Fashion Girl Character Back View. Customizable Clipart

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Date added: June 17, 2021


I am happy to introduce you this clipart set of 170 elements for creating fashion girl trendy back view portrait. It can be really good personalized gift for fashion girl, bachelorette or school girl. You can do cards, tote bags, mugs, t-shirts, pillows and much more sublimation and printing things with this set.

In archives you will find this files:
1 well organized layered PSD (just make visible layers with parts you need)
170 high res PNG elements

Create your own character in 6 easy steps:
1. Choose 1 of 4 shoes colors.
2. Choose 1 of 5 skin tones.
3. Choose 1 of 4 dress tops and 1 of 10 colors. You can also use it as mini dress.
4. Choose 1 of 4 dress skirts and 1 of 10 colors if you need it.
5. Choose 1 of 6 hair styles and 1 of 11 colors.
6. Add 1 of 10 graduation cup / flowers / crown.


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PSD/Fashion Girl Creator.psd
PNG/3 Dress Top/Lavender 2.png
PNG/3 Dress Top/Green-Top-4.png
PNG/3 Dress Top/Lavender 3.png
PNG/3 Dress Top/Lavender 1.png
PNG/3 Dress Top/Lavender 4.png
PNG/3 Dress Top/Green-Top-2.png
PNG/3 Dress Top/Green-Top-3.png
PNG/3 Dress Top/Green-Top-1.png
PNG/3 Dress Top/Golden-Top-3.png
PNG/3 Dress Top/White-Top-4.png
PNG/3 Dress Top/Golden-Top-2.png
PNG/3 Dress Top/Golden-Top-1.png
PNG/3 Dress Top/Pink-Top-4.png
PNG/3 Dress Top/White-Top-2.png
PNG/3 Dress Top/White-Top-3.png
PNG/3 Dress Top/Golden-Top-4.png
PNG/3 Dress Top/Pink-Top-1.png
PNG/3 Dress Top/Pink-Top-3.png
PNG/3 Dress Top/White-Top-1.png
PNG/3 Dress Top/Pink-Top-2.png
PNG/3 Dress Top/Chocolate-Top-4.png
PNG/3 Dress Top/Chocolate-Top-1.png
PNG/3 Dress Top/Chocolate-Top-2.png
PNG/3 Dress Top/Chocolate-Top-3.png
PNG/3 Dress Top/Blue-Top-2.png
PNG/3 Dress Top/Dark-pink-Top-4.png
PNG/3 Dress Top/Grey-Top-1.png
PNG/3 Dress Top/Blue-Top-3.png
PNG/3 Dress Top/Red-Top-4.png
PNG/3 Dress Top/Blue-Top-1.png
PNG/3 Dress Top/Grey-Top-3.png
PNG/3 Dress Top/Grey-Top-2.png
PNG/3 Dress Top/Blue-Top-4.png
PNG/3 Dress Top/Red-Top-1.png
PNG/3 Dress Top/Dark-pink-Top-2.png
PNG/3 Dress Top/Dark-pink-Top-3.png
PNG/3 Dress Top/Red-Top-2.png
PNG/3 Dress Top/Dark-pink-Top-1.png
PNG/3 Dress Top/Grey-Top-4.png
PNG/3 Dress Top/Red-Top-3.png
PNG/4 Dress Skirt/Lavender 2.png
PNG/4 Dress Skirt/Green-Skirt-3.png
PNG/4 Dress Skirt/Dark-pink-Skirt-3.png
PNG/4 Dress Skirt/Dark-pink-Skirt-2.png
PNG/4 Dress Skirt/Green-Skirt-2.png
PNG/4 Dress Skirt/Lavender 3.png
PNG/4 Dress Skirt/Lavender 1.png
PNG/4 Dress Skirt/Dark-pink-Skirt-1.png
PNG/4 Dress Skirt/Green-Skirt-1.png
PNG/4 Dress Skirt/Lavender 4.png
PNG/4 Dress Skirt/Dark-pink-Skirt-4.png
PNG/4 Dress Skirt/Green-Skirt-4.png
PNG/4 Dress Skirt/Golden-Skirt-3.png
PNG/4 Dress Skirt/Golden-Skirt-2.png
PNG/4 Dress Skirt/Red-Skirt-4.png
PNG/4 Dress Skirt/Golden-Skirt-1.png
PNG/4 Dress Skirt/Red-Skirt-1.png
PNG/4 Dress Skirt/Golden-Skirt-4.png
PNG/4 Dress Skirt/Red-Skirt-3.png
PNG/4 Dress Skirt/Red-Skirt-2.png
PNG/4 Dress Skirt/Chocolate-Skirt-2.png
PNG/4 Dress Skirt/Chocolate-Skirt-3.png
PNG/4 Dress Skirt/Chocolate-Skirt-1.png
PNG/4 Dress Skirt/Chocolate-Skirt-4.png
