Halloween Coloring Games

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File size: 171 MB
Date added: September 13, 2020
Date updated: August 30, 2021


Hello, friends!

Meet my Halloween coloring games set. The games will help you create mystical atmosphere, adding more fun to holiday celebration. The product includes cute children in scary costumes, Halloween elements (cauldron, jack-o-lantern, bat, witch’s hat and others), sculls and skeletons. Get lost in the holiday mood and share these unforgettable moments.

The product consists of the most popular activity types for children: mazes, searching games, crossword puzzle, wordsearch, difference searching, dot-to-dot, color by number activities. All of them are black and white and suggest coloring activity along the way. The pack includes 40 additional black and white pictures that can be used as coloring pages or elements for some other activities and designs. The games are made in 2 formats: A4 (8,27 x 11,69 inches) and US Letter (8,5 x 11 inches). The games are originally vector, so you can modify them, change size, elements and recolor. The text is easily editable in Adobe illustrator. Just open it in the program and replace with your own. You will also get png files without text, which makes the editing process even easier. In png files white background is changed to transparent.


A4 format:

• vector eps file containing 32 games and 2 covers (all the games are shown in the preview);
• 34 separately saved png files (white background is changed to transparent);
• 34 separately saved png files without text (white background is changed to transparent);
• 34 separately saved PDF files.

US Letter format (8 x 11,5 inches):

• vector eps file containing 32 games and 2 covers;
• 34 separately saved png files (white background is changed to transparent);
• 34 separately saved png files without text (white background is changed to transparent);
• 34 separately saved PDF files.

• 40 additional pictures (1 eps, 35 separately png files). Png files are saved on transparent background;

If you have any questions, please, contact me via e-mail lexiclaus@yandex.ru.

Thanks for stopping by!



