Cello Plastic Texture Collection

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Date added: June 1, 2019
Date updated: June 3, 2019


Cello by Studio Yorktown is a one-stop collection of high-resolution plastic textures.

It’s your go-to pack for all your plastic wrap, shrink wrap, cling film, cellophane, vacuum sealing, blister packs and bubble wrap needs!

Designed to quickly and easily drop into your mockups for an impressive extra level of realism.

Download file contains:

Instructions / Read Me PDF
30+ High Resolution PNG Files
1 Photoshop Mockup File for Header Bag


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Studio-Yorktown-Cello-V2.zip (236 MB):
Bags Sleeves and Pouches/Bag Small Square Closed.png
Bags Sleeves and Pouches/Crinkled Pouch Open Top.png
Bags Sleeves and Pouches/Pouch Unsealed.png
Bags Sleeves and Pouches/Pouch with Reflection.png
Bags Sleeves and Pouches/Sleeve Sealed Ruffled.png
Bags Sleeves and Pouches/Sleeve Sealed.png
Bags Sleeves and Pouches/Sleeve with Reflection.png
Bags Sleeves and Pouches/Sleeve with Top Sealed 2.png
Bags Sleeves and Pouches/Sleeve with Top Sealed.png
Bags Sleeves and Pouches/Smooth New Square Pouch Open Top.png
Bags Sleeves and Pouches/Square Pouch Closed with Relection.png
BONUS Cardboard Header/STYT Cello Cardboard Header.psd
Bubble Wrap/Bubble Wrap 2.png
Bubble Wrap/Bubble Wrap.png
Cello Instructions.pdf
Details/Bottom Left Corner Detail.png
Details/Corner Waves Detail.png
Details/Highlight Detail.png
Details/Plastic Highlight Detail.png
Details/Pouch Top Closed Seal.png
Details/Seal With Text.png
Details/Top Left Corner Detail 2.png
Details/Top Left Corner Detail.png
Details/Vaccum Seal Detail.png
Sheets/Crinkled Plastic Sheet.png
Sheets/Film Sheet 01.png
Sheets/Film Sheet 02.png
Sheets/Film Sheet 03.png
Sheets/Film Sheet 04.png
Sheets/Film Sheet 05.png
Sheets/Film Sheet 06.png
Sheets/Film Sheet 07.png
Sheets/Film Sheet 09.png
Sheets/Film Sheet 10.png
Sheets/Film Sheet 11.png
Sheets/Film Sheet 12.png
Sheets/Film Sheet 13.png
Sheets/Film Sheet 14.png
Sheets/Film Sheet 15.png
Sheets/Film Sheet 16.png
Sheets/Film Sheet 17.png
Sheets/Film Sheet 18.png
Sheets/Film Sheet 19.png
Sheets/Film Sheet 20.png
Sheets/Sheet Reflection 3.png
Sheets/Sheet Reflection 4.png
Sheets/Sheet Reflection 5.png
Sheets/Sheet Reflection 6.png
Sheets/Sheet Reflection 8.png
Sheets/Sheet Reflection.png