Pretty Letters – Baby Designers Kit

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Date added: March 26, 2019
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PRETTY LETTERS – Complete baby graphics designers kit Just all you need in one kit!

Customizable watercolor alphabet with adorable hand painted baby animals, individual animals with flowers, floral arragements, seamless patterns, watercolor backgrounds, swashes & splashes

Live Demo:

Created with love and my heart to cheers you up. Created to cover your needs as a designer of baby/kids products – posters, invitations, home decor, of course fashion and many more! Created with understanding what do you need as a designer to make your own beautiful things 🙂

The kit is include english alphabet and ampersand with adorable animals decorated with bows and flowers. You will have premaid decorated letters with stripes and dots and watercolor swash also a PSD file with all the letters and possibility to easy change the color of letter and turn off/on decorations (please look at the demo video). I also included an instruction how to use the file.

The collection of beautiful flowers and boquets, floral frames and border
Watercolor backgrounds – beautiful swashes and blotches
Seamless patterns with included .PAT file for Photoshop
Animals with flowers
All the elements are perfectly fit each other! You can create just as many different desings as you want for every need! Just all you need is in one kit

So here is what you will exactly get:

26 letters with hand painted animals and ampersand
21 animals with beautiful bouquets
2 floral frames, 1 border and 4 pre-maid floral arrangements
19 individual floral elements
5 seamless patterns – dots and stripes with instalable .PAT file included
3 background elements
7 watercolor swashes
4 watercolor splashes
3 pre-maid posters

And a little gift with every purchase 🙂

PLEASE NOTE this is not an instalable font

Have fun & happy creating!


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Bouquets and frames/border.png
Bouquets and frames/bouquet1.png
Bouquets and frames/bouquet2.png
Bouquets and frames/bouquet3.png
Bouquets and frames/bouquet4.png
Bouquets and frames/frame1.png
Bouquets and frames/frame2.png
Floral animals/bear.png
Floral animals/bunny.png
Floral animals/bunny2.png
Floral animals/cat.png
Floral animals/deer.png
Floral animals/deer2.png
Floral animals/dog.png
Floral animals/dog2.png
Floral animals/elephant.png
Floral animals/elephant2.png
Floral animals/flamingo.png
Floral animals/fox.png
Floral animals/fox2.png
Floral animals/giraffe.png
Floral animals/llama.png
Floral animals/llama2.png
Floral animals/panda.png
Floral animals/panda2.png
Floral animals/pig.png
Floral animals/pig2.png
Floral animals/sheep.png
GIFT - Thank you for purchase.pdf
Letters Animals/&.png
Letters Animals/A.png
Letters Animals/B.png
Letters Animals/C.png
Letters Animals/D.png
Letters Animals/E.png
Letters Animals/F.png
Letters Animals/G.png
Letters Animals/H.png
Letters Animals/I.png
Letters Animals/J.png
Letters Animals/K.png
Letters Animals/L.png
Letters Animals/M.png
Letters Animals/N.png
Letters Animals/O.png
Letters Animals/P.png
Letters Animals/Q.png
Letters Animals/R.png
Letters Animals/S.png
Letters Animals/T.png
Letters Animals/U.png
Letters Animals/V.png
Letters Animals/W.png
Letters Animals/X.png
Letters Animals/Y.png
Letters Animals/Z.png
Patterns and backgounds/dots.png
Patterns and backgounds/dots_blue_bg.jpg
Patterns and backgounds/dots_circle.png
Patterns and backgounds/dots_circle_black.png
Patterns and backgounds/dots_white.png
Patterns and backgounds/lines.png
Patterns and backgounds/lines_thick.png
Patterns and backgounds/lines_white.png
Patterns and backgounds/patterns.pat
Premaid cards/poster1.jpg
Premaid cards/poster1_transparent.png
Premaid cards/poster2.jpg
Premaid cards/poster2.png
Premaid cards/poster3.jpg
Swashes and blotches/swash1.1.png
Swashes and blotches/swash1.png
Swashes and blotches/swash2.1.png
Swashes and blotches/swash2.png
Swashes and blotches/swash3.1.png
Swashes and blotches/swash3.2.png
Swashes and blotches/swash3.3.png
Swashes and blotches/swash3.png
Swashes and blotches/swash4.1.png
Swashes and blotches/swash4.2.png
Swashes and blotches/swash4.png (691 MB):