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Date added: October 15, 2019
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AuttieScript Regular otf

"Amazingly few discotheques provide jukeboxes" in AuttieScript Regular otf

BarcelonaNightsScript Regular otf

"Amazingly few discotheques provide jukeboxes" in BarcelonaNightsScript Regular otf

BlossomberryScript Regular otf

"Amazingly few discotheques provide jukeboxes" in BlossomberryScript Regular otf

FallEmberScript Regular otf

"Amazingly few discotheques provide jukeboxes" in FallEmberScript Regular otf

FarmhouseCountrySans Regular otf

"Amazingly few discotheques provide jukeboxes" in FarmhouseCountrySans Regular otf

FarmhouseCountry Regular otf

"Amazingly few discotheques provide jukeboxes" in FarmhouseCountry Regular otf

GlobetrotterScript Regular otf

"Amazingly few discotheques provide jukeboxes" in GlobetrotterScript Regular otf

MagnoliaPlantation otf

"Amazingly few discotheques provide jukeboxes" in MagnoliaPlantation otf

MagnoliaPlantationInline Regular otf

"Amazingly few discotheques provide jukeboxes" in MagnoliaPlantationInline Regular otf

SeaBreeze otf

"Amazingly few discotheques provide jukeboxes" in SeaBreeze otf

SaltandSeaScript Regular otf

"Amazingly few discotheques provide jukeboxes" in SaltandSeaScript Regular otf

SoulsWyldScript Regular otf

"Amazingly few discotheques provide jukeboxes" in SoulsWyldScript Regular otf

SoulsWyldSansOutline Regular otf

"Amazingly few discotheques provide jukeboxes" in SoulsWyldSansOutline Regular otf

SoulsWyldSans Regular otf

"Amazingly few discotheques provide jukeboxes" in SoulsWyldSans Regular otf

SpringMarket otf

"Amazingly few discotheques provide jukeboxes" in SpringMarket otf

AngelenoBrushScript Regular otf

"Amazingly few discotheques provide jukeboxes" in AngelenoBrushScript Regular otf


Get my best selling fonts in a convenient little bundle! Available for a super limited time only!

***$120 worth of fonts, for ONLY $18*** — an 85% savings!

Why? Because every designer needs a go-to set of fonts to create with…and fonts that pair well together without a second thought. You’ve got enough things to worry about, right?! The fonts in this bundle can be used for logo + brand design, websites, crafting, wedding invitations, & more.

BONUS!!! This also includes 40 gorgeous minimalist logo templates using all of these beautiful fonts and adorable little doodles. Make your logo designs ridiculously easy, but visually stunning and incredibly memorable, and really impress your clients. Templates come in .ai and .psd formats.

DOUBLE BONUS!!! Includes Angeleno Brush Script, which has NOT been released yet! Currently, this is the only way to get this edgy font packed with tons of features – 106 ligatures and 35 alternates!! Take advantage now before Angeleno is available for purchase in my shop.

You’ll receive .otf, .ttf, and web fonts for:

– Spring Market (as seen on Smallwoods & Amazon products)
– My absolute best seller, a rustic farmhouse-inspired serif font, certified by Creative Market
– Farmhouse Country
– This duo includes a beautifully textured brush script, and a rustic sans font, both certified by Creative Market
– Barcelona Nights (as seen on Minted)
– This feature-rich luxury signature font boasts over 100 alternates + ligatures, and has been certified by Creative Market
– Salt & Sea
– This gorgeous calligraphy script has long, flowing swashes and is perfect for wedding invitations
– Auttie
– The cutest little bounce calligraphy font with heart swashes, perfect for crafting
– Magnolia Plantation
– A wonderfully rustic font duo – includes a solid version and an in-line version!
– Sea Breeze
– A simple, flowing cursive font
– Globetrotter
– A feature-packed signature script certified by Creative Market, which includes 108 extra characters
– Souls Wyld
– A crazy-amazing combination of a beautiful, diverse signature script with over 160 alternates, combined with a beautiful, modern, all caps sans that comes in a solid + outline version; as an added bonus, this trio is certified by Creative Market
– Blossomberry
– An effortlessly beautiful calligraphy script with swashes
– Fall Ember
– A stunning, leaning casual calligraphy script with 87 alternates + ligatures
– Angeleno
– An edgy brush script with over 140 alternates and ligatures **unreleased** in my shop

And **40 logo templates** in .ai format! Install those gorgeous fonts, and open up the logo templates – replace the existing text with yours, adjust colors, and save. Boom! Instant beautiful logo! You will need Adobe Illustrator and basic knowledge of how to use the program to utilize the logo templates.

Font files include .otf, .ttf, and webfonts. Some fonts include OpenType features, best accessed through programs that support OpenType features like Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator — you can access them through the Glyphs panel! Ligatures, swashes, and other special characters may also be accessed through Character Map or FontBook and copy/pasted. It is highly recommended that you understand what you are purchasing before you do so — the extra characters WILL take some hunting down if you don’t have easy-access software like Adobe products.

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  1. Cheryl L. (verified owner)

    Love the fonts. Great work and really shows well on jpgs. I use them on Facebook for our churches facebook and find that if you enlarge the fonts and also the jpgs to a certain size. They look great. Gives a nice clean look with a lot of design. Looking forward to getting more fonts from Beck McCormick. Really nice bundle. Good variety in the package.

