Farmhouse plaids and florals

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Date added: June 8, 2019
Date updated: June 11, 2019


Create cozy and comfortable atmosphere with these patterns! Personally, I have a very homelike feeling looking at them. They are great for fabric and textile design, stationery, kitchenware and homeware. Lots of florals and a little bit of plaids in natural color pallete, 40 beautiful yet simple seamless pattens in EPS 10, JPG and PNG files.

What’s included

– 40 EPS 10 files(fully editable vector)
– 40 JPG files 5000×5000, 300 DPI
– 40 PNG files 5000×5000, 300 DPI
For EPS files Adobe Illustrator 10 or higher version needed. Vectors can be rescaled and recolored.


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eps/farmhouse florals-01.eps
eps/farmhouse florals-02.eps
eps/farmhouse florals-03.eps
eps/farmhouse florals-04.eps
eps/farmhouse florals-05.eps
eps/farmhouse florals-06.eps
eps/farmhouse florals-07.eps
eps/farmhouse florals-08.eps
eps/farmhouse florals-09.eps
eps/farmhouse florals-10.eps
eps/farmhouse florals-11.eps
eps/farmhouse florals-12.eps
eps/farmhouse florals-13.eps
eps/farmhouse florals-14.eps
eps/farmhouse florals-15.eps
eps/farmhouse florals-16.eps
eps/farmhouse florals-17.eps
eps/farmhouse florals-18.eps
eps/farmhouse florals-19.eps
eps/farmhouse florals-20.eps
eps/farmhouse florals-21.eps
eps/farmhouse florals-22.eps
eps/farmhouse florals-23.eps
eps/farmhouse florals-24.eps
eps/farmhouse florals-25.eps
eps/farmhouse florals-26.eps
eps/farmhouse florals-27.eps
eps/farmhouse florals-28.eps
eps/farmhouse florals-29.eps
eps/farmhouse florals-30.eps
eps/farmhouse florals-31.eps
eps/farmhouse florals-32.eps
eps/farmhouse florals-33.eps
eps/farmhouse florals-34.eps
eps/farmhouse florals-35.eps
eps/farmhouse florals-36.eps
eps/farmhouse florals-37.eps
eps/farmhouse florals-38.eps
eps/farmhouse florals-39.eps
eps/farmhouse florals-40.eps
jpg/farmhouse florals-01.jpg
jpg/farmhouse florals-02.jpg
jpg/farmhouse florals-03.jpg
jpg/farmhouse florals-04.jpg
jpg/farmhouse florals-05.jpg
jpg/farmhouse florals-06.jpg
jpg/farmhouse florals-07.jpg
jpg/farmhouse florals-08.jpg
jpg/farmhouse florals-09.jpg
jpg/farmhouse florals-10.jpg
jpg/farmhouse florals-11.jpg
jpg/farmhouse florals-12.jpg
jpg/farmhouse florals-13.jpg
jpg/farmhouse florals-14.jpg
jpg/farmhouse florals-15.jpg
jpg/farmhouse florals-16.jpg
jpg/farmhouse florals-17.jpg
jpg/farmhouse florals-18.jpg
jpg/farmhouse florals-19.jpg
jpg/farmhouse florals-20.jpg
jpg/farmhouse florals-21.jpg
jpg/farmhouse florals-22.jpg
jpg/farmhouse florals-23.jpg
jpg/farmhouse florals-24.jpg
jpg/farmhouse florals-25.jpg
jpg/farmhouse florals-26.jpg
jpg/farmhouse florals-27.jpg
jpg/farmhouse florals-28.jpg
jpg/farmhouse florals-29.jpg
jpg/farmhouse florals-30.jpg
jpg/farmhouse florals-31.jpg
jpg/farmhouse florals-32.jpg
jpg/farmhouse florals-33.jpg
jpg/farmhouse florals-34.jpg
jpg/farmhouse florals-35.jpg
jpg/farmhouse florals-36.jpg
jpg/farmhouse florals-37.jpg
jpg/farmhouse florals-38.jpg
jpg/farmhouse florals-39.jpg
jpg/farmhouse florals-40.jpg
png/farmhouse florals-01.png
png/farmhouse florals-02.png
png/farmhouse florals-03.png
png/farmhouse florals-04.png
png/farmhouse florals-05.png
png/farmhouse florals-06.png
png/farmhouse florals-07.png
png/farmhouse florals-08.png
png/farmhouse florals-09.png
png/farmhouse florals-10.png
png/farmhouse florals-11.png
png/farmhouse florals-12.png
png/farmhouse florals-13.png
png/farmhouse florals-14.png
png/farmhouse florals-15.png
png/farmhouse florals-16.png
png/farmhouse florals-17.png
png/farmhouse florals-18.png
png/farmhouse florals-19.png
png/farmhouse florals-20.png
png/farmhouse florals-21.png
png/farmhouse florals-22.png
png/farmhouse florals-23.png
png/farmhouse florals-24.png
png/farmhouse florals-25.png
png/farmhouse florals-26.png
png/farmhouse florals-27.png
png/farmhouse florals-28.png
png/farmhouse florals-29.png
png/farmhouse florals-30.png
png/farmhouse florals-31.png
png/farmhouse florals-32.png
png/farmhouse florals-33.png
png/farmhouse florals-34.png
png/farmhouse florals-35.png
png/farmhouse florals-36.png
png/farmhouse florals-37.png
png/farmhouse florals-38.png
png/farmhouse florals-39.png
png/farmhouse florals-40.png