Pastel color gradient collection

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Date added: August 2, 2021
Date updated: October 27, 2021


Explore and design with this beautiful Pastel color palettes.

Discover every form and different shapes of the pastel color gradient collection, essential for every designer. This collection was selected and created using 7 color palettes, getting amazing gradients and also included 5 extra shapes.

Get inspiration and promote with this collection your brand, clients projects and more. These Pastel gradients are so versatile that you can use them on any designs like branding, app design, web design, packaging or social media.

Each .jpg has 5184 × 3456 px.

35 Pastel color gradients
5 Extra shapes
Bonus gradients


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3.- Bonus gradients/2.jpg
3.- Bonus gradients/3.jpg
3.- Bonus gradients/1.jpg
1.- Gradients/Pallet 7/4.jpg
1.- Gradients/Pallet 7/5.jpg
1.- Gradients/Pallet 7/2.jpg
1.- Gradients/Pallet 7/3.jpg
1.- Gradients/Pallet 7/1.jpg
1.- Gradients/Pallet 6/4.jpg
1.- Gradients/Pallet 6/5.jpg
1.- Gradients/Pallet 6/2.jpg
1.- Gradients/Pallet 6/3.jpg
1.- Gradients/Pallet 6/1.jpg
1.- Gradients/Palett 1/8.jpg
1.- Gradients/Palett 1/4.jpg
1.- Gradients/Palett 1/5.jpg
1.- Gradients/Palett 1/7.jpg
1.- Gradients/Palett 1/6.jpg
1.- Gradients/Palett 1/2.jpg
1.- Gradients/Palett 1/3.jpg
1.- Gradients/Palett 1/1.jpg
1.- Gradients/Pallet 4/4.jpg
1.- Gradients/Pallet 4/5.jpg
1.- Gradients/Pallet 4/2.jpg
1.- Gradients/Pallet 4/3.jpg
1.- Gradients/Pallet 4/1.jpg
1.- Gradients/Pallet 3/4.jpg
1.- Gradients/Pallet 3/5.jpg
1.- Gradients/Pallet 3/2.jpg
1.- Gradients/Pallet 3/3.jpg
1.- Gradients/Pallet 3/1.jpg
1.- Gradients/Pallet 5/4.jpg
1.- Gradients/Pallet 5/5.jpg
1.- Gradients/Pallet 5/2.jpg
1.- Gradients/Pallet 5/3.jpg
1.- Gradients/Pallet 5/1.jpg
1.- Gradients/Palett 2/4.jpg
1.- Gradients/Palett 2/5.jpg
1.- Gradients/Palett 2/2.jpg
1.- Gradients/Palett 2/3.jpg
1.- Gradients/Palett 2/1.jpg
2.- Textures PNG/4.png
2.- Textures PNG/5.png
2.- Textures PNG/2.png
2.- Textures PNG/3.png
2.- Textures PNG/1.png

I’m Jorge Salazar, graphic designer and illustrator from Mexico. Founder of Visual Fear, a freelance design project specialized in logotype, artwork, illustration, merch, and label design for brands, artists, and bands.