Gold floral pattern

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License: Standard License
File type: .zip (Instant digital download)
File size: 548 MB
Date added: April 21, 2020
Date updated: May 26, 2020



• 35 Gold elements with flowers, blobs, branches and leaves
• 35 original color (gold paint) elements
• PNG file format
• 3 PNG frames
• 5 PNG seamless patterns
• 5 different color on the background (Christmas red, neo mint, cobalt, vanilla, and dark coal colors)
• 300 DPI (ppi) resolution


I’ll be happy to see you on my Instagram: @katjabuzova. There are more fine arts you won’t find here! Yours, Katja Buzova


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GOLD Isolated Elements/31.png
GOLD Isolated Elements/10.png
GOLD Isolated Elements/22.png
GOLD Isolated Elements/20.png
GOLD Isolated Elements/8.png
GOLD Isolated Elements/33.png
GOLD Isolated Elements/1.png
GOLD Isolated Elements/35.png
GOLD Isolated Elements/15.png
GOLD Isolated Elements/9.png
GOLD Isolated Elements/30.png
GOLD Isolated Elements/5.png
GOLD Isolated Elements/3.png
GOLD Isolated Elements/7.png
GOLD Isolated Elements/4.png
GOLD Isolated Elements/6.png
GOLD Isolated Elements/2.png
GOLD Isolated Elements/16.png
GOLD Isolated Elements/13.png
GOLD Isolated Elements/29.png
GOLD Isolated Elements/26.png
GOLD Isolated Elements/32.png
GOLD Isolated Elements/17.png
GOLD Isolated Elements/19.png
GOLD Isolated Elements/14.png
GOLD Isolated Elements/23.png
GOLD Isolated Elements/18.png
GOLD Isolated Elements/24.png
GOLD Isolated Elements/28.png
GOLD Isolated Elements/27.png
GOLD Isolated Elements/25.png
GOLD Isolated Elements/11.png
GOLD Isolated Elements/34.png
GOLD Isolated Elements/12.png
GOLD Isolated Elements/21.png
PNG Frames/Frame 1
PNG Frames/Frame 3
PNG Frames/Frame 2
Isolated Elements/31.png
Isolated Elements/10.png
Isolated Elements/22.png
Isolated Elements/20.png
Isolated Elements/8.png
Isolated Elements/33.png
Isolated Elements/1.png
Isolated Elements/35.png
Isolated Elements/15.png
Isolated Elements/9.png
Isolated Elements/30.png
Isolated Elements/5.png
Isolated Elements/3.png
Isolated Elements/7.png
Isolated Elements/4.png
Isolated Elements/6.png
Isolated Elements/2.png
Isolated Elements/16.png
Isolated Elements/13.png
Isolated Elements/29.png
Isolated Elements/26.png
Isolated Elements/32.png
Isolated Elements/17.png
Isolated Elements/19.png
Isolated Elements/14.png
Isolated Elements/23.png
Isolated Elements/18.png
Isolated Elements/24.png
Isolated Elements/28.png
Isolated Elements/27.png
Isolated Elements/25.png
Isolated Elements/11.png
Isolated Elements/34.png
Isolated Elements/12.png
Isolated Elements/21.png
Seampless Patterns/Cobalt/Cobalt 5
Seampless Patterns/Cobalt/Cobalt 3
Seampless Patterns/Cobalt/Cobalt 2
Seampless Patterns/Cobalt/Cobalt 1
Seampless Patterns/Cobalt/Cobalt 4
Seampless Patterns/Vanilla/Vanilla 2
Seampless Patterns/Vanilla/Vanilla 1
Seampless Patterns/Vanilla/Vanilla 5
Seampless Patterns/Vanilla/Vanilla 3
Seampless Patterns/Vanilla/Vanilla 4
Seampless Patterns/Neo Mint/Neo Mint 3
Seampless Patterns/Neo Mint/Neo Mint 2
Seampless Patterns/Neo Mint/Neo Mint 1
Seampless Patterns/Neo Mint/Neo Mint 4
Seampless Patterns/Neo Mint/Neo Mint 5
Seampless Patterns/Dark coal/Dark coal 3
Seampless Patterns/Dark coal/Dark coal 4
Seampless Patterns/Dark coal/Dark coal 1
Seampless Patterns/Dark coal/Dark coal 2
Seampless Patterns/Dark coal/Dark coal 5
Seampless Patterns/PNG/Pattern 3.png
Seampless Patterns/PNG/Pattern 5.png
Seampless Patterns/PNG/Pattern 1.png
Seampless Patterns/PNG/Pattern 4.png
Seampless Patterns/PNG/Pattern 2.png
Seampless Patterns/Christmas red/Christmas red 4
Seampless Patterns/Christmas red/Christmas red 5
Seampless Patterns/Christmas red/Christmas red 2
Seampless Patterns/Christmas red/Christmas red 1
Seampless Patterns/Christmas red/Christmas red 3