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Auttie Script/AuttieScript-Regular.otf
Auttie Script/AuttieScript-Regular.eot
Auttie Script/AuttieScript-Regular.woff
Auttie Script/AuttieScript-Regular.ttf
Auttie Script/AuttieScript-Regular.woff2
Barcelona Nights/BarcelonaNightsScript-Regular.woff2
Barcelona Nights/BarcelonaNightsScript-Regular.woff
Barcelona Nights/BarcelonaNightsScript-Regular.eot
Barcelona Nights/BarcelonaNightsScript-Regular.otf
Barcelona Nights/BarcelonaNightsScript-Regular.ttf
Blossomberry Script/BlossomberryScript-Regular.otf
Blossomberry Script/BlossomberryScript-Regular.ttf
Blossomberry Script/BlossomberryScript-Regular.woff
Blossomberry Script/BlossomberryScript-Regular.woff2
Blossomberry Script/BlossomberryScript-Regular.eot
Fall Ember Script/FallEmberScript-Regular.otf
Fall Ember Script/FallEmberScript-Regular.ttf
Fall Ember Script/FallEmberScript-Regular.woff
Fall Ember Script/FallEmberScript-Regular.woff2
Fall Ember Script/FallEmberScript-Regular.eot
Farmhouse Country Duo/FarmhouseCountrySans-Regular.woff2
Farmhouse Country Duo/FarmhouseCountrySans-Regular.ttf
Farmhouse Country Duo/FarmhouseCountry-Regular.woff2
Farmhouse Country Duo/FarmhouseCountrySans-Regular.eot
Farmhouse Country Duo/FarmhouseCountrySans-Regular.otf
Farmhouse Country Duo/FarmhouseCountry-Regular.eot
Farmhouse Country Duo/FarmhouseCountry-Regular.woff
Farmhouse Country Duo/FarmhouseCountrySans-Regular.woff
Farmhouse Country Duo/FarmhouseCountry-Regular.otf
Farmhouse Country Duo/FarmhouseCountry-Regular.ttf
Globetrotter Script/GlobetrotterScript-Regular.eot
Globetrotter Script/GlobetrotterScript-Regular.otf
Globetrotter Script/GlobetrotterScript-Regular.ttf
Globetrotter Script/GlobetrotterScript-Regular.woff2
Globetrotter Script/GlobetrotterScript-Regular.woff
Magnolia Plantation Font/MagnoliaPlantation.otf
Magnolia Plantation Font/MagnoliaPlantation-Regular.eot
Magnolia Plantation Font/MagnoliaPlantation.ttf
Magnolia Plantation Font/MagnoliaPlantationInline-Regular.eot
Magnolia Plantation Font/MagnoliaPlantationInline-Regular.woff
Magnolia Plantation Font/MagnoliaPlantationInline-Regular.otf
Magnolia Plantation Font/MagnoliaPlantationInline-Regular.ttf
Magnolia Plantation Font/MagnoliaPlantation-Regular.woff2
Magnolia Plantation Font/MagnoliaPlantationInline-Regular.woff2
Magnolia Plantation Font/MagnoliaPlantation-Regular.woff
Sea Breeze/SeaBreeze.woff
Sea Breeze/SeaBreeze.ttf
Sea Breeze/SeaBreeze.eot
Sea Breeze/SeaBreeze.otf
Sea Breeze/SeaBreeze.woff2
Salt and Sea/SaltandSeaScript-Regular.ttf
Salt and Sea/SaltandSeaScript-Regular.woff2
Salt and Sea/SaltandSeaScript-Regular.otf
Salt and Sea/SaltandSeaScript-Regular.eot
Salt and Sea/SaltandSeaScript-Regular.woff
Souls Wyld Trio/SoulsWyldScript-Regular.otf
Souls Wyld Trio/SoulsWyldScript-Regular.ttf
Souls Wyld Trio/SoulsWyldScript-Regular.woff
Souls Wyld Trio/SoulsWyldScript-Regular.woff2
Souls Wyld Trio/SoulsWyldScript-Regular.eot
Souls Wyld Trio/SoulsWyldSansOutline-Regular.otf
Souls Wyld Trio/SoulsWyldSansOutline-Regular.ttf
Souls Wyld Trio/SoulsWyldSansOutline-Regular.woff
Souls Wyld Trio/SoulsWyldSansOutline-Regular.woff2
Souls Wyld Trio/SoulsWyldSansOutline-Regular.eot
Souls Wyld Trio/SoulsWyldSans-Regular.otf
Souls Wyld Trio/SoulsWyldSans-Regular.ttf
Souls Wyld Trio/SoulsWyldSans-Regular.woff
Souls Wyld Trio/SoulsWyldSans-Regular.woff2
Souls Wyld Trio/SoulsWyldSans-Regular.eot
Spring Market/SpringMarket.woff2
Spring Market/SpringMarket.otf
Spring Market/SpringMarket.eot
Spring Market/SpringMarket.ttf
Spring Market/SpringMarket.woff
Angeleno Brush Script/AngelenoBrushScript-Regular.otf
Angeleno Brush Script/AngelenoBrushScript-Regular.ttf
Angeleno Brush Script/AngelenoBrushScript-Regular.woff
Angeleno Brush Script/AngelenoBrushScript-Regular.woff2
Angeleno Brush Script/AngelenoBrushScript-Regular.eot