Zero Waste Instagram Story Highlight Icons | Set of 30 graphics + text in neutral color palette

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License: Standard License
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File size: 1 MB
Date added: April 23, 2021
Date updated: September 22, 2021


Set of 30 zero-waste lifestyle icons for Instagram highlight covers

Featuring graphics of reusable bags, bulk jars, plants, nature, food, etc., PLUS words like “waste free,” “DIY,” “tips” and more! Digitally hand-drawn in a cute and simple style. Use these as your personal or small brand Instagram highlight covers, phone lock screen, profile picture, etc.

✨ What’s included:

• 20 graphic icons with both beige & light blue backgrounds
• 10 text-based icons in orange, light orange, light green, dark green & blue backgrounds

✨ How to use as Instagram Highlight Covers

1. Download & unzip the folder
2. Transfer the images to your phone
3. Open Instagram
4. Tap highlights > “More” > “Edit Highlight” > “Edit Cover”
5. Upload the icon of your choice and save

Looking for custom IG highlight covers for your brand? Message me with your ideas and let’s chat 🙂

Terms: The license included with this purchase is for 1 individual (either person or small business) to use these icons on social media. You are not permitted to share, resell or distribute these icons in any way. Contact me directly for all extended commercial use options. Copyright © Ashleigh Green Studios.


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graphics beige/avocado.png
graphics beige/bathtub.png
graphics beige/bicycle.png
graphics beige/cleaning.png
graphics beige/coffee.png
graphics beige/earth.png
graphics beige/flowers.png
graphics beige/jars.png
graphics beige/noodles.png
graphics beige/orange.png
graphics beige/palm.png
graphics beige/plant.png
graphics beige/producebag.png
graphics beige/razor.png
graphics beige/smoothie.png
graphics beige/sun.png
graphics beige/totebag.png
graphics beige/tshirt.png
graphics beige/utensils.png
graphics beige/waves.png
graphics light blue/avocado.png
graphics light blue/bathtub.png
graphics light blue/bicycle.png
graphics light blue/cleaning.png
graphics light blue/coffee.png
graphics light blue/earth.png
graphics light blue/flowers.png
graphics light blue/jars.png
graphics light blue/noodles.png
graphics light blue/orange.png
graphics light blue/palm.png
graphics light blue/plant.png
graphics light blue/producebag.png
graphics light blue/razor.png
graphics light blue/smoothie.png
graphics light blue/sun.png
graphics light blue/totebag.png
graphics light blue/tshirt.png
graphics light blue/utensils.png
graphics light blue/waves.png
words blue/beauty.png
words blue/diy.png
words blue/food.png
words blue/home.png
words blue/plasticfree.png
words blue/thrifting.png
words blue/tips.png
words blue/travel.png
words blue/wastefree.png
words blue/zerowaste.png
words dark green/beauty.png
words dark green/diy.png
words dark green/food.png
words dark green/home.png
words dark green/plasticfree.png
words dark green/thrifting.png
words dark green/tips.png
words dark green/travel.png
words dark green/wastefree.png
words dark green/zerowaste.png
words light green/beauty.png
words light green/diy.png
words light green/food.png
words light green/home.png
words light green/plasticfree.png
words light green/thrifting.png
words light green/tips.png
words light green/travel.png
words light green/wastefree.png
words light green/zerowaste.png
words light orange/beauty.png
words light orange/diy.png
words light orange/food.png
words light orange/home.png
words light orange/plasticfree.png
words light orange/thrifting.png
words light orange/tips.png
words light orange/travel.png
words light orange/wastefree.png
words light orange/zerowaste.png
words orange/beauty.png
words orange/diy.png
words orange/food.png
words orange/home.png
words orange/plasticfree.png
words orange/thrifting.png
words orange/tips.png
words orange/travel.png
words orange/wastefree.png
words orange/zerowaste.png