Little Miss Ballerina Creator

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File size: 234 MB
Date added: March 24, 2019
Date updated: June 7, 2019


Little Miss Ballerina Creator PLUS more than 90 items – cute ballerinas, florals & decorations, frames and printables!

This very girly collection contain decorated and clean ballerinas, many floral and decorative items, frames for your projects, a lot of pre-maid printables and Creator

Create the cutest ballerina with an included Creator

The Creator contain two skin tones, 7 hairstyles (blond & brunette versions), 4 beautiful dresses, diadem and crown, floral wreaths, two colors of tights & shoes. You will also find the instruction how to use it.

Looking for more? – 68 florals and decorations are included. Every item is PNG with transparent background and vector EPS10 files.

To use the Creator you need to have installed Adobe Illustrator CS3-CC. If you do not have AI it’s ok, inside you will find all the Creator elements as PNG files.

What is inside?

11 ready to use pre-decorated ballerinas
8 ballerinas, not decorated version
60 floral and decorative items – flowers, bouquets, wreaths, balloons, crown & diadem, bows, butterflies, bird with flower, whimsical lantern, baskets with flowers and mannequin
5 dresses for a mannequin
3 beautiful frames for your projects
3 lettering elements
CREATOR – make your own ballerina
All the Creator items as separated PNG files with transparent background In the case you do not have installed Adobe Illustrator
12 ready to use printables – JPGs and vector


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Ballerinas clean/bal_clean1.png
Ballerinas clean/bal_clean2.png
Ballerinas clean/bal_clean3.png
Ballerinas clean/bal_clean4.png
Ballerinas clean/bal_clean5.png
Ballerinas clean/bal_clean6.png
Ballerinas clean/bal_clean7.png
Ballerinas clean/bal_clean8.png
Ballerinas clean/ballerinas_clean.eps
Ballerinas decorated/bal1_d.png
Ballerinas decorated/bal2_d.png
Ballerinas decorated/bal3_d.png
Ballerinas decorated/bal3_d_1.png
Ballerinas decorated/bal4_d.png
Ballerinas decorated/bal4_d_1.png
Ballerinas decorated/bal5_d.png
Ballerinas decorated/bal6_d.png
Ballerinas decorated/bal7_d.png
Ballerinas decorated/bal8_d.png
Ballerinas decorated/bal9_d.png
Ballerinas decorated/ballerinas_decorated.eps
Creator's PNGs/bl1.png
Creator's PNGs/bl2.png
Creator's PNGs/bl3.png
Creator's PNGs/bl4.png
Creator's PNGs/bl5.png
Creator's PNGs/bl6.png
Creator's PNGs/bl7.png
Creator's PNGs/Body_dark_clean.png
Creator's PNGs/Body_light_clean.png
Creator's PNGs/br1.png
Creator's PNGs/br2.png
Creator's PNGs/br3.png
Creator's PNGs/br4.png
Creator's PNGs/br5.png
Creator's PNGs/br6.png
Creator's PNGs/br7.png
Creator's PNGs/dr1.png
Creator's PNGs/dr2.png
Creator's PNGs/dr3.png
Creator's PNGs/dr4.png
Creator's PNGs/dr5.png
Creator's PNGs/shoes1.png
Creator's PNGs/shoes2.png
Creator's PNGs/tights1.png
Creator's PNGs/tights2.png
Dresses for mannequin/dress1.png
Dresses for mannequin/dress2.png
Dresses for mannequin/dress3.png
Dresses for mannequin/dress4.png
Dresses for mannequin/dress5.png
Dresses for mannequin/dresses.eps
Florals and Decorations/b1.png
Florals and Decorations/b2.png
Florals and Decorations/b3.png
Florals and Decorations/b4.png
Florals and Decorations/b5.png
Florals and Decorations/b6.png
Florals and Decorations/b7.png
Florals and Decorations/b8.png
Florals and Decorations/balloon1.png
Florals and Decorations/balloon2.png
Florals and Decorations/balloon3.png
Florals and Decorations/balloon4.png
Florals and Decorations/balloons.png
Florals and Decorations/bas1.png
Florals and Decorations/bas2.png
Florals and Decorations/bg1.png
Florals and Decorations/bg2.png
Florals and Decorations/bg3.png
Florals and Decorations/bird.png
Florals and Decorations/bow1.png
Florals and Decorations/bow2.png
Florals and Decorations/bow3.png
Florals and Decorations/bow5.png
Florals and Decorations/but1.png
Florals and Decorations/but2.png
Florals and Decorations/cr1.png
Florals and Decorations/cr2.png
Florals and Decorations/cr3.png
Florals and Decorations/decorations.eps
Florals and Decorations/fl1.png
Florals and Decorations/fl10.png
Florals and Decorations/fl11.png
Florals and Decorations/fl12.png
Florals and Decorations/fl14.png
Florals and Decorations/fl15.png
Florals and Decorations/fl16.png
Florals and Decorations/fl17.png
Florals and Decorations/fl18.png
Florals and Decorations/fl19.png
Florals and Decorations/fl2.png
Florals and Decorations/fl20.png
Florals and Decorations/fl21.png
Florals and Decorations/fl22.png
Florals and Decorations/fl23.png
Florals and Decorations/fl3.png
Florals and Decorations/fl4.png
Florals and Decorations/fl5.png
Florals and Decorations/fl6.png
Florals and Decorations/fl7.png
Florals and Decorations/fl8.png
Florals and Decorations/fl9.png
Florals and Decorations/frame1.png
Florals and Decorations/frame2.png
Florals and Decorations/frame3.1.png
Florals and Decorations/frame3.png
Florals and Decorations/frame4.png
Florals and Decorations/frame5.png
Florals and Decorations/h1.png
Florals and Decorations/h2.png
Florals and Decorations/h3.png
Florals and Decorations/h4.png
Florals and Decorations/lantern.png
Florals and Decorations/let1.png
Florals and Decorations/let2.png
Florals and Decorations/let3.png
Florals and Decorations/mann1.png
Florals and Decorations/mann2.png
Florals and Decorations/shoe.png