Mega flowers vector pack

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Date added: September 21, 2019


Hi there!
Introducing big pack with gorgeous flowers created in vintage style.
This bundle include 41 filigree and carefully drawn in Adobe illustrator flowers and floral compositions.
You will get them in two styles: colored by watercolor spots and in engraved style.
See 1 and 2 previews.
82 elements at all!!
It’s a nice deal.
This is fully digital illustration, 100% vector and it’s not Traced from watercolor (drawn with using watercolor spot brushes for more realism), so elements will be look ideal in any resolution!
To see it all click on the first and second previews and scroll.
All flowers in compositions can be separated from each other.
All flowers separate on 8 vector sets for your comfortable using).
Incredibly many ways for using: wallpapers. Fabric, clothes, interior, design of bags, labels, packaging, scrapbooking, covers for phones or tablets, greeting cards or any that tell your imagination! Guaranteed Quality 🙂

So, here’s what’s included:

4 AICS2 files with set of flowers in watercolor style and 4 AICS2 files with set of flowers (same) in engraved style
4EPS10 files with same sets of flowers (watercolor style)
4EPS10 files with same sets of flowers (engraved style)
2EPS10 file with common set (all flowers in one file) (1 in watercolor style, 1 in engraved style)
2 AICS2 file with common set (all flowers in one file) (1 in watercolor style, 1 in engraved style)
79 PNG in high resolution with transparent back for every element or composition
2 PNG common files in high resolution with transparent back for sets
10 JPG preview in high resolution with white back

Note: vector files are not layered.
All elements are located on one layer.
Fonts that was used in signature are free and one my font (that was used in headline).
Thank you for visit!


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separate png files/Engraved style/1/1.png
separate png files/Engraved style/1/11.png
separate png files/Engraved style/1/12.png
separate png files/Engraved style/1/2.png
separate png files/Engraved style/1/3.png
separate png files/Engraved style/1/4.png
separate png files/Engraved style/1/5.png
separate png files/Engraved style/1/6.png
separate png files/Engraved style/1/7.png
separate png files/Engraved style/1/8.png
separate png files/Engraved style/1/9.png
separate png files/Engraved style/2/13.png
separate png files/Engraved style/2/14.png
separate png files/Engraved style/2/15.png
separate png files/Engraved style/2/16.png
separate png files/Engraved style/2/17.png
separate png files/Engraved style/2/18.png
separate png files/Engraved style/2/19.png
separate png files/Engraved style/2/20.png
separate png files/Engraved style/2/21.png
separate png files/Engraved style/3/22.png
separate png files/Engraved style/3/23.png
separate png files/Engraved style/3/24.png
separate png files/Engraved style/3/25.png
separate png files/Engraved style/3/26.png
separate png files/Engraved style/3/27.png
separate png files/Engraved style/3/28.png
separate png files/Engraved style/3/29.png
separate png files/Engraved style/3/30.png
separate png files/Engraved style/3/31.png
separate png files/Engraved style/4/32.png
separate png files/Engraved style/4/33.png
separate png files/Engraved style/4/34.png
separate png files/Engraved style/4/35.png
separate png files/Engraved style/4/36.png
separate png files/Engraved style/4/37.png
separate png files/Engraved style/4/38.png
separate png files/Engraved style/4/39.png
separate png files/Engraved style/4/40.png
separate png files/Watercolor style/1st/1.png
separate png files/Watercolor style/1st/10.png
separate png files/Watercolor style/1st/11.png
separate png files/Watercolor style/1st/2.png
separate png files/Watercolor style/1st/3.png
separate png files/Watercolor style/1st/4.png
separate png files/Watercolor style/1st/5.png
separate png files/Watercolor style/1st/6.png
separate png files/Watercolor style/1st/7.png
separate png files/Watercolor style/1st/8.png
separate png files/Watercolor style/1st/9.png
separate png files/Watercolor style/2st/12.png
separate png files/Watercolor style/2st/13.png
separate png files/Watercolor style/2st/14.png
separate png files/Watercolor style/2st/15.png
separate png files/Watercolor style/2st/16.png
separate png files/Watercolor style/2st/17.png
separate png files/Watercolor style/2st/18.png
separate png files/Watercolor style/2st/19.png
separate png files/Watercolor style/2st/20.png
separate png files/Watercolor style/3st/21.png
separate png files/Watercolor style/3st/22.png
separate png files/Watercolor style/3st/23.png
separate png files/Watercolor style/3st/24.png
separate png files/Watercolor style/3st/25.png
separate png files/Watercolor style/3st/26.png
separate png files/Watercolor style/3st/27.png
separate png files/Watercolor style/3st/28.png
separate png files/Watercolor style/3st/29.png
separate png files/Watercolor style/3st/30.png
separate png files/Watercolor style/4st/31.png
separate png files/Watercolor style/4st/32.png
separate png files/Watercolor style/4st/33.png
separate png files/Watercolor style/4st/34.png
separate png files/Watercolor style/4st/35.png
separate png files/Watercolor style/4st/36.png
separate png files/Watercolor style/4st/37.png
separate png files/Watercolor style/4st/38.png
separate png files/Watercolor style/4st/39.png
Sets in engraved style/
Sets in engraved style/1set.eps
Sets in engraved style/1set.jpg
Sets in engraved style/1set.png
Sets in engraved style/
Sets in engraved style/2set.eps
Sets in engraved style/2set.jpg
Sets in engraved style/2set.png
Sets in engraved style/
Sets in engraved style/3set.eps
Sets in engraved style/3set.jpg
Sets in engraved style/3set.png
Sets in engraved style/
Sets in engraved style/4set.eps
Sets in engraved style/4set.jpg
Sets in engraved style/4set.png
Sets in watercolor style/
Sets in watercolor style/1set.eps
Sets in watercolor style/1set.jpg
Sets in watercolor style/1set.png
Sets in watercolor style/
Sets in watercolor style/2set.eps
Sets in watercolor style/2set.jpg
Sets in watercolor style/2set.png
Sets in watercolor style/
Sets in watercolor style/3set.eps
Sets in watercolor style/3set.jpg
Sets in watercolor style/3set.png
Sets in watercolor style/
Sets in watercolor style/4set.eps
Sets in watercolor style/4set.jpg
Sets in watercolor style/4set.png