Italian Style. Watercolor tiles.

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Date added: February 23, 2020
Date updated: March 24, 2020


Italian Style Tile . Watercolor clip art collection.

When history, Mediterranean art and wonderful landscapes blend together it is possible to capture the essence of the Italian lifestyle.

With the charm of Amalfi coast, the eternal breath of Rome or the Renaissance fascination of Lake Como it’s impossible not to fall in love with Italy.

Italian historical cities are lively, romantic, and certainly rich in fascination and history, each one able to offer a unique and diverse atmosphere all year round. Introducing new watercolor collection Italian style. This set is ideal for creating card template designs, for your logo, on your blog, invitations, digital projects, sites, scrapbooking, wedding invitation, albums, greeting cards, stickers, mood boards, social networking and promotions, packaging, covers, etc.! Each element was painted on watercolor paper. Sizes can be manipulated in editing software such as Photoshop or an online editor.

Please pay attention that all images high resolution and size of zip is 1,3 GB

You will receive 230+ files. Including:

70 PNG with original watercolor floral elements, all with transparent background. ( spring flowers, delicate branches, lemons and oranges )

20 original tiles illustrations with the size: from 1500 px till 2500 px

17 PNG with landmarks, elements, different crest elements all with transparent background. ( cities : Torino, Milano, Vietry sul Mare, Colisey , lake Como, villas, scooter, couple, antique status)

20 PNG with delicate floral arrangements size 12 inches* 12 inches,

20 PNG with An elegant and glamorous floral frames ( with and without white center) 12 inches* 12 inches,

22 PNG with authentic tile frames (with and without white center) 12 inches* 12 inches,

10 JPG Premade card templates 7 inches* 5 inches and 5” x 5”,

10 PNG with original wreaths size 12 inches* 12 inches,

2 PNG with stylish floral headers, size 12 inches* 8 inches,

25 PNG with seamless tiles patterns size 12 inches* 12 inches.

All images are 300 dpi, colored and ready to use. Watermark will not appear in your files.

Instant Download: You should be able to download the files instantly after purchase.

If you need my assistance or have some questions, please feel free to send me a conversation.

