THE BUNDLE 100 – Lightroom Presets

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License: Standard License
File type: .zip (Instant digital download)
File size: 288 MB
Date added: May 8, 2021
Date updated: February 11, 2022


DESKTOP & MOBILE LIGHTROOM PRESETS – THE BUNDLE 100 Amazing Presets, ONLY $5! Save 95% immediately when you buy this bundle.

Edit your images like a pro on your mobile or desktop device with one click, Download the Free Lightroom App/Adobe Lightroom and watch the magic of our presets change your images!

What’s Include :

Moody Tale :
More Black :
So Matte :
So Deep :
Dark Fall :
Dark Choco :
Dark Teal :
Dark Green :
Dark Orange :
Dark Blue :

Files Included :
100 Mobile Lightroom Presets (.DNG)
100 Desktop Lightroom Presets (.lrtemplate)
100 Desktop Lightroom Presets (.XMP)
1 PDF Instruction Guide

Compatible With :

Fully Compatible with Lightroom Mobile (iPhone or Android)
Work good on Adobe Photoshop Lightroom ( Desktop)
Compatible with JPG Raw Images
Works With & WITHOUT Adobe subscription
NOTE : Quality of the final image, once the presets have been used, may differ depending on the original image quality.

*Crella recommend that you download your purchases from a computer. If your mobile device will not be able to download leave me message/comment.
*All images displayed in the preview, belong to their respective owners. All photos are for illustration purposes only.


Thank you for being curious about this presets pack. I hope you enjoy it and feel free to take a moment to recommend or leave your feedback! We would really appreciate your support.

As always, if you have questions, send me a message!

