Shimmer Mobile & Desktop Lightroom Presets

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File size: 41 MB
Date added: August 13, 2020
Date updated: October 14, 2020


Shimmer Mobile & Desktop Lightroom Presets that will produces sharpness, bright colors, glamour, warm and reddish glow tones in your photographs within few clicks! These presets work in a non-destructive way to achieve a high quality look. Each preset is fully editable, so you can perfect your photo artwork just as you envision it. This collection is well-balanced and perfect for an array of settings for indoor and outdoor photography, wedding photography, urban, portraits, fashion, travel photography, engagement, landscapes, weddings, architecture, food photography, lifestyle, and everything in between.


– Takes only a single click.
– High-quality result.
– Easily editable effects.
– Non-destructive Workflow.
– Detailed help/Instructions PDF file included.
– Completely experimented & tested.


– 13 .LR Template Files
– 1 CameraRaw Photoshop Action File
– 13 DNG Files
– 13 CameraRAW Xmp Files
– 4 Readme Files


– Lightroom 4, 5, 6 and 7(CC)
– Adobe Photoshop Action
– Adobe Lightroom Mobile
– Compatible with both a Mac and PC
– Work on RAW and JPEG images
– Can be easily adjusted to fit your image
– Installation Instructions are included


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Lr Template/How to Install Lightroom Presets.pdf
Lr Template/Shimmer Preset 1.lrtemplate
Lr Template/Shimmer Preset 10.lrtemplate
Lr Template/Shimmer Preset 11.lrtemplate
Lr Template/Shimmer Preset 12.lrtemplate
Lr Template/Shimmer Preset 13.lrtemplate
Lr Template/Shimmer Preset 2.lrtemplate
Lr Template/Shimmer Preset 3.lrtemplate
Lr Template/Shimmer Preset 4.lrtemplate
Lr Template/Shimmer Preset 5.lrtemplate
Lr Template/Shimmer Preset 6.lrtemplate
Lr Template/Shimmer Preset 7.lrtemplate
Lr Template/Shimmer Preset 8.lrtemplate
Lr Template/Shimmer Preset 9.lrtemplate
Action/How to Install Photoshop Actions.pdf
Action/Shimmer Photoshop Actions.atn
Cameraraw Preset/How to Install Cameraraw Presets.pdf
Cameraraw Preset/Shimmer Preset 1.xmp
Cameraraw Preset/Shimmer Preset 10.xmp
Cameraraw Preset/Shimmer Preset 11.xmp
Cameraraw Preset/Shimmer Preset 12.xmp
Cameraraw Preset/Shimmer Preset 13.xmp
Cameraraw Preset/Shimmer Preset 2.xmp
Cameraraw Preset/Shimmer Preset 3.xmp
Cameraraw Preset/Shimmer Preset 4.xmp
Cameraraw Preset/Shimmer Preset 5.xmp
Cameraraw Preset/Shimmer Preset 6.xmp
Cameraraw Preset/Shimmer Preset 7.xmp
Cameraraw Preset/Shimmer Preset 8.xmp
Cameraraw Preset/Shimmer Preset 9.xmp
DNG/Shimmer Preset 1.dng
DNG/Shimmer Preset 10.dng
DNG/Shimmer Preset 11.dng
DNG/Shimmer Preset 12.dng
DNG/Shimmer Preset 13.dng
DNG/Shimmer Preset 2.dng
DNG/Shimmer Preset 3.dng
DNG/Shimmer Preset 4.dng
DNG/Shimmer Preset 5.dng
DNG/Shimmer Preset 6.dng
DNG/Shimmer Preset 7.dng
DNG/Shimmer Preset 8.dng
DNG/Shimmer Preset 9.dng