Soulful Abstract Collection

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Date added: March 25, 2020
Date updated: May 30, 2020


The creativity in unlimited if you have this product in your hand. I included a color palette fro you to use so you can get the perfect terracotta feeling.

All elements used in the set have been individually hand drawn then turned into vectors and perfectly arranged into a beautiful background.

Please take a look at the preview images and hopefully you will like them and find them useful for your project 🙂


11 Premade A4 Compositions
10 JPG Seamless Pattern ( tileable )
70 PNG Individual Leaves Elements
18 Organic Shapes
Seamless Pattern in Ai file
Plain Elements in Ai
Colored Elements in Ai
Organic Shapes in Ai
Tutorial Video fro Beginner

How to change the color of the vector drawing:

How to use Pattern Swatches in Ai:

How to use Seamless Pattern Tile in Ai:

How to put color palette in your Swatches:

How to change the color of the line drawing :

Thank you for the support. If you have any questions, let me know or send me an email. I will try to get to you as fast as I can



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A4 Compositions/01.jpg
A4 Compositions/02.jpg
A4 Compositions/03.jpg
A4 Compositions/04.jpg
A4 Compositions/05.jpg
A4 Compositions/06.jpg
A4 Compositions/07.jpg
A4 Compositions/08.jpg
A4 Compositions/09.jpg
A4 Compositions/10.jpg
Colored Leaves PNG/01.png
Colored Leaves PNG/02.png
Colored Leaves PNG/03.png
Colored Leaves PNG/04.png
Colored Leaves PNG/05.png
Colored Leaves PNG/06.png
Colored Leaves PNG/07.png
Colored Leaves PNG/08.png
Colored Leaves PNG/09.png
Colored Leaves PNG/10.png
Colored Leaves PNG/11.png
Colored Leaves PNG/12.png
Colored Leaves PNG/13.png
Colored Leaves PNG/14.png
Colored Leaves PNG/15.png
Colored Leaves PNG/16.png
Colored Leaves PNG/17.png
Colored Leaves PNG/18.png
Colored Leaves PNG/19.png
Colored Leaves PNG/20.png
Colored Leaves PNG/21.png
Colored Leaves PNG/22.png
Colored Leaves PNG/23.png
Colored Leaves PNG/24.png
Colored Leaves PNG/25.png
Colored Leaves PNG/26.png
Colored Leaves PNG/27.png
Colored Leaves PNG/28.png
Colored Leaves PNG/29.png
Colored Leaves PNG/30.png
Colored Leaves PNG/31.png
Colored Leaves PNG/32.png
Colored Leaves PNG/33.png
Colored Leaves PNG/34.png
Plain Tropical Leaves PNG/Plain-01.png
Plain Tropical Leaves PNG/Plain-02.png
Plain Tropical Leaves PNG/Plain-03.png
Plain Tropical Leaves PNG/Plain-04.png
Plain Tropical Leaves PNG/Plain-05.png
Plain Tropical Leaves PNG/Plain-06.png
Plain Tropical Leaves PNG/Plain-07.png
Plain Tropical Leaves PNG/Plain-08.png
Plain Tropical Leaves PNG/Plain-09.png
Plain Tropical Leaves PNG/Plain-10.png
Plain Tropical Leaves PNG/Plain-11.png
Plain Tropical Leaves PNG/Plain-12.png
Plain Tropical Leaves PNG/Plain-13.png
Plain Tropical Leaves PNG/Plain-14.png
Plain Tropical Leaves PNG/Plain-15.png
Plain Tropical Leaves PNG/Plain-16.png
Plain Tropical Leaves PNG/Plain-17.png
Plain Tropical Leaves PNG/Plain-18.png
Plain Tropical Leaves PNG/Plain-19.png
Plain Tropical Leaves PNG/Plain-20.png
Plain Tropical Leaves PNG/Plain-21.png
Plain Tropical Leaves PNG/Plain-22.png
Plain Tropical Leaves PNG/Plain-23.png
Plain Tropical Leaves PNG/Plain-24.png
Plain Tropical Leaves PNG/Plain-25.png
Plain Tropical Leaves PNG/Plain-26.png
Plain Tropical Leaves PNG/Plain-27.png
Plain Tropical Leaves PNG/Plain-28.png
Plain Tropical Leaves PNG/Plain-29.png
Plain Tropical Leaves PNG/Plain-30.png
Plain Tropical Leaves PNG/Plain-31.png
Plain Tropical Leaves PNG/Plain-32.png
Plain Tropical Leaves PNG/Plain-33.png
Plain Tropical Leaves PNG/Plain-34.png
Seamless Tiles/Seamless-Tile-1.jpg
Seamless Tiles/Seamless-Tile-10.jpg
Seamless Tiles/Seamless-Tile-11.jpg
Seamless Tiles/Seamless-Tile-2.jpg
Seamless Tiles/Seamless-Tile-3.jpg
Seamless Tiles/Seamless-Tile-4.jpg
Seamless Tiles/Seamless-Tile-5.jpg
Seamless Tiles/Seamless-Tile-6.jpg
Seamless Tiles/Seamless-Tile-7.jpg
Seamless Tiles/Seamless-Tile-8.jpg
Seamless Tiles/Seamless-Tile-9.jpg
Shapes PNG/Shape-01.png
Shapes PNG/Shape-02.png
Shapes PNG/Shape-03.png
Shapes PNG/Shape-04.png
Shapes PNG/Shape-05.png
Shapes PNG/Shape-06.png
Shapes PNG/Shape-07.png
Shapes PNG/Shape-08.png
Shapes PNG/Shape-09.png
Shapes PNG/Shape-10.png
Shapes PNG/Shape-11.png
Shapes PNG/Shape-12.png
Shapes PNG/Shape-13.png
Shapes PNG/Shape-14.png
Shapes PNG/Shape-15.png
Shapes PNG/Shape-16.png
Shapes PNG/Shape-17.png
Shapes PNG/Shape-18.png

She’s a newbie in the Illustrator world. She’s quite ambitious when doing something especially when it’s related to an artwork.
She’s a former bartender in a private island. She’s now entering a whole new world of designing.