Have Wonderful Day,


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DARK BLUE/DNG/Dark Blue 1.dng
DARK BLUE/DNG/Dark Blue 10.dng
DARK BLUE/DNG/Dark Blue 2.dng
DARK BLUE/DNG/Dark Blue 3.dng
DARK BLUE/DNG/Dark Blue 4.dng
DARK BLUE/DNG/Dark Blue 5.dng
DARK BLUE/DNG/Dark Blue 6.dng
DARK BLUE/DNG/Dark Blue 7.dng
DARK BLUE/DNG/Dark Blue 8.dng
DARK BLUE/DNG/Dark Blue 9.dng
DARK BLUE/LRTEMPLATE/Dark Blue 1.lrtemplate
DARK BLUE/LRTEMPLATE/Dark Blue 10.lrtemplate
DARK BLUE/LRTEMPLATE/Dark Blue 2.lrtemplate
DARK BLUE/LRTEMPLATE/Dark Blue 3.lrtemplate
DARK BLUE/LRTEMPLATE/Dark Blue 4.lrtemplate
DARK BLUE/LRTEMPLATE/Dark Blue 5.lrtemplate
DARK BLUE/LRTEMPLATE/Dark Blue 6.lrtemplate
DARK BLUE/LRTEMPLATE/Dark Blue 7.lrtemplate
DARK BLUE/LRTEMPLATE/Dark Blue 8.lrtemplate
DARK BLUE/LRTEMPLATE/Dark Blue 9.lrtemplate
DARK BLUE/XMP/0ffe48e80b134c84b3d2b2023c6c83c9.xmp
DARK BLUE/XMP/19e86dbcd5db485786eba52aa9adf110.xmp
DARK BLUE/XMP/1d35b6a23d144a22b3f06cce1fd7189e.xmp
DARK BLUE/XMP/24ea4234d6af43bfbd1cbea3cd2e8508.xmp
DARK BLUE/XMP/2d55052dafe84dd2acc67a048a93d3f5.xmp
DARK BLUE/XMP/3759cb092cde4ca0a3210de05b005f42.xmp
DARK BLUE/XMP/5a12df53350c4d18bbf4a3bd49f52f16.xmp
DARK BLUE/XMP/8a7b0b6432974a648730c371ab087380.xmp
DARK BLUE/XMP/9ef7153b17294ec7bba7f4f2a30c4567.xmp
DARK BLUE/XMP/b521a65e0f45454eaa9ba25481adcfcb.xmp
DARK CHOCO/DNG/Dark Choco 1.dng
DARK CHOCO/DNG/Dark Choco 10.dng
DARK CHOCO/DNG/Dark Choco 2.dng
DARK CHOCO/DNG/Dark Choco 3.dng
DARK CHOCO/DNG/Dark Choco 4.dng
DARK CHOCO/DNG/Dark Choco 5.dng
DARK CHOCO/DNG/Dark Choco 6.dng
DARK CHOCO/DNG/Dark Choco 7.dng
DARK CHOCO/DNG/Dark Choco 8.dng
DARK CHOCO/DNG/Dark Choco 9.dng
DARK CHOCO/LRTEMPLATE/Dark Choco 1.lrtemplate
DARK CHOCO/LRTEMPLATE/Dark Choco 10.lrtemplate
DARK CHOCO/LRTEMPLATE/Dark Choco 2.lrtemplate
DARK CHOCO/LRTEMPLATE/Dark Choco 3.lrtemplate
DARK CHOCO/LRTEMPLATE/Dark Choco 4.lrtemplate
DARK CHOCO/LRTEMPLATE/Dark Choco 5.lrtemplate
DARK CHOCO/LRTEMPLATE/Dark Choco 6.lrtemplate
DARK CHOCO/LRTEMPLATE/Dark Choco 7.lrtemplate
DARK CHOCO/LRTEMPLATE/Dark Choco 8.lrtemplate
DARK CHOCO/LRTEMPLATE/Dark Choco 9.lrtemplate
DARK CHOCO/XMP/02842fd9978845a485d261326c2aaac1.xmp
DARK CHOCO/XMP/2aa94491c38940408e4cc0a6d4121615.xmp
DARK CHOCO/XMP/392d9d8300bc41b5b20ebdd910767882.xmp
DARK CHOCO/XMP/4ae9b820e518481393c28a133a67608f.xmp
DARK CHOCO/XMP/570153cc57ac4d029a203431a0b96646.xmp
DARK CHOCO/XMP/96ce7926f9c7459ba8a5242735f846b3.xmp
DARK CHOCO/XMP/a38618da30b84435933a229858dff619.xmp
DARK CHOCO/XMP/f3a14aa3d05d4f71b03a600a9bbee5b6.xmp
