Star Dust Font & watercolor textures

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Stardust Regular otf

"Amazingly few discotheques provide jukeboxes" in Stardust Regular otf

Stardust doodle Regular otf

"Amazingly few discotheques provide jukeboxes" in Stardust doodle Regular otf

Stardustalternate Regular ttf

"Amazingly few discotheques provide jukeboxes" in Stardustalternate Regular ttf

Stardustligatures Regular ttf

"Amazingly few discotheques provide jukeboxes" in Stardustligatures Regular ttf


✸Thanks for checking out Star Dust Font! ✸

Star Dust is a beautiful script font with handdrawn texture, lots of ligatures and alternative symbols for the whole alphabet. You will also receive an additional font – Stardust doodle. It comes with 26 swashes and ornaments for letters from A to Z.

That’s not all 🙂 Bonus – 20 beautiful watercolor handdrawn textures. Everything is in high resolution and 300ppi, in two formats JPG and PNG on a transparent background. These textures have the color of the night sky. The glitter, which they include, imitate stars and stardust to make your designs unusual and slightly magical.

Excellent price offer for only 14$


Star Dust Font (.otf and .ttf). It’s the main font, (.otf and .ttf) It comes with PUA Unicode that gives you full access to the ligatures and alternates in software that doesn’t support the extra characters. Star Dust Font include multilingual support of Western European, Central European and South Eastern European languages.
Star Dust Doodle Font (.otf and .ttf). It’s the additional font with decorative swashes and ornaments.
Star Dust Alternate Font (.ttf). It comes with all alternate glyphs without Opentype capable software and European language support. In the rest, it is fully functional as a separate font.
Star Dust Ligatures Font (.ttf). Font of 52 extra ligatures.
If you want to see all the ligatures and additional glyphs in one font, please install .otf files. You also get access to all font functionality if you don’t have software that support the extra characters (like Photoshop or Illustrator) and you also do not want to deal with PUA Unicode. Just install all .ttf files and switch between the fonts to insert alternative characters or ligatures.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Enjoy using!



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Wattercolor textures/Jpg/wattercolor1.jpg
Wattercolor textures/Jpg/wattercolor10.jpg
Wattercolor textures/Jpg/wattercolor11.jpg
Wattercolor textures/Jpg/wattercolor12.jpg
Wattercolor textures/Jpg/wattercolor13.jpg
Wattercolor textures/Jpg/wattercolor14.jpg
Wattercolor textures/Jpg/wattercolor15.jpg
Wattercolor textures/Jpg/wattercolor16.jpg
Wattercolor textures/Jpg/wattercolor17.jpg
Wattercolor textures/Jpg/wattercolor18.jpg
Wattercolor textures/Jpg/wattercolor19.jpg
Wattercolor textures/Jpg/wattercolor2.jpg
Wattercolor textures/Jpg/wattercolor20.jpg
Wattercolor textures/Jpg/wattercolor3.jpg
Wattercolor textures/Jpg/wattercolor4.jpg
Wattercolor textures/Jpg/wattercolor5.jpg
Wattercolor textures/Jpg/wattercolor6.jpg
Wattercolor textures/Jpg/wattercolor7.jpg
Wattercolor textures/Jpg/wattercolor8.jpg
Wattercolor textures/Jpg/wattercolor9.jpg
Wattercolor textures/Png/wattercolor1.png
Wattercolor textures/Png/wattercolor10.png
Wattercolor textures/Png/wattercolor11.png
Wattercolor textures/Png/wattercolor12.png
Wattercolor textures/Png/wattercolor13.png
Wattercolor textures/Png/wattercolor14.png
Wattercolor textures/Png/wattercolor15.png
Wattercolor textures/Png/wattercolor16.png
Wattercolor textures/Png/wattercolor17.png
Wattercolor textures/Png/wattercolor18.png
Wattercolor textures/Png/wattercolor19.png
Wattercolor textures/Png/wattercolor2.png
Wattercolor textures/Png/wattercolor20.png
Wattercolor textures/Png/wattercolor3.png
Wattercolor textures/Png/wattercolor4.png
Wattercolor textures/Png/wattercolor5.png
Wattercolor textures/Png/wattercolor6.png
Wattercolor textures/Png/wattercolor7.png
Wattercolor textures/Png/wattercolor8.png
Wattercolor textures/Png/wattercolor9.png
Web font/Stardust-Regular.woff
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