Blush & Black Organic Shapes

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File size: 216 MB
Date added: July 6, 2019
Date updated: July 11, 2019


Beautiful modern Blush & Black Watercolour and Paint graphic elements

Organic watercolour shapes are so popular and I love them, so I had to make some of my own! I’m in love with blush and black colours together, and these graphics can be used for so many purposes from packaging design and stationery sets, to stunning wedding or party invites, art prints and more.

Included in this download
-24 Individual graphic elements saved in TIF and PNG formats
-4 Background patterns (210mm x 297mm, 300dpi) saved in JPG and PDF formats

To see more of my work follow me on Instagram! @bron_alexander_design

All work is copyright © 2019 Bron Alexander


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Backgrounds/PDF/Blush & Black Backgrounds_05.pdf
Backgrounds/PDF/Blush & Black Backgrounds_04.pdf
Backgrounds/PDF/Blush & Black Backgrounds_06.pdf
Backgrounds/PDF/Blush & Black Backgrounds_03.pdf
Backgrounds/PDF/Blush & Black Backgrounds_02.pdf
Backgrounds/PDF/Blush & Black Backgrounds_01.pdf
Backgrounds/JPG/Blush & Black Backgrounds_06.jpg
Backgrounds/JPG/Blush & Black Backgrounds_04.jpg
Backgrounds/JPG/Blush & Black Backgrounds_05.jpg
Backgrounds/JPG/Blush & Black Backgrounds_01.jpg
Backgrounds/JPG/Blush & Black Backgrounds_02.jpg
Backgrounds/JPG/Blush & Black Backgrounds_03.jpg
Graphic Elements/TIF/Black Swash_2.tif
Graphic Elements/TIF/Blush Outline_4.tif
Graphic Elements/TIF/Black Swash_3.tif
Graphic Elements/TIF/Black Swash_1.tif
Graphic Elements/TIF/Black Swash_4.tif
Graphic Elements/TIF/Blush Outline_3.tif
Graphic Elements/TIF/Blush Outline_2.tif
Graphic Elements/TIF/Black Swash_5.tif
Graphic Elements/TIF/Blush Outline_1.tif
Graphic Elements/TIF/Black Swash_6.tif
Graphic Elements/TIF/Blush Circle_4.tif
Graphic Elements/TIF/Blush Circle_2.tif
Graphic Elements/TIF/Blush Circle_3.tif
Graphic Elements/TIF/Blush Circle_1.tif
Graphic Elements/TIF/Blush Squiggle_1.tif
Graphic Elements/TIF/Blush Crosshatch_2.tif
Graphic Elements/TIF/Blush Crosshatch_1.tif
Graphic Elements/TIF/Black Circle_1.tif
Graphic Elements/TIF/Black Outline_1.tif
Graphic Elements/TIF/Black Outline_3.tif
Graphic Elements/TIF/Black Circle 2.tif
Graphic Elements/TIF/Black Outline_2.tif
Graphic Elements/TIF/Blush Paint Swash_1.tif
Graphic Elements/TIF/Black Outline_4.tif
Graphic Elements/PNG/Black-Circle-2.png
Graphic Elements/PNG/Blush-Outline_4.png
Graphic Elements/PNG/Blush-Crosshatch_1.png
Graphic Elements/PNG/Blush-Outline_1.png
Graphic Elements/PNG/Blush-Outline_3.png
Graphic Elements/PNG/Blush-Paint-Swash_1.png
Graphic Elements/PNG/Blush-Crosshatch_2.png
Graphic Elements/PNG/Blush-Outline_2.png
Graphic Elements/PNG/Black-Circle_1.png
Graphic Elements/PNG/Black-Swash_6.png
Graphic Elements/PNG/Blush-Squiggle_1.png
Graphic Elements/PNG/Black-Swash_5.png
Graphic Elements/PNG/Black-Swash_4.png
Graphic Elements/PNG/Black-Swash_1.png
Graphic Elements/PNG/Black-Swash_3.png
Graphic Elements/PNG/Black-Swash_2.png
Graphic Elements/PNG/Blush-Circle_1.png
Graphic Elements/PNG/Blush-Circle_2.png
Graphic Elements/PNG/Blush-Circle_3.png
Graphic Elements/PNG/Blush-Circle_4.png
Graphic Elements/PNG/Black-Outline_3.png
Graphic Elements/PNG/Black-Outline_2.png
Graphic Elements/PNG/Black-Outline_1.png
Graphic Elements/PNG/Black-Outline_4.png