DARK CHOCO/XMP/f4ea4f4f20c14f1e80ed79979c00599e.xmp
DARK CHOCO/XMP/ff551b9972c24a55a3dab4f2322e307b.xmp
DARK FALL/DNG/Dark Fall 1.dng
DARK FALL/DNG/Dark Fall 10.dng
DARK FALL/DNG/Dark Fall 2.dng
DARK FALL/DNG/Dark Fall 3.dng
DARK FALL/DNG/Dark Fall 4.dng
DARK FALL/DNG/Dark Fall 5.dng
DARK FALL/DNG/Dark Fall 6.dng
DARK FALL/DNG/Dark Fall 7.dng
DARK FALL/DNG/Dark Fall 8.dng
DARK FALL/DNG/Dark Fall 9.dng
DARK FALL/LRTEMPLATE/Dark Fall 1.lrtemplate
DARK FALL/LRTEMPLATE/Dark Fall 10.lrtemplate
DARK FALL/LRTEMPLATE/Dark Fall 2.lrtemplate
DARK FALL/LRTEMPLATE/Dark Fall 3.lrtemplate
DARK FALL/LRTEMPLATE/Dark Fall 4.lrtemplate
DARK FALL/LRTEMPLATE/Dark Fall 5.lrtemplate
DARK FALL/LRTEMPLATE/Dark Fall 6.lrtemplate
DARK FALL/LRTEMPLATE/Dark Fall 7.lrtemplate
DARK FALL/LRTEMPLATE/Dark Fall 8.lrtemplate
DARK FALL/LRTEMPLATE/Dark Fall 9.lrtemplate
DARK FALL/XMP/085cd4540f1b48efa3092cfc66e2872c.xmp
DARK FALL/XMP/294eae9341f241d1a5aa39472437736c.xmp
DARK FALL/XMP/2e09d25d33f7417db4b9c2f09940fc7a.xmp
DARK FALL/XMP/378fcd55aeef446793f3f26e6d102b44.xmp
DARK FALL/XMP/630b751661ae4214aba89c03b78a491f.xmp
DARK FALL/XMP/a656f758d5904f538da1f34dd6ec93f4.xmp
DARK FALL/XMP/d9a95af983eb4ddba8f7a0530fcd9d22.xmp
DARK FALL/XMP/e8062930911447bd98ca1177efae047c.xmp
DARK FALL/XMP/f2aef744e52b4638aca5583346a8acf0.xmp
DARK FALL/XMP/f3f7c65a94114455b787cc4f89c06076.xmp
DARK GREEN/DNG/Dark Green 1.dng
DARK GREEN/DNG/Dark Green 10.dng
DARK GREEN/DNG/Dark Green 2.dng
DARK GREEN/DNG/Dark Green 3.dng
DARK GREEN/DNG/Dark Green 4.dng
DARK GREEN/DNG/Dark Green 5.dng
DARK GREEN/DNG/Dark Green 6.dng
DARK GREEN/DNG/Dark Green 7.dng
DARK GREEN/DNG/Dark Green 8.dng
DARK GREEN/DNG/Dark Green 9.dng
DARK GREEN/LRTEMPLATE/Dark Green 1.lrtemplate
DARK GREEN/LRTEMPLATE/Dark Green 10.lrtemplate
DARK GREEN/LRTEMPLATE/Dark Green 2.lrtemplate
DARK GREEN/LRTEMPLATE/Dark Green 3.lrtemplate
DARK GREEN/LRTEMPLATE/Dark Green 4.lrtemplate
DARK GREEN/LRTEMPLATE/Dark Green 5.lrtemplate
DARK GREEN/LRTEMPLATE/Dark Green 6.lrtemplate
DARK GREEN/LRTEMPLATE/Dark Green 7.lrtemplate
DARK GREEN/LRTEMPLATE/Dark Green 8.lrtemplate
DARK GREEN/LRTEMPLATE/Dark Green 9.lrtemplate
DARK GREEN/XMP/048b6f1138d747918383625934a390c9.xmp
DARK GREEN/XMP/09e6dede0bc646618c1c08eef79ad468.xmp
DARK GREEN/XMP/32cb85a8b8e84e0bbd2e0e7aeaa25590.xmp
DARK GREEN/XMP/44625bb837d44517ab1b4e0ec70b2bf0.xmp
DARK GREEN/XMP/694acd8f43904c59aac57c4aaa7e0385.xmp
DARK GREEN/XMP/813b721fa6b747de8534913527edaba6.xmp
DARK GREEN/XMP/94f8d20203bf46f3a5f36c451aed1897.xmp
DARK GREEN/XMP/b566c2ac66924deeb6aa616666dc44cd.xmp
