Portuguese Geometric Patterns

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Date added: June 26, 2019
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Praising the art of ancient craftsmen who’ve once come up with the idea to put tiny mosaic pieces together! Rugs, plates, carpets, pots, tablecloth, stained-glass windows — all of it was decorated with colorful fragments. After our azulejo discovery, it could be a crime not to create something more of this incredible technique. So hope you’ll love these awesome Portuguese Geometric Patterns!

Now this zestful ornamental art can decorate your personal designs. Grab all the 32 patterns and courageously mix them, change their color, scale to any extent you want — they’ll still be mesmerizing! Let them bring you joy and flow of pleasurable experience by adding these patterns to your mockups, logos or label designs as well as patterned backgrounds, branding designs and posters merit the attention.

What’s inside:

– 32 patterns in 3 different colors (AI, EPS, JPG);
– Ethnic vibes;
– Help file.


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Portuguese-Geometric-Patterns.zip (9 MB):
Help File.txt
Patterns/Color 1/Geometrical patterns.ai
Patterns/Color 1/JPG/Pattern 2.jpg
Patterns/Color 1/JPG/Pattern 27.jpg
Patterns/Color 1/JPG/Pattern 32.jpg
Patterns/Color 1/JPG/Pattern 26.jpg
Patterns/Color 1/JPG/Pattern 3.jpg
Patterns/Color 1/JPG/Pattern 1.jpg
Patterns/Color 1/JPG/Pattern 30.jpg
Patterns/Color 1/JPG/Pattern 24.jpg
Patterns/Color 1/JPG/Pattern 18.jpg
Patterns/Color 1/JPG/Pattern 19.jpg
Patterns/Color 1/JPG/Pattern 25.jpg
Patterns/Color 1/JPG/Pattern 31.jpg
Patterns/Color 1/JPG/Pattern 4.jpg
Patterns/Color 1/JPG/Pattern 21.jpg
Patterns/Color 1/JPG/Pattern 20.jpg
Patterns/Color 1/JPG/Pattern 5.jpg
Patterns/Color 1/JPG/Pattern 7.jpg
Patterns/Color 1/JPG/Pattern 22.jpg
Patterns/Color 1/JPG/Pattern 23.jpg
Patterns/Color 1/JPG/Pattern 6.jpg
Patterns/Color 1/JPG/Pattern 12.jpg
Patterns/Color 1/JPG/Pattern 13.jpg
Patterns/Color 1/JPG/Pattern 8.jpg
Patterns/Color 1/JPG/Pattern 11.jpg
Patterns/Color 1/JPG/Pattern 10.jpg
Patterns/Color 1/JPG/Pattern 9.jpg
Patterns/Color 1/JPG/Pattern 28.jpg
Patterns/Color 1/JPG/Pattern 14.jpg
Patterns/Color 1/JPG/Pattern 15.jpg
Patterns/Color 1/JPG/Pattern 29.jpg
Patterns/Color 1/JPG/Pattern 17.jpg
Patterns/Color 1/JPG/Pattern 16.jpg
Patterns/Color 1/Geometrical patterns.eps
Patterns/Color 3/Geometrical patterns.ai
Patterns/Color 3/JPG/Pattern 2.jpg
Patterns/Color 3/JPG/Pattern 27.jpg
Patterns/Color 3/JPG/Pattern 32.jpg
Patterns/Color 3/JPG/Pattern 26.jpg
Patterns/Color 3/JPG/Pattern 3.jpg
Patterns/Color 3/JPG/Pattern 1.jpg
Patterns/Color 3/JPG/Pattern 30.jpg
Patterns/Color 3/JPG/Pattern 24.jpg
Patterns/Color 3/JPG/Pattern 18.jpg
Patterns/Color 3/JPG/Pattern 19.jpg
Patterns/Color 3/JPG/Pattern 25.jpg
Patterns/Color 3/JPG/Pattern 31.jpg
Patterns/Color 3/JPG/Pattern 4.jpg
Patterns/Color 3/JPG/Pattern 21.jpg
Patterns/Color 3/JPG/Pattern 20.jpg
Patterns/Color 3/JPG/Pattern 5.jpg
Patterns/Color 3/JPG/Pattern 7.jpg
Patterns/Color 3/JPG/Pattern 22.jpg
Patterns/Color 3/JPG/Pattern 23.jpg
Patterns/Color 3/JPG/Pattern 6.jpg
Patterns/Color 3/JPG/Pattern 12.jpg
Patterns/Color 3/JPG/Pattern 13.jpg
Patterns/Color 3/JPG/Pattern 8.jpg
Patterns/Color 3/JPG/Pattern 11.jpg
Patterns/Color 3/JPG/Pattern 10.jpg
Patterns/Color 3/JPG/Pattern 9.jpg
Patterns/Color 3/JPG/Pattern 28.jpg
Patterns/Color 3/JPG/Pattern 14.jpg
Patterns/Color 3/JPG/Pattern 15.jpg
Patterns/Color 3/JPG/Pattern 29.jpg
Patterns/Color 3/JPG/Pattern 17.jpg
Patterns/Color 3/JPG/Pattern 16.jpg
Patterns/Color 3/Geometrical patterns.eps
Patterns/Color 2/Geometrical patterns.ai
Patterns/Color 2/JPG/Pattern 2.jpg
Patterns/Color 2/JPG/Pattern 27.jpg
Patterns/Color 2/JPG/Pattern 32.jpg
Patterns/Color 2/JPG/Pattern 26.jpg
Patterns/Color 2/JPG/Pattern 3.jpg
Patterns/Color 2/JPG/Pattern 1.jpg
Patterns/Color 2/JPG/Pattern 30.jpg
Patterns/Color 2/JPG/Pattern 24.jpg
Patterns/Color 2/JPG/Pattern 18.jpg
Patterns/Color 2/JPG/Pattern 19.jpg
Patterns/Color 2/JPG/Pattern 25.jpg
Patterns/Color 2/JPG/Pattern 31.jpg
Patterns/Color 2/JPG/Pattern 4.jpg
Patterns/Color 2/JPG/Pattern 21.jpg
Patterns/Color 2/JPG/Pattern 20.jpg
Patterns/Color 2/JPG/Pattern 5.jpg
Patterns/Color 2/JPG/Pattern 7.jpg
Patterns/Color 2/JPG/Pattern 22.jpg
Patterns/Color 2/JPG/Pattern 23.jpg
Patterns/Color 2/JPG/Pattern 6.jpg
Patterns/Color 2/JPG/Pattern 12.jpg
Patterns/Color 2/JPG/Pattern 13.jpg
Patterns/Color 2/JPG/Pattern 8.jpg
Patterns/Color 2/JPG/Pattern 11.jpg
Patterns/Color 2/JPG/Pattern 10.png
Patterns/Color 2/JPG/Pattern 9.jpg
Patterns/Color 2/JPG/Pattern 28.jpg
Patterns/Color 2/JPG/Pattern 14.jpg
Patterns/Color 2/JPG/Pattern 15.jpg
Patterns/Color 2/JPG/Pattern 29.jpg
Patterns/Color 2/JPG/Pattern 17.jpg
Patterns/Color 2/JPG/Pattern 16.jpg
Patterns/Color 2/Geometrical patterns.eps