape 21.png
PNG/Shapes/Shape 22.png
PNG/Shapes/Shape 23.png
PNG/Shapes/Shape 24.png
PNG/Shapes/Shape 25.png
PNG/Shapes/Shape 26.png
PNG/Shapes/Shape 27.png
PNG/Shapes/Shape 28.png
PNG/Shapes/Shape 29.png
PNG/Shapes/Shape 3.png
PNG/Shapes/Shape 30.png
PNG/Shapes/Shape 31.png
PNG/Shapes/Shape 32.png
PNG/Shapes/Shape 33.png
PNG/Shapes/Shape 34.png
PNG/Shapes/Shape 35.png
PNG/Shapes/Shape 36.png
PNG/Shapes/Shape 37.png
PNG/Shapes/Shape 38.png
PNG/Shapes/Shape 39.png
PNG/Shapes/Shape 4.png
PNG/Shapes/Shape 40.png
PNG/Shapes/Shape 41.png
PNG/Shapes/Shape 42.png
PNG/Shapes/Shape 43.png
PNG/Shapes/Shape 44.png
PNG/Shapes/Shape 45.png
PNG/Shapes/Shape 46.png
PNG/Shapes/Shape 47.png
PNG/Shapes/Shape 48.png
PNG/Shapes/Shape 49.png
PNG/Shapes/Shape 5.png
PNG/Shapes/Shape 50.png
PNG/Shapes/Shape 51.png
PNG/Shapes/Shape 52.png
PNG/Shapes/Shape 53.png
PNG/Shapes/Shape 54.png
PNG/Shapes/Shape 55.png
PNG/Shapes/Shape 56.png
PNG/Shapes/Shape 57.png
PNG/Shapes/Shape 58.png
PNG/Shapes/Shape 59.png
PNG/Shapes/Shape 6.png
PNG/Shapes/Shape 60.png
PNG/Shapes/Shape 7.png
PNG/Shapes/Shape 8.png
PNG/Shapes/Shape 9.png
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