Ocean Soul. Graphic collection

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Date added: July 4, 2019
Date updated: July 9, 2019


This is a story about the endless love for the ocean with its mysterious depths, cute and elegant animals and plants. Only the ocean can pacify the raging passions in the soul, relax the restless mind and give a feeling of happiness in the moment.

In this set you will find everything to create a beautiful branding, packaging, website design or cards – with the help of watercolor illustrations you will add a piece of soul and a lot of emotions to your project.

This collection includes:
• 49 individual watercolor elements in .png with transparent background
• 34 individual line art elements in .png with transparent background – 17 in black color and 17 with real watercolor gold texture. Black illustration – in eps format too.
• 9 patterns in .png with transparent background
• 18 ready-to-use compositions in .png with transparent background
• 14 cards in .png with transparent background
• 29 watercolor splashes in .png with transparent background
• 24 watercolor backgrounds with real gold texture in jpg
• 1 Instagram posts template in .psd and .png with transparent background
All illustrations 300 DPI, minimum 4000×4000 pixels. The PNG files are compatible with most graphic programs and can be used with any version of Adobe Photoshop.
Thank you for visiting my shop!
Create and Enjoy! Yuliya.


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Ocean-soul.zip (992 MB):
Watercolor backgrounds/Backgrounds link.txt
Patterns/Crab seashell pattern.png
Patterns/Dolphin pattern.png
Patterns/Line art pattern.png
Patterns/Sea animals gold pattern.png
Patterns/Seashells pattern.png
Patterns/Seaweed pattern.png
Patterns/Striped blue pattern.png
Patterns/Striped pattern.png
Patterns/Underwater animals pattern.png
Lines art/Bubbles line art.png
Lines art/Coral branch big.png
Lines art/Coral line art.png
Lines art/Coral plant line art.png
Lines art/Coral reef plant line.png
Lines art/Gold-coral-group.png
Lines art/Gold-coral.png
Lines art/Gold-laminaria-branch.png
Lines art/Gold-octopus.png
Lines art/Gold-sea-branch.png
Lines art/Gold-seaplant.png
Lines art/Gold-seashell.png
Lines art/Gold-turtle.png
Lines art/Golden-bubbles.png
Lines art/Golden-coral.png
Lines art/Golden-coral2.png
Lines art/Golden-laminaria-branch.png
Lines art/Golden-laminaria.png
Lines art/Golden-seaweed.png
Lines art/Golden-shell.png
Lines art/Golden-starfish.png
Lines art/Laminaria line art1.png
Lines art/Laminaria line art2.png
Lines art/Octopus.png
Lines art/Seahorse-gold.png
Lines art/Seahorse.png
Lines art/Seashell spiral.png
Lines art/Seaweed fir.png
Lines art/Seaweed line art leaves.png
Lines art/Seaweed line art.png
Lines art/Seaweed lines.png
Lines art/Shell line art.png
Lines art/Starfish1.png
Lines art/Turtle.png
Instagram template/images/insta-shablonМонтажная-область-1_01.jpg
Instagram template/images/insta-shablonМонтажная-область-1_02.gif
Instagram template/images/insta-shablonМонтажная-область-1_03.gif
Instagram template/images/insta-shablonМонтажная-область-1_04.gif
Instagram template/images/insta-shablonМонтажная-область-1_05.gif
Instagram template/images/insta-shablonМонтажная-область-1_06.gif
Instagram template/images/insta-shablonМонтажная-область-1_07.gif
Instagram template/images/insta-shablonМонтажная-область-1_08.gif
Instagram template/images/insta-shablonМонтажная-область-1_09.gif
Instagram template/images/insta-shablonМонтажная-область-1_10.gif
Instagram template/images/insta-shablonМонтажная-область-1_11.gif
Instagram template/images/insta-shablonМонтажная-область-1_12.gif
Instagram template/images/insta-shablonМонтажная-область-1_13.gif
Instagram template/images/insta-shablonМонтажная-область-1_14.gif
Instagram template/images/insta-shablonМонтажная-область-1_15.gif
Instagram template/images/insta-shablonМонтажная-область-1_16.gif
Instagram template/images/insta-shablonМонтажная-область-1_17.gif
Instagram template/images/insta-shablonМонтажная-область-1_18.gif
Instagram template/insta template.jpg
Instagram template/Instagram template PSD.txt
EPS/Turtle and coral plant.eps
Elements/Abstract algae.png
Elements/Air bubbles.png
Elements/Algae yellow green.png
Elements/Laminaria branch.png
Elements/PNG Algae 14.png
Elements/PNG Algae 15.png
Elements/PNG Algae.png
Elements/PNG Algae10.png
Elements/PNG Algae11.png
Elements/PNG Algae12.png
Elements/PNG Algae13.png
Elements/PNG Algae2.png
Elements/PNG Algae3.png
Elements/PNG Algae4.png
Elements/PNG Algae5.png
Elements/PNG Algae6.png
Elements/PNG Algae7.png
Elements/PNG Algae8.png
Elements/PNG Algae9.png
Elements/PNG Anchor.png
Elements/PNG Blue-green crab.png
Elements/PNG Bottle2.png
Elements/PNG Bottle_2.png
Elements/PNG Coral green.png
Elements/PNG Coral plant.png
Elements/PNG Coral plant2.png
Elements/PNG Coral plant3.png
Elements/PNG Coral plant4.png
Elements/PNG Coral plant5.png
Elements/PNG Coral plant6.png
Elements/PNG Dolphin.png
Elements/PNG Golden anchor.png
Elements/PNG Helm.png
Elements/PNG Jellyfish.png
Elements/PNG Pearl.png
Elements/PNG Pearl2.png
Elements/PNG Red striped fish.png
Elements/PNG Sea lion.png
Elements/PNG Sea stone.png
Elements/PNG Sea stone2.png
Elements/PNG Sea stone3.png
Elements/PNG Sea stone4.png
Elements/PNG Seahorse.png
Elements/PNG Seashell.png
Elements/PNG Seashell2.png
Elements/PNG Seashell3.png
Elements/PNG Seashell4.png
Elements/PNG Starfish.png
Elements/PNG Whale.png
Composition/Anchor algae seahorse composition.png
Composition/Bottle with seahorse.png
Composition/Bottle with starfish.png
Composition/Coral reef gold comp.png
Composition/Crab algae composition.png
Composition/Dolphin comp.png
Composition/Fish seaweed comp.png
Composition/Jellyfish laminaria.png
Composition/Seahorses shell starfish.png
Composition/Sealion laminaria comp.png
Composition/Seashell gold on sand.png
Composition/Seashells seaweed bouquet.png
Composition/Seaweed gold.png
Composition/Seaweed gold2.png
Composition/Undersea bouquet1.png
Composition/Whale seaweed.png
Composition/Новая папка/Seashells on sand.png
Cards/Blue gold abstract big card2.jpg
Cards/Blue gold abstract card2.jpg
Cards/Blue gold abstract marine card.jpg
Cards/Blue gold coral big card.jpg
Cards/Blue gold coral card.jpg
Cards/Circle card.png
Cards/Line-art-black card template.png
Cards/Navi gold algae big card.jpg
Cards/Navi gold algae card.jpg
Cards/Square card.png

Hey! I’m Yuliya and I’m a watercolor illustrator. I am constuntly searching for inspiration and you can often see me inside the bush trying to capture a shot of the beautiful texture or plant for my next project 🙂 Please feel free to contact me in DM. Thanks for stopping by!