Christmas Gift: Winter Vector Set

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Date added: May 27, 2019


Oh, how long we have been waiting for this Christmas to come closer! The spirit of the celebration is already in the office, imbuing our thoughts, sketches, plans, and lovingly crafted designs, of course!

Christmas Gift unveils our festive collection of vector elements and patterns, where all the most rejoicing motives are featured. Christmas tree paws, mittens, snowflakes, mistletoe, skates, squirrels, bullfinches and many more compose 24 merry patterns.

Will you try them out for gift paper? It will look so authentic and retro! Or bring our Christmas vibes to your branding & packaging projects, various prints, apparel designs, and greeting cards, of course.

What’s inside?

– 40 vector elements (AI, EPS, PNG);
– 24 patterns (AI, EPS, PNG);
– Joyful Christmas mood.


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Patterns/PNG/Artboard 11.png
Patterns/PNG/Artboard 10.png
Patterns/PNG/Artboard 12.png
Patterns/PNG/Artboard 13.png
Patterns/PNG/Artboard 17.png
Patterns/PNG/Artboard 16.png
Patterns/PNG/Artboard 14.png
Patterns/PNG/Artboard 15.png
Patterns/PNG/Artboard 8.png
Patterns/PNG/Artboard 9.png
Patterns/PNG/Artboard 2.png
Patterns/PNG/Artboard 3.png
Patterns/PNG/Artboard 1.png
Patterns/PNG/Artboard 4.png
Patterns/PNG/Artboard 5.png
Patterns/PNG/Artboard 7.png
Patterns/PNG/Artboard 6.png
Patterns/PNG/Artboard 24.png
Patterns/PNG/Artboard 18.png
Patterns/PNG/Artboard 19.png
Patterns/PNG/Artboard 22.png
Patterns/PNG/Artboard 23.png
Patterns/PNG/Artboard 21.png
Patterns/PNG/Artboard 20.png
Elements/PNG/Element 8.png
Elements/PNG/Element 9.png
Elements/PNG/Element 39.png
Elements/PNG/Element 11.png
Elements/PNG/Element 10.png
Elements/PNG/Element 38.png
Elements/PNG/Element 12.png
Elements/PNG/Element 13.png
Elements/PNG/Element 17.png
Elements/PNG/Element 16.png
Elements/PNG/Element 14.png
Elements/PNG/Element 28.png
Elements/PNG/Element 29.png
Elements/PNG/Element 15.png
Elements/PNG/Element 18.png
Elements/PNG/Element 24.png
Elements/PNG/Element 30.png
Elements/PNG/Element 31.png
Elements/PNG/Element 25.png
Elements/PNG/Element 19.png
Elements/PNG/Element 33.png
Elements/PNG/Element 27.png
Elements/PNG/Element 26.png
Elements/PNG/Element 32.png
Elements/PNG/Element 36.png
Elements/PNG/Element 22.png
Elements/PNG/Element 23.png
Elements/PNG/Element 37.png
Elements/PNG/Element 21.png
Elements/PNG/Element 35.png
Elements/PNG/Element 34.png
Elements/PNG/Element 20.png
Elements/PNG/Element 7.png
Elements/PNG/Element 6.png
Elements/PNG/Element 4.png
Elements/PNG/Element 5.png
Elements/PNG/Element 1.png
Elements/PNG/Element 40.png
Elements/PNG/Element 2.png
Elements/PNG/Element 3.png
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