Treescape Lightroom Presets

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Date added: October 13, 2020


Din Studio Presets pack will help you create stunning and consistent photos that perfect for your Instagram feeds, website, and portfolio.This presets suitable for you as a photographer, influencer, food blogger, Instagrammer, and another profession that contains photos for work. Don’t waste some hours to editing on a single photo! Level up your photo with this amazing presets in just one click!

Treescape This presets gives you Dark green and fade look for your photos. this presets will gives you a dark green colour for the tree and fade effect for dark photos. This presets is perfect for a traveler who is love exploring the tropical rainforest.

15 Lightroom for Desktop Presets/ .xmp and .lrtemplate files (Compatible for Windows and Mac)
15 Lightroom for Mobile Presets / .dng files (Compatible for Android and Ios)
pdf files to help you how to install the presets on the lightroom for mobile and desktop


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For Desktop/How To Install Lightroom Presets for Desktop.pdf
For Desktop/Lrtemplate/Treescape 1.lrtemplate
For Desktop/Lrtemplate/Treescape 10.lrtemplate
For Desktop/Lrtemplate/Treescape 11.lrtemplate
For Desktop/Lrtemplate/Treescape 12.lrtemplate
For Desktop/Lrtemplate/Treescape 13.lrtemplate
For Desktop/Lrtemplate/Treescape 14.lrtemplate
For Desktop/Lrtemplate/Treescape 15.lrtemplate
For Desktop/Lrtemplate/Treescape 2.lrtemplate
For Desktop/Lrtemplate/Treescape 3.lrtemplate
For Desktop/Lrtemplate/Treescape 4.lrtemplate
For Desktop/Lrtemplate/Treescape 5.lrtemplate
For Desktop/Lrtemplate/Treescape 6.lrtemplate
For Desktop/Lrtemplate/Treescape 7.lrtemplate
For Desktop/Lrtemplate/Treescape 8.lrtemplate
For Desktop/Lrtemplate/Treescape 9.lrtemplate
For Desktop/Xmp/Treescape 1.xmp
For Desktop/Xmp/Treescape 10.xmp
For Desktop/Xmp/Treescape 11.xmp
For Desktop/Xmp/Treescape 12.xmp
For Desktop/Xmp/Treescape 13.xmp
For Desktop/Xmp/Treescape 14.xmp
For Desktop/Xmp/Treescape 15.xmp
For Desktop/Xmp/Treescape 2.xmp
For Desktop/Xmp/Treescape 3.xmp
For Desktop/Xmp/Treescape 4.xmp
For Desktop/Xmp/Treescape 5.xmp
For Desktop/Xmp/Treescape 6.xmp
For Desktop/Xmp/Treescape 7.xmp
For Desktop/Xmp/Treescape 8.xmp
For Desktop/Xmp/Treescape 9.xmp
For Mobile/How To Install Lightroom Presets for Mobile.pdf
For Mobile/Treescape-01.dng
For Mobile/Treescape-02.dng
For Mobile/Treescape-03.dng
For Mobile/Treescape-04.dng
For Mobile/Treescape-05.dng
For Mobile/Treescape-06.dng
For Mobile/Treescape-07.dng
For Mobile/Treescape-08.dng
For Mobile/Treescape-09.dng
For Mobile/Treescape-10.dng
For Mobile/Treescape-11.dng
For Mobile/Treescape-12.dng
For Mobile/Treescape-13.dng
For Mobile/Treescape-14.dng
For Mobile/Treescape-15.dng