PNG/4 Dress Skirt/Pink-Skirt-4.png
PNG/4 Dress Skirt/Blue-Skirt-4.png
PNG/4 Dress Skirt/White-Skirt-4.png
PNG/4 Dress Skirt/Grey-Skirt-4.png
PNG/4 Dress Skirt/Blue-Skirt-3.png
PNG/4 Dress Skirt/Pink-Skirt-3.png
PNG/4 Dress Skirt/White-Skirt-1.png
PNG/4 Dress Skirt/Pink-Skirt-2.png
PNG/4 Dress Skirt/Grey-Skirt-1.png
PNG/4 Dress Skirt/Blue-Skirt-2.png
PNG/4 Dress Skirt/Grey-Skirt-3.png
PNG/4 Dress Skirt/White-Skirt-3.png
PNG/4 Dress Skirt/White-Skirt-2.png
PNG/4 Dress Skirt/Pink-Skirt-1.png
PNG/4 Dress Skirt/Grey-Skirt-2.png
PNG/4 Dress Skirt/Blue-Skirt-1.png
PNG/5 Hair/Blue-Hair-4.png
PNG/5 Hair/Brown-Hair-6.png
PNG/5 Hair/Blue-Hair-5.png
PNG/5 Hair/Yellow-Hair-6.png
PNG/5 Hair/Ginger-Hair-6.png
PNG/5 Hair/Ginger-Hair-4.png
PNG/5 Hair/Yellow-Hair-4.png
PNG/5 Hair/Brown-Hair-4.png
PNG/5 Hair/Brown-Hair-5.png
PNG/5 Hair/Blue-Hair-6.png
PNG/5 Hair/Yellow-Hair-5.png
PNG/5 Hair/Ginger-Hair-5.png
PNG/5 Hair/Ginger-Hair-1.png
PNG/5 Hair/Yellow-Hair-1.png
PNG/5 Hair/Blue-Hair-2.png
PNG/5 Hair/Brown-Hair-1.png
PNG/5 Hair/Blue-Hair-3.png
PNG/5 Hair/Ginger-Hair-2.png
PNG/5 Hair/Yellow-Hair-2.png
PNG/5 Hair/Blue-Hair-1.png
PNG/5 Hair/Brown-Hair-2.png
PNG/5 Hair/Brown-Hair-3.png
PNG/5 Hair/Yellow-Hair-3.png
PNG/5 Hair/Ginger-Hair-3.png
PNG/5 Hair/Grey-Hair-5.png
PNG/5 Hair/Violet-Hair-3.png
PNG/5 Hair/Black-Hair-4.png
PNG/5 Hair/Black-Hair-5.png
PNG/5 Hair/Violet-Hair-2.png
PNG/5 Hair/Grey-Hair-4.png
PNG/5 Hair/Grey-Hair-6.png
PNG/5 Hair/Black-Hair-6.png
PNG/5 Hair/Violet-Hair-1.png
PNG/5 Hair/Grey-Hair-3.png
PNG/5 Hair/Black-Hair-2.png
PNG/5 Hair/Violet-Hair-5.png
PNG/5 Hair/Violet-Hair-4.png
PNG/5 Hair/Black-Hair-3.png
PNG/5 Hair/Grey-Hair-2.png
PNG/5 Hair/Black-Hair-1.png
PNG/5 Hair/Violet-Hair-6.png
PNG/5 Hair/Grey-Hair-1.png
PNG/5 Hair/Blond-Hair-1.png
PNG/5 Hair/Green-Hair-6.png
PNG/5 Hair/Red-Hair-6.png
PNG/5 Hair/Pink-Hair-1.png
PNG/5 Hair/Blond-Hair-2.png
PNG/5 Hair/Green-Hair-5.png
PNG/5 Hair/Red-Hair-5.png
PNG/5 Hair/Pink-Hair-3.png
PNG/5 Hair/Pink-Hair-2.png
PNG/5 Hair/Red-Hair-4.png
PNG/5 Hair/Green-Hair-4.png
PNG/5 Hair/Blond-Hair-3.png
PNG/5 Hair/Pink-Hair-6.png
PNG/5 Hair/Red-Hair-1.png
PNG/5 Hair/Green-Hair-1.png
PNG/5 Hair/Blond-Hair-6.png
PNG/5 Hair/Blond-Hair-4.png
PNG/5 Hair/Green-Hair-3.png
PNG/5 Hair/Red-Hair-3.png
PNG/5 Hair/Pink-Hair-5.png
PNG/5 Hair/Pink-Hair-4.png
PNG/5 Hair/Red-Hair-2.png
PNG/5 Hair/Green-Hair-2.png
PNG/5 Hair/Blond-Hair-5.png
PNG/2 Body/Skin-1.png
PNG/2 Body/Skin-2.png
PNG/2 Body/Skin-3.png
PNG/2 Body/Skin-4.png
PNG/2 Body/Skin-5.png
PNG/1 Shoes/Cream-Shoes.png
PNG/1 Shoes/Black-Shoes.png
PNG/1 Shoes/Red-Shoes.png
PNG/1 Shoes/Blue-Shoes.png
PNG/6 Accessories/Lavender-Graduation-Cup.png
PNG/6 Accessories/Chocolate-Graduation-Cup.png
PNG/6 Accessories/Rose.png
PNG/6 Accessories/Dark-pink-Graduation-Cup.png
PNG/6 Accessories/White-Graduation-Cup.png
PNG/6 Accessories/Blue-Graduation-Cup.png
PNG/6 Accessories/Lavender-flower.png
PNG/6 Accessories/Golden-Graduation-Cup.png
PNG/6 Accessories/Tulip.png
PNG/6 Accessories/Pink-Graduation-Cup.png
PNG/6 Accessories/Flower.png
PNG/6 Accessories/Red-Graduation-Cup.png
PNG/6 Accessories/Crown.png
PNG/6 Accessories/Green-Graduation-Cup.png
PNG/6 Accessories/Grey-Graduation-Cup.png