DARK GREEN/XMP/e5a2b46d52f04e5fa38c5166dd92f724.xmp
DARK GREEN/XMP/f4c31bb2a6174dbbbbde885719a05c73.xmp
DARK ORANGE/DNG/Dark Orange 1.dng
DARK ORANGE/DNG/Dark Orange 10.dng
DARK ORANGE/DNG/Dark Orange 2.dng
DARK ORANGE/DNG/Dark Orange 3.dng
DARK ORANGE/DNG/Dark Orange 4.dng
DARK ORANGE/DNG/Dark Orange 5.dng
DARK ORANGE/DNG/Dark Orange 6.dng
DARK ORANGE/DNG/Dark Orange 7.dng
DARK ORANGE/DNG/Dark Orange 8.dng
DARK ORANGE/DNG/Dark Orange 9.dng
DARK ORANGE/LRTEMPLATE/Dark Orange 1.lrtemplate
DARK ORANGE/LRTEMPLATE/Dark Orange 10.lrtemplate
DARK ORANGE/LRTEMPLATE/Dark Orange 2.lrtemplate
DARK ORANGE/LRTEMPLATE/Dark Orange 3.lrtemplate
DARK ORANGE/LRTEMPLATE/Dark Orange 4.lrtemplate
DARK ORANGE/LRTEMPLATE/Dark Orange 5.lrtemplate
DARK ORANGE/LRTEMPLATE/Dark Orange 6.lrtemplate
DARK ORANGE/LRTEMPLATE/Dark Orange 7.lrtemplate
DARK ORANGE/LRTEMPLATE/Dark Orange 8.lrtemplate
DARK ORANGE/LRTEMPLATE/Dark Orange 9.lrtemplate
DARK ORANGE/XMP/007efac5c0174e3ca420adc1f43cb36c.xmp
DARK ORANGE/XMP/11e221a3d2134d579f7ed2c4c790ee65.xmp
DARK ORANGE/XMP/3a370b05e3bd4fcb968956b27fddff5e.xmp
DARK ORANGE/XMP/7b9f90129f0d468ca11536ac19341195.xmp
DARK ORANGE/XMP/8e50f279067b4f76bba4d70226e56ccc.xmp
DARK ORANGE/XMP/9220489ef35b4e19922ecf142d344a66.xmp
DARK ORANGE/XMP/c07cc8c658ef41b5bcde1540c624171e.xmp
DARK ORANGE/XMP/c592f530163c4171bc36e4802cedc220.xmp
DARK ORANGE/XMP/ce5ca92f15e54fa1ade9c97136e6bc00.xmp
DARK ORANGE/XMP/e7ac70ee6a194ce98ad925e3312d5a0c.xmp
DARK TEAL/DNG/Dark Teal 1.dng
DARK TEAL/DNG/Dark Teal 10.dng
DARK TEAL/DNG/Dark Teal 2.dng
DARK TEAL/DNG/Dark Teal 3.dng
DARK TEAL/DNG/Dark Teal 4.dng
DARK TEAL/DNG/Dark Teal 5.dng
DARK TEAL/DNG/Dark Teal 6.dng
DARK TEAL/DNG/Dark Teal 7.dng
DARK TEAL/DNG/Dark Teal 8.dng
DARK TEAL/DNG/Dark Teal 9.dng
DARK TEAL/LRTEMPLATE/Dark Teal 1.lrtemplate
DARK TEAL/LRTEMPLATE/Dark Teal 10.lrtemplate
DARK TEAL/LRTEMPLATE/Dark Teal 2.lrtemplate
DARK TEAL/LRTEMPLATE/Dark Teal 3.lrtemplate
DARK TEAL/LRTEMPLATE/Dark Teal 4.lrtemplate
DARK TEAL/LRTEMPLATE/Dark Teal 5.lrtemplate
DARK TEAL/LRTEMPLATE/Dark Teal 6.lrtemplate
DARK TEAL/LRTEMPLATE/Dark Teal 7.lrtemplate
DARK TEAL/LRTEMPLATE/Dark Teal 8.lrtemplate
DARK TEAL/LRTEMPLATE/Dark Teal 9.lrtemplate
DARK TEAL/XMP/452e36179ade4ff38b7ed00c5401589e.xmp
DARK TEAL/XMP/514f44767cc6458d99eb24701dd59c9e.xmp
DARK TEAL/XMP/62e185d5d0e24b168abc3393aa967fb0.xmp
DARK TEAL/XMP/7c7a3ed2575a4e4195ac085c511bc075.xmp
DARK TEAL/XMP/b2181e20dc5a4d67adb32b7aa7a42663.xmp
DARK TEAL/XMP/b26422ab4d374f3298a9217e0e0fef41.xmp
DARK TEAL/XMP/df2922dfdf8847c5a65d44d9fadb0515.xmp
