CANVA & PS / Camea social media

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License: Standard License
File type: .zip (Instant digital download)
File size: 767 MB
Date added: November 2, 2019
Date updated: November 25, 2019


Full compatibility with CANVA!

Just follow the links in the file and edit the template in CANVA.

Customizable Fonts, Colours and Images. All used fonts are free and included in Canva.

Camea Social Media Pack includes 32 unique templates in a modern style. This kit is designed for your social network promotion, attracting new subscribers and potential customers for your business.

Compatible with:

Adobe Photoshop


– 16 unique Instagram posts (1080×1080 pixels)
– 16 unique Instagram Stories (1080×1920 pixels)
– 32 Templates for CANVA
– Llinks for CANVA
– PSD files for Photoshop
– PNG files
– JPEG preview files
– Fonts

Photos not included


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Links for CANVA/Links.txt
Links for CANVA/POSTS.pdf
Links for CANVA/STORIES.pdf
PNG/Post 1.png
PNG/Post 10.png
PNG/post 11.png
PNG/Post 12.png
PNG/Post 13.png
PNG/Post 14.png
PNG/Post 15.png
PNG/Post 16.png
PNG/Post 2.png
PNG/Post 3.png
PNG/Post 4.png
PNG/Post 5.png
PNG/Post 6.png
PNG/Post 7.png
PNG/Post 8.png
PNG/Post 9.png
PNG/Stories 1.png
PNG/Stories 10.png
PNG/Stories 11.png
PNG/Stories 12.png
PNG/Stories 13.png
PNG/Stories 14.png
PNG/Stories 15.png
PNG/Stories 16.png
PNG/Stories 2.png
PNG/Stories 3.png
PNG/Stories 4.png
PNG/Stories 5.png
PNG/Stories 6.png
PNG/Stories 7.png
PNG/Stories 8.png
PNG/Stories 9.png
PREVIEW/Post 1.jpg
PREVIEW/Post 10.jpg
PREVIEW/post 11.jpg
PREVIEW/Post 12.jpg
PREVIEW/Post 13.jpg
PREVIEW/Post 14.jpg
PREVIEW/Post 15.jpg
PREVIEW/Post 16.jpg
PREVIEW/Post 2.jpg
PREVIEW/Post 3.jpg
PREVIEW/Post 4.jpg
PREVIEW/Post 5.jpg
PREVIEW/Post 6.jpg
PREVIEW/Post 7.jpg
PREVIEW/Post 8.jpg
PREVIEW/Post 9.jpg
PREVIEW/Stories 1.jpg
PREVIEW/Stories 10.jpg
PREVIEW/Stories 11.jpg
PREVIEW/Stories 12.jpg
PREVIEW/Stories 13.jpg
PREVIEW/Stories 14.jpg
PREVIEW/Stories 15.jpg
PREVIEW/Stories 16.jpg
PREVIEW/Stories 2.jpg
PREVIEW/Stories 3.jpg
PREVIEW/Stories 4.jpg
PREVIEW/Stories 5.jpg
PREVIEW/Stories 6.jpg
PREVIEW/Stories 7.jpg
PREVIEW/Stories 8.jpg
PREVIEW/Stories 9.jpg
PSD/Post 1.psd
PSD/Post 10.psd
PSD/post 11.psd
PSD/Post 12.psd
PSD/Post 13.psd
PSD/Post 14.psd
PSD/Post 15.psd
PSD/Post 16.psd
PSD/Post 2.psd
PSD/Post 3.psd
PSD/Post 4.psd
PSD/Post 5.psd
PSD/Post 6.psd
PSD/Post 7.psd
PSD/Post 8.psd
PSD/Post 9.psd
PSD/Stories 1.psd
PSD/Stories 10.psd
PSD/Stories 11.psd
PSD/Stories 12.psd
PSD/Stories 13.psd
PSD/Stories 14.psd
PSD/Stories 15.psd
PSD/Stories 16.psd
PSD/Stories 2.psd
PSD/Stories 3.psd
PSD/Stories 4.psd
PSD/Stories 5.psd
PSD/Stories 6.psd
PSD/Stories 7.psd
PSD/Stories 8.psd
PSD/Stories 9.psd

24pt 36pt 48pt 72pt

AC Fifindrel Unicode ttf

"Amazingly few discotheques provide jukeboxes" in AC Fifindrel Unicode ttf

Badscriptregular ttf

"Amazingly few discotheques provide jukeboxes" in Badscriptregular ttf

Montserrat Regular otf

"Amazingly few discotheques provide jukeboxes" in Montserrat Regular otf