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Halloween-coloring-games-czs0pf.zip (171 MB):
A4/games A4.eps
Letter format/Letter format.eps
Pictures for coloring/bonus elements.eps
A4/PDF/game 10.pdf
A4/PDF/game 11.pdf
A4/PDF/game 13.pdf
A4/PDF/game 12.pdf
A4/PDF/game 16.pdf
A4/PDF/game 17.pdf
A4/PDF/game 29.pdf
A4/PDF/game 15.pdf
A4/PDF/game 9.pdf
A4/PDF/game 8.pdf
A4/PDF/game 14.pdf
A4/PDF/game 28.pdf
A4/PDF/game 31.pdf
A4/PDF/game 19.pdf
A4/PDF/game 5.pdf
A4/PDF/game 4.pdf
A4/PDF/game 18.pdf
A4/PDF/game 24.pdf
A4/PDF/game 30.pdf
A4/PDF/game 26.pdf
A4/PDF/game 32.pdf
A4/PDF/game 6.pdf
A4/PDF/game 7.pdf
A4/PDF/game 33.pdf
A4/PDF/game 27.pdf
A4/PDF/game 23.pdf
A4/PDF/game 3.pdf
A4/PDF/game 2.pdf
A4/PDF/game 22.pdf
A4/PDF/game 34.pdf
A4/PDF/game 20.pdf
A4/PDF/game 1.pdf
A4/PDF/game 21.pdf
A4/PNG without text/game-34.png
A4/PNG without text/game-20.png
A4/PNG without text/game-08.png
A4/PNG without text/game-09.png
A4/PNG without text/game-21.png
A4/PNG without text/game-23.png
A4/PNG without text/game-22.png
A4/PNG without text/game-26.png
A4/PNG without text/game-32.png
A4/PNG without text/game-33.png
A4/PNG without text/game-27.png
A4/PNG without text/game-19.png
A4/PNG without text/game-31.png
A4/PNG without text/game-25.png
A4/PNG without text/game-24.png
A4/PNG without text/game-30.png
A4/PNG without text/game-18.png
A4/PNG without text/game-15.png
A4/PNG without text/game-01.png
A4/PNG without text/game-29.png
A4/PNG without text/game-28.png
A4/PNG without text/game-14.png
A4/PNG without text/game-02.png
A4/PNG without text/game-16.png
A4/PNG without text/game-17.png
A4/PNG without text/game-03.png
A4/PNG without text/game-07.png
A4/PNG without text/game-13.png
A4/PNG without text/game-12.png
A4/PNG without text/game-06.png
A4/PNG without text/game-10.png
A4/PNG without text/game-04.png
A4/PNG without text/game-05.png
A4/PNG without text/game-11.png
Letter format/PDF/game-25.pdf
Letter format/PDF/game 10.pdf
Letter format/PDF/game 11.pdf
Letter format/PDF/game 13.pdf
Letter format/PDF/game 12.pdf
Letter format/PDF/game 16.pdf
Letter format/PDF/game 17.pdf
Letter format/PDF/game 29.pdf
Letter format/PDF/game 15.pdf
Letter format/PDF/game 9.pdf
Letter format/PDF/game 8.pdf
Letter format/PDF/game 14.pdf
Letter format/PDF/game 28.pdf
Letter format/PDF/game 31.pdf
Letter format/PDF/game 19.pdf
Letter format/PDF/game 5.pdf
Letter format/PDF/game 4.pdf
Letter format/PDF/game 18.pdf
Letter format/PDF/game 24.pdf
Letter format/PDF/game 30.pdf
Letter format/PDF/game 26.pdf
Letter format/PDF/game 32.pdf
Letter format/PDF/game 6.pdf
Letter format/PDF/game 7.pdf
Letter format/PDF/game 33.pdf
Letter format/PDF/game 27.pdf
Letter format/PDF/game 23.pdf
Letter format/PDF/game 3.pdf
Letter format/PDF/game 2.pdf
Letter format/PDF/game 22.pdf
Letter format/PDF/game 34.pdf
Letter format/PDF/game 20.pdf
Letter format/PDF/game 1.pdf
Letter format/PDF/game 21.pdf
Letter format/PNG/game-34.png
Letter format/PNG/game-20.png
Letter format/PNG/game-08.png
Letter format/PNG/game-09.png
Letter format/PNG/game-21.png
Letter format/PNG/game-23.png
Letter format/PNG/game-22.png
Letter format/PNG/game-26.png
Letter format/PNG/game-32.png
Letter format/PNG/game-33.png
Letter format/PNG/game-27.png
Letter format/PNG/game-19.png
Letter format/PNG/game-31.png
Letter format/PNG/game-25.png
Letter format/PNG/game-24.png
Letter format/PNG/game-30.png
Letter format/PNG/game-18.png
Letter format/PNG/game- 1.png
Letter format/PNG/game-15.png
Letter format/PNG/game-29.png
Letter format/PNG/game-28.png
Letter format/PNG/game-14.png
Letter format/PNG/game-02.png
Letter format/PNG/game-16.png
Letter format/PNG/game-17.png
Letter format/PNG/game-03.png
Letter format/PNG/game-07.png
Letter format/PNG/game-13.png
Letter format/PNG/game-12.png
Letter format/PNG/game-06.png
Letter format/PNG/game-10.png
Letter format/PNG/game-04.png
Letter format/PNG/game-05.png
Letter format/PNG/game-11.png
Letter format/PNG without text/game-34.png
Letter format/PNG without text/game-20.png
Letter format/PNG without text/game-08.png
Letter format/PNG without text/game-09.png
Letter format/PNG without text/game-21.png
Letter format/PNG without text/game-23.png
Letter format/PNG without text/game-22.png
Letter format/PNG without text/game-26.png
Letter format/PNG without text/game-32.png
Letter format/PNG without text/game-33.png
Letter format/PNG without text/game-27.png
Letter format/PNG without text/game-19.png
Letter format/PNG without text/game-31.png
Letter format/PNG without text/game-25.png
Letter format/PNG without text/game-24.png
Letter format/PNG without text/game-30.png
Letter format/PNG without text/game-18.png
Letter format/PNG without text/game-15.png
Letter format/PNG without text/game-01.png
Letter format/PNG without text/game-29.png
Letter format/PNG without text/game-28.png
Letter format/PNG without text/game-14.png
Letter format/PNG without text/game-02.png
Letter format/PNG without text/game-16.png
Letter format/PNG without text/game-17.png
Letter format/PNG without text/game-03.png
Letter format/PNG without text/game-07.png
Letter format/PNG without text/game-13.png
Letter format/PNG without text/game-12.png
Letter format/PNG without text/game-06.png
Letter format/PNG without text/game-10.png
Letter format/PNG without text/game-04.png
Letter format/PNG without text/game-05.png
Letter format/PNG without text/game-11.png
Pictures for coloring/bonus elements/element-37.png
Pictures for coloring/bonus elements/element-23.png
Pictures for coloring/bonus elements/element-22.png
Pictures for coloring/bonus elements/element-36.png
Pictures for coloring/bonus elements/element-20.png
Pictures for coloring/bonus elements/element-08.png
Pictures for coloring/bonus elements/element-09.png
Pictures for coloring/bonus elements/element-35.png
Pictures for coloring/bonus elements/element-21.png
Pictures for coloring/bonus elements/element-19.png
Pictures for coloring/bonus elements/element-25.png
Pictures for coloring/bonus elements/element-31.png
Pictures for coloring/bonus elements/element-30.png
Pictures for coloring/bonus elements/element-24.png
Pictures for coloring/bonus elements/element-18.png
Pictures for coloring/bonus elements/element-32.png
Pictures for coloring/bonus elements/element-26.png
Pictures for coloring/bonus elements/element-27.png
Pictures for coloring/bonus elements/element-33.png
Pictures for coloring/bonus elements/element-40.png
Pictures for coloring/bonus elements/element_1.png
Pictures for coloring/bonus elements/element-16.png
Pictures for coloring/bonus elements/element-02.png
Pictures for coloring/bonus elements/element-03.png
Pictures for coloring/bonus elements/element-17.png
Pictures for coloring/bonus elements/element-15.png
Pictures for coloring/bonus elements/element-29.png
Pictures for coloring/bonus elements/element-28.png
Pictures for coloring/bonus elements/element-14.png
Pictures for coloring/bonus elements/element-38.png
Pictures for coloring/bonus elements/element-04.png
Pictures for coloring/bonus elements/element-10.png
Pictures for coloring/bonus elements/element-11.png
Pictures for coloring/bonus elements/element-05.png
Pictures for coloring/bonus elements/element-39.png
Pictures for coloring/bonus elements/element-13.png
Pictures for coloring/bonus elements/element-07.png
Pictures for coloring/bonus elements/element-06.png
Pictures for coloring/bonus elements/element-12.png