Earn up to $99

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Earn up to $99 per customer


Crella offers an extensive catalog of beautiful digital items in various categories. New and exciting products are added daily. Promote these products on your website, blog or social media and earn a living!

Two ways to earn an affiliate commission

Crella Subscription

Up to $99 50% commission on monthly subscription sales (up to 12 months) or 50% commission on one annual payment.

Regular Sales

50% Earn 50% on all regular sales your referred customer purchases in a 30 day cookie period.

Affiliate commissionAffiliate earnings
Crella Subscription
Annual – $16.58/month ($199 payment)50%$99.50
Monthly – $18/month
50%Up to $99*
Regular sales
Standard sale50%50% of the sales, 30-day-cookie

*Earn a commission for 12 months straight or as long as the subscriber stays as an active subscriber.

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Earn up to $99 on every referred customer

The standard commission rate is 50% of the price paid by the customer, excluding taxes. It applies to all purchases by customers who have followed your referral link to Crella within the preceding 30 days (this includes repeat sales to the same customer!). For Crella Subscription monthly, the affiliate commission is 50% of the subscription price for 12 months straight or as long as the referred customer stays as active subscriber. For Crella Subscription annual, the affiliate commission is 50% of the subscription price for the first year (up to $99). In the case that a user arrives at Crella from multiple affiliates within the preceding 30 days, only the affiliate with the first referral link earns the commission. If the customer has used a discount code on purchase, the affiliate commission will be calculated after the discount has been applied. All affiliate commissions will be calculated with taxes excluded.

Goodies for you

  • No cost to sign up
  • Real-time sales reports and account balance viewable at your Crella account
  • Monthly payment to your PayPal account
  • Friendly human support always available at our support center

Easy workflow

Joining the affiliate program is easy. We’ll guide you through the process. Here are the steps:

  1. Sign up for the Affiliate Program
  2. Add links to your website, blog, social media or wherever you like
  3. Test to make sure your incoming links are identified correctly

Want to sign-up as an Affiliate? Interested applicants, please fill the application form with your name and contact info.