Christmas MAndala Bundle SVG Cut Files

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Date added: May 27, 2020
Date updated: July 14, 2020


These Christmas svg cut files have been created with crafters in mind. The SVG and DXF files can be imported to a number of paper craft programs, such as Silhouette Cameo and Cricut. Use the elements to make your very own creations. It is important that the svg cut files are accessible to all users and we understand that all craft cutting machines require different formats. Therefore each design comes with a wide range of files.

**Files Included:**
– SVG Single Line File to be used with Foil Quill, Infusible pens etc


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Christmas Cover.jpg
Bauble/SVG Files/Christmas_Bauble.dxf
Bauble/SVG Files/Christmas_Bauble.eps
Bauble/SVG Files/Christmas_Bauble.svg
Bauble/SVG Files/Christmas_Bauble.png
Bauble/Single Line Files/Christmas_FQ Bauble.png
Bauble/Single Line Files/Christmas_FQ Bauble.svg
Bauble/Single Line Files/Christmas_FQ Bauble.eps
Bauble/Single Line Files/Christmas_FQ Bauble.dxf
Christmas Snowflake 1/SVG Files/Christmas_Snowflake 1.eps
Christmas Snowflake 1/SVG Files/Christmas_Snowflake 1.dxf
Christmas Snowflake 1/SVG Files/Christmas_Snowflake 1.svg
Christmas Snowflake 1/SVG Files/Christmas_Snowflake 1.png
Christmas Snowflake 1/Single Line Files/Christmas_FQ Snowflake 1.svg
Christmas Snowflake 1/Single Line Files/Christmas_FQ Snowflake 1.png
Christmas Snowflake 1/Single Line Files/Christmas_FQ Snowflake 1.eps
Christmas Snowflake 1/Single Line Files/Christmas_FQ Snowflake 1.dxf
Winter Penguin/SVG Files/Christmas_Penguin.dxf
Winter Penguin/SVG Files/Christmas_Penguin.eps
Winter Penguin/SVG Files/Christmas_Penguin.png
Winter Penguin/SVG Files/Christmas_Penguin.svg
Winter Penguin/Single Line Files/Christmas_FQ Penguin.eps
Winter Penguin/Single Line Files/Christmas_FQ Penguin.dxf
Winter Penguin/Single Line Files/Christmas_FQ Penguin.svg
Winter Penguin/Single Line Files/Christmas_FQ Penguin.png
Christmas Present/SVG Files/Christmas_Present.svg
Christmas Present/SVG Files/Christmas_Present.png
Christmas Present/SVG Files/Christmas_Present.eps
Christmas Present/SVG Files/Christmas_Present.dxf
Christmas Present/Single Line Files/Christmas_FQ Present.png
Christmas Present/Single Line Files/Christmas_FQ Present.svg
Christmas Present/Single Line Files/Christmas_FQ Present.dxf
Christmas Present/Single Line Files/Christmas_FQ Present.eps
Christmas Tree/SVG Files/Christmas_Tree.dxf
Christmas Tree/SVG Files/Christmas_Tree.eps
Christmas Tree/SVG Files/Christmas_Tree.png
Christmas Tree/SVG Files/Christmas_Tree.svg
Christmas Tree/Single Line Files/Christmas_FQ Tree.svg
Christmas Tree/Single Line Files/Christmas_FQ Tree.png
Christmas Tree/Single Line Files/Christmas_FQ Tree.eps
Christmas Tree/Single Line Files/Christmas_FQ Tree.dxf
Christmas Snowflake 2/SVG Files/Christmas_Snowflake 2.eps
Christmas Snowflake 2/SVG Files/Christmas_Snowflake 2.dxf
Christmas Snowflake 2/SVG Files/Christmas_Snowflake 2.svg
Christmas Snowflake 2/SVG Files/Christmas_Snowflake 2.png
Christmas Snowflake 2/Single Line Files/Christmas_FQ Snowflake 2.svg
Christmas Snowflake 2/Single Line Files/Christmas_FQ Snowflake 2.png
Christmas Snowflake 2/Single Line Files/Christmas_FQ Snowflake 2.eps
Christmas Snowflake 2/Single Line Files/Christmas_FQ Snowflake 2.dxf
Santa/SVG Files/Christmas_Santa.eps
Santa/SVG Files/Christmas_Santa.dxf
Santa/SVG Files/Christmas_Santa.png
Santa/SVG Files/Christmas_Santa.svg
Santa/Single Line Files/Christmas_FQ Santa.svg
Santa/Single Line Files/Christmas_FQ Santa.png
Santa/Single Line Files/Christmas_FQ Santa.dxf
Santa/Single Line Files/Christmas_FQ Santa.eps
All Designs on one sheet/SVG Files/Christmas.dxf
All Designs on one sheet/SVG Files/Christmas.eps
All Designs on one sheet/SVG Files/Christmas.svg
All Designs on one sheet/Single Line Files/Christms Single Line.svg
All Designs on one sheet/Single Line Files/Christms Single Line.dxf
All Designs on one sheet/Single Line Files/Christms Single Line.eps
Christmas Bell/SVG Files/Christmas_Bell.png
Christmas Bell/SVG Files/Christmas_Bell.svg
Christmas Bell/SVG Files/Christmas_Bell.eps
Christmas Bell/SVG Files/Christmas_Bell.dxf
Christmas Bell/Single Line Files/Christmas_FQ Bell.dxf
Christmas Bell/Single Line Files/Christmas_FQ Bell.eps
Christmas Bell/Single Line Files/Christmas_FQ Bell.svg
Christmas Bell/Single Line Files/Christmas_FQ Bell.png
Christmas Star/SVG Files/Christmas_Star.eps
Christmas Star/SVG Files/Christmas_Star.dxf
Christmas Star/SVG Files/Christmas_Star.svg
Christmas Star/SVG Files/Christmas_Star.png
Christmas Star/Single Line Files/Christmas_FQ Star.png
Christmas Star/Single Line Files/Christmas_FQ Star.svg
Christmas Star/Single Line Files/Christmas_FQ Star.dxf
Christmas Star/Single Line Files/Christmas_FQ Star.eps
Christmas Cracker/SVG Files/Christmas_Cracker.svg
Christmas Cracker/SVG Files/Christmas_Cracker.png
Christmas Cracker/SVG Files/Christmas_Cracker.dxf
Christmas Cracker/SVG Files/Christmas_Cracker.eps
Christmas Cracker/Single Line Files/Christmas_FQ Cracker.png
Christmas Cracker/Single Line Files/Christmas_FQ Cracker.svg
Christmas Cracker/Single Line Files/Christmas_FQ Cracker.eps
Christmas Cracker/Single Line Files/Christmas_FQ Cracker.dxf

My name is Sarah and I am a designer living in Lincolnshire, UK. I have always had a passion for design and art. My work in constantly evolving and that is what I love about being a creative. I enjoy working with bright bold colours, florals, hand drawn geometrics and hand painted textures. My designs are clean and fresh with a fun, playful twist. Although I gravitate towards bold geometric shapes, I also like to work with hand drawn organic looking designs. I thrive on creative collaboration and I am always happy to speak to potential clients looking for fresh new designs from a flexible, reliable designer.

More recently I am working on simple hand drawn designs that can be used on craft cutting machines to make beautiful stationary, greeting cards, scrapbooking projects, small business products and more.