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License: Standard License
File type: .zip (Instant digital download)
File size: 783 MB
Date added: January 28, 2020
Date updated: February 25, 2020


«Magical easter tradition» is an easy way to make a design in spring style. Many families, communities and businesses organize Easter egg hunts that occur on Easter Sunday or Easter Monday. Illustration helps you to style your flyer (for Holidays market at the river on the weekends) or banner (for Easter and traditional cuisine blog on YouTube) or anything else. Are you looking for a fabric pattern? «Magical easter tradition» consists of patterns for dinner napkins or clothes patterns or woman dress design. It’s easy to use it without any knowledge in design because all files are PNG (transparent background) or JPEG (with color background). Just put it on the back!

An ornament is my passion. I have a degree in folklore arts. That’s why I know how to create a ​perfect pattern. I used gouache for a magnificent color palette. You can take a ​color palette into account and save time for design. I also take attention to each element of texture backgrounds. It means you can cut any element out and add like decoration for the logo.


62 Easter elements: cute birds and rabbits, leaves, flowers, eggs and etc.
2 Floral and egg borders
1 PNG frames
10 PNG seamless patterns
5 different color on the background (yellow, green, mint, white and dark violet colors)
300 DPI (ppi) resolution
PNG and JPEG file format

I’ll be happy to see you on my Instagram: @katjabuzova.
There are more fine arts you won’t find here!

Yours, Katja Buzova


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PNG Elements/31.png
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PNG Elements/57.png
PNG Elements/10.png
PNG Elements/39.png
PNG Elements/22.png
PNG Elements/44.png
PNG Elements/49.png
PNG Elements/38.png
PNG Elements/20.png
PNG Elements/61.png
PNG Elements/8.png
PNG Elements/55.png
PNG Elements/54.png
PNG Elements/33.png
PNG Elements/1.png
PNG Elements/52.png
PNG Elements/35.png
PNG Elements/58.png
PNG Elements/15.png
PNG Elements/9.png
PNG Elements/30.png
PNG Elements/5.png
PNG Elements/59.png
PNG Elements/43.png
PNG Elements/51.png
PNG Elements/3.png
PNG Elements/48.png
PNG Elements/62.png
PNG Elements/7.png
PNG Elements/4.png
PNG Elements/60.png
PNG Elements/6.png
PNG Elements/2.png
PNG Elements/16.png
PNG Elements/46.png
PNG Elements/36.png
PNG Elements/13.png
PNG Elements/29.png
PNG Elements/26.png
PNG Elements/56.png
PNG Elements/32.png
PNG Elements/50.png
PNG Elements/17.png
PNG Elements/19.png
PNG Elements/45.png
PNG Elements/14.png
PNG Elements/23.png
PNG Elements/47.png
PNG Elements/18.png
PNG Elements/53.png
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PNG Elements/24.png
PNG Elements/28.png
PNG Elements/27.png
PNG Elements/41.png
PNG Elements/25.png
PNG Elements/11.png
PNG Elements/34.png
PNG Elements/12.png
PNG Elements/21.png
Seamless Pattern/PNG/10.png
Seamless Pattern/PNG/8.png
Seamless Pattern/PNG/1.png
Seamless Pattern/PNG/9.png
Seamless Pattern/PNG/5.png
Seamless Pattern/PNG/3.png
Seamless Pattern/PNG/7.png
Seamless Pattern/PNG/4.png
Seamless Pattern/PNG/6.png
Seamless Pattern/PNG/2.png
Seamless Pattern/JPEG/Yellow/7.jpg
Seamless Pattern/JPEG/Yellow/5.jpg
Seamless Pattern/JPEG/Yellow/8.jpg
Seamless Pattern/JPEG/Yellow/4.jpg
Seamless Pattern/JPEG/Yellow/3.jpg
Seamless Pattern/JPEG/Yellow/6.jpg
Seamless Pattern/JPEG/Yellow/9.jpg
Seamless Pattern/JPEG/Yellow/2.jpg
Seamless Pattern/JPEG/Yellow/1.jpg
Seamless Pattern/JPEG/Yellow/10.jpg
Seamless Pattern/JPEG/Green/7.jpg
Seamless Pattern/JPEG/Green/5.jpg
Seamless Pattern/JPEG/Green/8.jpg
Seamless Pattern/JPEG/Green/4.jpg
Seamless Pattern/JPEG/Green/3.jpg
Seamless Pattern/JPEG/Green/6.jpg
Seamless Pattern/JPEG/Green/9.jpg
Seamless Pattern/JPEG/Green/2.jpg
Seamless Pattern/JPEG/Green/1.jpg
Seamless Pattern/JPEG/Green/10.jpg
Seamless Pattern/JPEG/White background/7.jpg
Seamless Pattern/JPEG/White background/5.jpg
Seamless Pattern/JPEG/White background/8.jpg
Seamless Pattern/JPEG/White background/4.jpg
Seamless Pattern/JPEG/White background/3.jpg
Seamless Pattern/JPEG/White background/6.jpg
Seamless Pattern/JPEG/White background/9.jpg
Seamless Pattern/JPEG/White background/2.jpg
Seamless Pattern/JPEG/White background/1.jpg
Seamless Pattern/JPEG/White background/10.jpg
Seamless Pattern/JPEG/Mint/7.jpg
Seamless Pattern/JPEG/Mint/5.jpg
Seamless Pattern/JPEG/Mint/8.jpg
Seamless Pattern/JPEG/Mint/4.jpg
Seamless Pattern/JPEG/Mint/3.jpg
Seamless Pattern/JPEG/Mint/6.jpg
Seamless Pattern/JPEG/Mint/9.jpg
Seamless Pattern/JPEG/Mint/2.jpg
Seamless Pattern/JPEG/Mint/1.jpg
Seamless Pattern/JPEG/Mint/10.jpg
Seamless Pattern/JPEG/Violet/7.jpg
Seamless Pattern/JPEG/Violet/5.jpg
Seamless Pattern/JPEG/Violet/8.jpg
Seamless Pattern/JPEG/Violet/4.jpg
Seamless Pattern/JPEG/Violet/3.jpg
Seamless Pattern/JPEG/Violet/6.jpg
Seamless Pattern/JPEG/Violet/9.jpg
Seamless Pattern/JPEG/Violet/2.jpg
Seamless Pattern/JPEG/Violet/1.jpg
Seamless Pattern/JPEG/Violet/10.jpg