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Amalfi 1.png
Amalfi coast road.png
Arrangements 1.png
Arrangements 10.png
Arrangements 11.png
Arrangements 12.png
Arrangements 13.png
Arrangements 14.png
Arrangements 15.png
Arrangements 16.png
Arrangements 17.png
Arrangements 18.png
Arrangements 19.png
Arrangements 2.png
Arrangements 20.png
Arrangements 3.png
Arrangements 4.png
Arrangements 5.png
Arrangements 6.png
Arrangements 7.png
Arrangements 8.png
Arrangements 9.png
Card template 1.png
Card template 10.png
Card template 2.png
Card template 3psd.png
Card template 4.png
Card template 5.png
Card template 6.png
Card template 7.png
Card template 8.png
Card template 9.png
Couple on scooter with bread.png
Floral 1.png
Floral 10.png
Floral 11.png
Floral 12.png
Floral 13.png
Floral 14.png
Floral 15.png
Floral 16.png
Floral 17.png
Floral 18 - Copie.png
Floral 18.png
Floral 19.png
Floral 2.png
Floral 20.png
Floral 21 - Copie.png
Floral 21.png
Floral 22.png
Floral 23.png
Floral 24.png
Floral 25.png
Floral 26.png
Floral 27.png
Floral 28.png
Floral 29.png
Floral 3.png
Floral 30.png
Floral 31.png
Floral 32.png
Floral 33.png
Floral 34.png
Floral 35.png
Floral 36.png
Floral 37.png
Floral 38.png
Floral 39.png
Floral 4.png
Floral 40.png
Floral 41.png
Floral 42.png
Floral 43.png
Floral 44.png
Floral 45.png
Floral 46.png
Floral 47.png
Floral 48.png
Floral 49.png
Floral 5.png
Floral 50.png
Floral 51.png
Floral 52.png
Floral 53.png
Floral 54.png
Floral 55.png
Floral 56.png
Floral 57.png
Floral 58.png
Floral 59.png
Floral 6.png
Floral 60.png
Floral 61.png
Floral 62.png
Floral 63.png
Floral 64.png
Floral 65.png
Floral 66.png
Floral 67.png
Floral 68.png
Floral 69.png
Floral 7.png
Floral 70.png
Floral 8.png
Floral 9.png
Floral frame 1 without white center.png
Floral frame 1.png
Floral frame 10 without white center.png
Floral frame 10.png
Floral frame 2 without white center.png
Floral frame 2.png
Floral frame 3 without white center.png
Floral frame 3.png
Floral frame 4 without white center.png
Floral frame 4.png
Floral frame 5 without white center.png
Floral frame 5.png
Floral frame 6 without white center.png
Floral frame 6.png
Floral frame 7.png
Floral frame 7without white center.png
Floral frame 8 without white center.png
Floral frame 8.png
Floral frame 9 without white center.png
Floral frame 9.png
Frame tile without white center.png
Frame tile 1 blue.png
Frame tile 1 white.png
Frame tile 10 transparent.png
Frame tile 10.png
Frame tile 2 tansparent center.png
Frame tile 2.png
Frame tile 3 tansparent center.png
Frame tile 3.png
Frame tile 4 tansparent center.png
Frame tile 4.png
Frame tile 5 without white center.png
Frame tile 5.png
Frame tile 6 without white center.png
Frame tile 6.png
Frame tile 7 without white center.png
Frame tile 7.png
Frame tile 8 without white center.png
Frame tile 8.png
Frame tile 9 without white center.png
Frame tile 9.png
Frame tile white.png
Frame crest peach.png
Frame crest yellow.png
Frame crest 3.png
Frame crest with white.png
Frame crest.png
Header 1.png
Header 2.png
Italian tile pattern 1.png
Italian tile pattern 10 .png
Italian tile pattern 11 .png
Italian tile pattern 11 transporant.png
Italian tile pattern 12 transporant.png
Italian tile pattern 12.png
Italian tile pattern 13 transporant.png
Italian tile pattern 13.png
Italian tile pattern 14.png
Italian tile pattern 15.png
Italian tile pattern 16 transporant.png
Italian tile pattern 16.png
Italian tile pattern 17 transporant.png
Italian tile pattern 17.png
Italian tile pattern 18 transporant.png
Italian tile pattern 18.png
Italian tile pattern 19.png
Italian tile pattern 2.png
Italian tile pattern 20 transporant.png
Italian tile pattern 20.png
Italian tile pattern 21 transporant.png
Italian tile pattern 21.png
Italian tile pattern 22 transporant.png
Italian tile pattern 22.png
Italian tile pattern 23.png
Italian tile pattern 24.png
Italian tile pattern 25.png
Italian tile pattern 3 .png
Italian tile pattern 3 transporant.png
Italian tile pattern 4 .png
Italian tile pattern 5.png
Italian tile pattern 6.png
Italian tile pattern 7 .png
Italian tile pattern 7 transporant.png
Italian tile pattern 8 .png
Italian tile pattern 8 transporant.png
Italian tile pattern 9 .png
Italian tile pattern 9 transporant.png
Lake Como.png
Status Antique.png
Tile 1.png
Tile 10.png
Tile 11 white.png
Tile 11.png
Tile 12.png
Tile 13 white.png
Tile 13.png
Tile 14 white.png
Tile 14.png
Tile 15 white.png
Tile 15.png
Tile 16.png
Tile 17.png
Tile 18.png
Tile 19 transparent.png
Tile 19.png
Tile 2.png
Tile 20.png
Tile 3.png
Tile 4.png
Tile 5.png
Tile 6.png
Tile 7 without white.png
Tile 7.png
Tile 8.png
Tile 9 with white.png
Tile 9.png
Vietry sul Mare.png
Villa Cimbrone.png
Wreath 1.png
Wreath 10.png
Wreath 2.png
Wreath 3.png
Wreath 4.png
Wreath 5.png
Wreath 6.png
Wreath 7.png
Wreath 8.png
Wreath 9.png
Villa Balbiano.png