DARK TEAL/XMP/e2c28fedc6bd40cfa1fff11464a67522.xmp
DARK TEAL/XMP/e83684f1e93c45c08f79d8bf54fbeb9f.xmp
DARK TEAL/XMP/ee36613ba5e74b65a1d03d450e15707f.xmp
MOODY TALE/DNG/Moody Tale 1.dng
MOODY TALE/DNG/Moody Tale 10.dng
MOODY TALE/DNG/Moody Tale 2.dng
MOODY TALE/DNG/Moody Tale 3.dng
MOODY TALE/DNG/Moody Tale 4.dng
MOODY TALE/DNG/Moody Tale 5.dng
MOODY TALE/DNG/Moody Tale 6.dng
MOODY TALE/DNG/Moody Tale 7.dng
MOODY TALE/DNG/Moody Tale 8.dng
MOODY TALE/DNG/Moody Tale 9.dng
MOODY TALE/LRTEMPLATE/Moody Tale 1.lrtemplate
MOODY TALE/LRTEMPLATE/Moody Tale 10.lrtemplate
MOODY TALE/LRTEMPLATE/Moody Tale 2.lrtemplate
MOODY TALE/LRTEMPLATE/Moody Tale 3.lrtemplate
MOODY TALE/LRTEMPLATE/Moody Tale 4.lrtemplate
MOODY TALE/LRTEMPLATE/Moody Tale 5.lrtemplate
MOODY TALE/LRTEMPLATE/Moody Tale 6.lrtemplate
MOODY TALE/LRTEMPLATE/Moody Tale 7.lrtemplate
MOODY TALE/LRTEMPLATE/Moody Tale 8.lrtemplate
MOODY TALE/LRTEMPLATE/Moody Tale 9.lrtemplate
MOODY TALE/XMP/0eb012be9daa44d89d37efd4171ec8f5.xmp
MOODY TALE/XMP/1ff12df8a9214273aa7a1f244e299e6d.xmp
MOODY TALE/XMP/34487414197a46b29029b722042c3aaa.xmp
MOODY TALE/XMP/67cff986a9cf49f990c62dd2c90666e5.xmp
MOODY TALE/XMP/835167b24d874d8886838e9cfb625af9.xmp
MOODY TALE/XMP/b1bb97c7141347bfb4ee86ab3ec3a7f8.xmp
MOODY TALE/XMP/b35aebf3d6834340b3010ee47b575cf2.xmp
MOODY TALE/XMP/d8b13a889aa24df1ab30b96c1eeff9d3.xmp
MOODY TALE/XMP/e474a378fc7744a6b0c74a83ec1f7ea4.xmp
MOODY TALE/XMP/e96348f4b49d4eb3b218697e89ea02ea.xmp
MORE BLACK/DNG/More Black 1.dng
MORE BLACK/DNG/More Black 10.dng
MORE BLACK/DNG/More Black 2.dng
MORE BLACK/DNG/More Black 3.dng
MORE BLACK/DNG/More Black 4.dng
MORE BLACK/DNG/More Black 5.dng
MORE BLACK/DNG/More Black 6.dng
MORE BLACK/DNG/More Black 7.dng
MORE BLACK/DNG/More Black 8.dng
MORE BLACK/DNG/More Black 9.dng
MORE BLACK/LRTEMPLATE/More Black 1.lrtemplate
MORE BLACK/LRTEMPLATE/More Black 10.lrtemplate
MORE BLACK/LRTEMPLATE/More Black 2.lrtemplate
MORE BLACK/LRTEMPLATE/More Black 3.lrtemplate
MORE BLACK/LRTEMPLATE/More Black 4.lrtemplate
MORE BLACK/LRTEMPLATE/More Black 5.lrtemplate
MORE BLACK/LRTEMPLATE/More Black 6.lrtemplate
MORE BLACK/LRTEMPLATE/More Black 7.lrtemplate
MORE BLACK/LRTEMPLATE/More Black 8.lrtemplate
MORE BLACK/LRTEMPLATE/More Black 9.lrtemplate
MORE BLACK/XMP/0b1479aa3fc344dbae60a6c160fac366.xmp
MORE BLACK/XMP/7be91d18fd504cdf8f981c6854e86370.xmp
MORE BLACK/XMP/a5643de84bd049c5a53ed73f5418dd08.xmp
MORE BLACK/XMP/b21dc638e9c144bc9a105533ad6e0d3e.xmp
MORE BLACK/XMP/bafc5da097d147c093549a927467000a.xmp
MORE BLACK/XMP/c285e32ee7b34979aedd1a93f5c3773f.xmp
