Spring Mood | Patterns + Elements

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License: Standard License
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File size: 26 MB
Date added: April 10, 2019
Date updated: January 24, 2020


Bring the spring to your designs with the new “Spring Mood” collection! A set of hand drawn nature-inspired seamless patterns and elements in lovely fresh spring colors: green, mint, teal and peach pink. Perfect for creating fabrics, packaging, stationery, wallpaper designs. Use the patterns or the pre-made designs or experiment with the individual elements and create your own spring designs from scratch.

**10 SEAMLESS PATTERNS**, provided as:

• 10 EPS vector files, one for each pattern, grouped and layered;

• 10 AI vector files, one for each pattern, grouped and layered;

• 10 PNG files with transparent background (3600×3600 pixels, 300 dpi), one for each pattern;

• 10 JPG files (3600×3600 pixels, 300 dpi), one for each pattern;

note: all ten patterns are seamless and tilable, and are also saved as pattern swatches in the EPS and AI files.

**5 PRE-MADE DESIGNS**, provided as:

• 5 EPS vector files, one for each design, grouped and layered;

• 5 AI vector files, one for each design, grouped and layered;

• 5 PNG files with transparent background (3571×5000 pixels, 300 dpi), one for each design;

• 5 JPG files (3571×5000 pixels, 300 dpi), one for each design;

note: the pre-made designs are meant to be used as placement designs, and are therefore not seamless and not tilable

**20 INDIVIDUAL ELEMENTS**, provided as:

• 1 EPS vector file with all the elements;

• 1 AI vector file with all the elements;

• 20 PNG files with transparent background (1000px on the longest side, 300 dpi), one for each element;


Any additional pictures, mock ups of products and similar are only used for presentation purposes and are **not included** in the download.


If you intend to use these designs to create End Products for Sale, please, read carefully the License FAQ: crella.net/licenses/ . Have in mind that according to the License Terms, End Products “must be significantly different than the original product files themselves. They cannot compete with the original product. End products may not include the original source files or installable items”.

Please send me a message if you have any questions, I’d be happy to help you!

Copyright © 2019 Iveta Angelova, All rights reserved


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Spring-Mood.zip (26 MB):
patterns/jpg files/pattern_1.jpg
patterns/jpg files/pattern_2.jpg
patterns/jpg files/pattern_3.jpg
patterns/jpg files/pattern_4.jpg
patterns/jpg files/pattern_5.jpg
patterns/jpg files/pattern_6.jpg
patterns/jpg files/pattern_7.jpg
patterns/jpg files/pattern_8.jpg
patterns/jpg files/pattern_9.jpg
patterns/jpg files/pattern_10.jpg
patterns/png files/pattern_1.png
patterns/png files/pattern_2.png
patterns/png files/pattern_3.png
patterns/png files/pattern_4.png
patterns/png files/pattern_5.png
patterns/png files/pattern_6.png
patterns/png files/pattern_7.png
patterns/png files/pattern_8.png
patterns/png files/pattern_9.png
patterns/png files/pattern_10.png
patterns/ai files/pattern_1.ai
patterns/ai files/pattern_2.ai
patterns/ai files/pattern_3.ai
patterns/ai files/pattern_4.ai
patterns/ai files/pattern_5.ai
patterns/ai files/pattern_6.ai
patterns/ai files/pattern_7.ai
patterns/ai files/pattern_8.ai
patterns/ai files/pattern_9.ai
patterns/ai files/pattern_10.ai
patterns/eps files/pattern_1.eps
patterns/eps files/pattern_2.eps
patterns/eps files/pattern_3.eps
patterns/eps files/pattern_4.eps
patterns/eps files/pattern_5.eps
patterns/eps files/pattern_6.eps
patterns/eps files/pattern_7.eps
patterns/eps files/pattern_8.eps
patterns/eps files/pattern_9.eps
patterns/eps files/pattern_10.eps
pre-made designs/jpg files/design_1.jpg
pre-made designs/jpg files/design_2.jpg
pre-made designs/jpg files/design_3.jpg
pre-made designs/jpg files/design_4.jpg
pre-made designs/jpg files/design_5.jpg
pre-made designs/png files/design_1.png
pre-made designs/png files/design_2.png
pre-made designs/png files/design_3.png
pre-made designs/png files/design_5.png
pre-made designs/png files/design_4.png
pre-made designs/eps files/design_5.eps
pre-made designs/eps files/design_3.eps
pre-made designs/eps files/design_4.eps
pre-made designs/eps files/design_1.eps
pre-made designs/eps files/design_2.eps
pre-made designs/ai files/design_1.ai
pre-made designs/ai files/design_2.ai
pre-made designs/ai files/design_3.ai
pre-made designs/ai files/design_4.ai
pre-made designs/ai files/design_5.ai
individual elements/eps file/elements.eps
individual elements/ai file/elements.ai
individual elements/png files/element_1.png
individual elements/png files/element_2.png
individual elements/png files/element_3.png
individual elements/png files/element_4.png
individual elements/png files/element_5.png
individual elements/png files/element_6.png
individual elements/png files/element_7.png
individual elements/png files/element_8.png
individual elements/png files/element_9.png
individual elements/png files/element_10.png
individual elements/png files/element_11.png
individual elements/png files/element_12.png
individual elements/png files/element_13.png
individual elements/png files/element_14.png
individual elements/png files/element_15.png
individual elements/png files/element_16.png
individual elements/png files/element_17.png
individual elements/png files/element_18.png
individual elements/png files/element_19.png
individual elements/png files/element_20.png