Funny Snakes

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Date added: May 19, 2020


Hello, friends!

Meet my Funny Snakes clip art and pattern pack. The product includes cute snakes and related elements clip art, such as mushrooms, leaves, twigs, insects, eggs, stones and other forest elements. This product will help you create numerous cute and funny designs, such as prints, banners, invitations, stationery, clothes, stickers, patches, fabrics and so much more! All the items are originally vector, so you can modify them, change size and recolor (it’s easy due to limited color palette). There are also jpg and png files.
You will receive 34 separate png, jpg and eps elements along with 1 thematic seamless pattern. Combine them to your taste, I’m sure the result will be great!

• 8 eps, separately saved jpg and png snakes. Png files are saved on transparent background (2 snakes on the log are saved together);
• 25 eps, separately saved jpg and png forest elements. Png files are saved on transparent background;
• 1 separately saved eps, jpg, png seamless pattern. Png files are saved on transparent background.

If you have any questions, please, contact me via e-mail

Thanks for stopping by!


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JPG/clip art/clipart-04.jpg
JPG/clip art/clipart-05.jpg
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JPG/clip art/clipart-07.jpg
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JPG/clip art/clipart-06.jpg
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JPG/clip art/clipart-29.jpg
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JPG/clip art/clipart-28.jpg
JPG/clip art/clipart-31.jpg
JPG/clip art/clipart-25.jpg
JPG/clip art/clipart-19.jpg
JPG/clip art/clipart-18.jpg
JPG/clip art/clipart-24.jpg
JPG/clip art/clipart-30.jpg
JPG/clip art/clipart-26.jpg
JPG/clip art/clipart-32.jpg
JPG/clip art/clipart-33.jpg
JPG/clip art/clipart-27.jpg
JPG/clip art/clipart-23.jpg
JPG/clip art/clipart_1.jpg
JPG/clip art/clipart-22.jpg
JPG/clip art/clipart-08.jpg
JPG/clip art/clipart-34.jpg
JPG/clip art/clipart-20.jpg
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JPG/clip art/clipart-09.jpg