MORE BLACK/XMP/c58fae569fb342ae87c898e1f8bb9770.xmp
MORE BLACK/XMP/d4d4432626954a86a79c033d78825a83.xmp
MORE BLACK/XMP/e8bdab0fb8224cfa93d2bc119404ea97.xmp
MORE BLACK/XMP/f6e2efdf32aa4885aea0f1dd56e04fcf.xmp
SO DEEP/DNG/So Deep 1.dng
SO DEEP/DNG/So Deep 10.dng
SO DEEP/DNG/So Deep 2.dng
SO DEEP/DNG/So Deep 3.dng
SO DEEP/DNG/So Deep 4.dng
SO DEEP/DNG/So Deep 5.dng
SO DEEP/DNG/So Deep 6.dng
SO DEEP/DNG/So Deep 7.dng
SO DEEP/DNG/So Deep 8.dng
SO DEEP/DNG/So Deep 9.dng
SO DEEP/LRTEMPLATE/So Deep 1.lrtemplate
SO DEEP/LRTEMPLATE/So Deep 10.lrtemplate
SO DEEP/LRTEMPLATE/So Deep 2.lrtemplate
SO DEEP/LRTEMPLATE/So Deep 3.lrtemplate
SO DEEP/LRTEMPLATE/So Deep 4.lrtemplate
SO DEEP/LRTEMPLATE/So Deep 5.lrtemplate
SO DEEP/LRTEMPLATE/So Deep 6.lrtemplate
SO DEEP/LRTEMPLATE/So Deep 7.lrtemplate
SO DEEP/LRTEMPLATE/So Deep 8.lrtemplate
SO DEEP/LRTEMPLATE/So Deep 9.lrtemplate
SO DEEP/XMP/0ad20f00e92d456faf0ef355c96c1261.xmp
SO DEEP/XMP/224dc0b91739441a9627be3e26482a3c.xmp
SO DEEP/XMP/6bc1208a86a74c2eb7f72a9b6c438927.xmp
SO DEEP/XMP/7bbcafd8ea204bd5a08ba2e90d018d07.xmp
SO DEEP/XMP/9018b46d2b8848ed89388f9d163059d1.xmp
SO DEEP/XMP/95615b67353e4dff8e582196f74f3981.xmp
SO DEEP/XMP/b819fdd79f294a458ae556db0a4bf143.xmp
SO DEEP/XMP/bf6e24643e7f44e99d154852906189dd.xmp
SO DEEP/XMP/d6296cf2a9cc422da52f2a0f56c77167.xmp
SO DEEP/XMP/fa26c4ee950146958c150fb6799399ec.xmp
SO MATTE/DNG/So Matte 1.dng
SO MATTE/DNG/So Matte 10.dng
SO MATTE/DNG/So Matte 2.dng
SO MATTE/DNG/So Matte 3.dng
SO MATTE/DNG/So Matte 4.dng
SO MATTE/DNG/So Matte 5.dng
SO MATTE/DNG/So Matte 6.dng
SO MATTE/DNG/So Matte 7.dng
SO MATTE/DNG/So Matte 8.dng
SO MATTE/DNG/So Matte 9.dng
SO MATTE/LRTEMPLATE/So Matte 1.lrtemplate
SO MATTE/LRTEMPLATE/So Matte 10.lrtemplate
SO MATTE/LRTEMPLATE/So Matte 2.lrtemplate
SO MATTE/LRTEMPLATE/So Matte 3.lrtemplate
SO MATTE/LRTEMPLATE/So Matte 4.lrtemplate
SO MATTE/LRTEMPLATE/So Matte 5.lrtemplate
SO MATTE/LRTEMPLATE/So Matte 6.lrtemplate
SO MATTE/LRTEMPLATE/So Matte 7.lrtemplate
SO MATTE/LRTEMPLATE/So Matte 8.lrtemplate
SO MATTE/LRTEMPLATE/So Matte 9.lrtemplate
SO MATTE/XMP/2749babfe82d4fcbb8a358258ff4e2d1.xmp
SO MATTE/XMP/3e055a0954df458f8299dab0a44401f6.xmp
SO MATTE/XMP/7ef47752a6294ff6b8004ee71009aea2.xmp
SO MATTE/XMP/9b8abe92963340fca3b328e45650e65e.xmp
SO MATTE/XMP/a05875a11c464856a595a4793cf6b705.xmp
SO MATTE/XMP/bd0433409c554cb69102170bcf4f4d3d.xmp
SO MATTE/XMP/c19ccd720831428c9a7ea71eecf9c20d.xmp
SO MATTE/XMP/d64f430497a34484bbb2c442f6a44fab.xmp
SO MATTE/XMP/e1a73f63ecda478e94f93b1dbff85ced.xmp
SO MATTE/XMP/f0e01966171744bcab24b6fa927deb73.xmp