Thanksgiving Elements SVG Clipart Set

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License: Standard License
File type: .zip (Instant digital download)
File size: 10 MB
Date added: July 28, 2022


Thanksgiving Elements SVG Stickers, Turkey, Pumpkin, Apple, Berry, Maple, Oak Leaf, Mushroom, Acorn Clipart. Just mix up each element to build a new design of your own wreaths, stickers, or use for teaching materials. Great SVG set for creating a handmade artwork in any performance, poster printing, wall arts, or even creating a seamless pattern for a POD project.

Perfect for vinyl, personalized T-shirts, apparel, cups, stickers, card stock, scrapbooking, invitation cards, and other DIY projects. Options are endless!

You will get a ZIP archive that includes these file formats:
1 – AI file
1 – EPS file
2 – DXF file (outline without stroke, and outline with stroke version)
32– PDF file
34– SVG file
32– JPEG file
32– PNG file with transparent background

You can use only PNG format files for making artwork. But these are also SVG format in multi-layered style, so you can use them as clipart cut files too.


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DXF/THANKSGIVING outline with stroke DXF.dxf
DXF/THANKSGIVING outline without stroke DXF.dxf
JPG/acorn 1 JPG.jpg
JPG/acorn 2 JPG.jpg
JPG/apple JPG.jpg
JPG/berry JPG.jpg
JPG/Blank Glass JPG.jpg
JPG/candle 1 JPG.jpg
JPG/candle 2 JPG.jpg
JPG/candle 3 JPG.jpg
JPG/cherry JPG.jpg
JPG/corn JPG.jpg
JPG/Hat JPG.jpg
JPG/leaf 1 JPG.jpg
JPG/leaf 2 JPG.jpg
JPG/leaf 3 JPG.jpg
JPG/leaf 4 JPG.jpg
JPG/leaf 5 JPG.jpg
JPG/leaf 6 JPG.jpg
JPG/Maple Leaf 1 JPG.jpg
JPG/Maple Leaf 2 JPG.jpg
JPG/mushroom 1 JPG.jpg
JPG/mushroom 2 JPG.jpg
JPG/mushroom 3 JPG.jpg
JPG/piece of pie JPG.jpg
JPG/pumpkin JPG.jpg
JPG/pumpkin pie JPG.jpg
JPG/Roasted Turkey JPG.jpg
JPG/Roasted Turkey's Leg JPG.jpg
JPG/turky JPG.jpg
JPG/Vine Bottle JPG.jpg
JPG/Vine Glass JPG.jpg
JPG/wheat 1 JPG.jpg
JPG/wheat 2 JPG.jpg
PDF/acorn 1 PDF.pdf
PDF/acorn 2 PDF.pdf
PDF/apple PDF.pdf
PDF/berry PDF.pdf
PDF/Blank Glass PDF.pdf
PDF/candle 1 PDF.pdf
PDF/candle 2 PDF.pdf
PDF/candle 3 PDF.pdf
PDF/cherry PDF.pdf
PDF/corn PDF.pdf
PDF/Hat PDF.pdf
PDF/leaf 1 PDF.pdf
PDF/leaf 2 PDF.pdf
PDF/leaf 3 PDF.pdf
PDF/leaf 4 PDF.pdf
PDF/leaf 5 PDF.pdf
PDF/leaf 6 PDF.pdf
PDF/Maple Leaf 1 PDF.pdf
PDF/Maple Leaf 2 PDF.pdf
PDF/mushroom 1 PDF.pdf
PDF/mushroom 2 PDF.pdf
PDF/mushroom 3 PDF.pdf
PDF/piece of pie PDF.pdf
PDF/pumpkin PDF.pdf
PDF/pumpkin pie PDF.pdf
PDF/Roasted Turkey PDF.pdf
PDF/Roasted Turkey's Leg PDF.pdf
PDF/turky PDF.pdf
PDF/Vine Bottle PDF.pdf
PDF/Vine Glass PDF.pdf
PDF/wheat 1 PDF.pdf
PDF/wheat 2 PDF.pdf
PNG/acorn 1 PNG.png
PNG/acorn 2 PNG.png
PNG/apple PNG.png
PNG/berry PNG.png
PNG/Blank Glass PNG.png
PNG/candle 1 PNG.png
PNG/candle 2 PNG.png
PNG/candle 3 PNG.png
PNG/cherry PNG.png
PNG/corn PNG.png
PNG/Hat PNG.png
PNG/leaf 1 PNG.png
PNG/leaf 2 PNG.png
PNG/leaf 3 PNG.png
PNG/leaf 4 PNG.png
PNG/leaf 5 PNG.png
PNG/leaf 6 PNG.png
PNG/Maple Leaf 1 PNG.png
PNG/Maple Leaf 2 PNG.png
PNG/mushroom 1 PNG.png
PNG/mushroom 2 PNG.png
PNG/mushroom 3 PNG.png
PNG/piece of pie PNG.png
PNG/pumpkin pie PNG.png
PNG/pumpkin PNG.png
PNG/Roasted Turkey PNG.png
PNG/Roasted Turkey's Leg PNG.png
PNG/turky PNG.png
PNG/Vine Bottle PNG.png
PNG/Vine Glass PNG.png
PNG/wheat 1 PNG.png
PNG/wheat 2 PNG.png
SVG/acorn 1 SVG.svg
SVG/acorn 2 SVG.svg
SVG/apple SVG.svg
SVG/berry SVG.svg
SVG/Blank Glass SVG.svg
SVG/candle 1 SVG.svg
SVG/candle 2 SVG.svg
SVG/candle 3 SVG.svg
SVG/cherry SVG.svg
SVG/corn SVG.svg
SVG/Hat SVG.svg
SVG/leaf 1 SVG.svg
SVG/leaf 2 SVG.svg
SVG/leaf 3 SVG.svg
SVG/leaf 4 SVG.svg
SVG/leaf 5 SVG.svg
SVG/leaf 6 SVG.svg
SVG/Maple Leaf 1 SVG.svg
SVG/Maple Leaf 2 SVG.svg
SVG/mushroom 1 SVG.svg
SVG/mushroom 2 SVG.svg
SVG/mushroom 3 SVG.svg
SVG/piece of pie SVG.svg
SVG/pumpkin pie SVG.svg
SVG/pumpkin SVG.svg
SVG/Roasted Turkey SVG.svg
SVG/Roasted Turkey's Leg SVG.svg
SVG/THANKSGIVING outline with stroke.svg
SVG/THANKSGIVING outline without stroke.svg
SVG/turky SVG.svg
SVG/Vine Bottle SVG.svg
SVG/Vine Glass SVG.svg
SVG/wheat 1 SVG.svg
SVG/wheat 2 SVG.svg