Product Submission Guidelines

This is a guideline to make it easy to understand the uploading process at Crella.

1. Product Name

Name of your product.

2. Product Description

Describe your product in great detail. Here are some important specs to include in description

  • filetypes
  • programs you need to use the product
  • instructions on how to use the product (if not included within the purchase)

3. Categories

Choose a category this product fits best. If you don’t find one, add it to “uncategorized” and we will keep a track on needed categories.

4. Featured Image

Minimum resolution:1160px * 772px.

4.1 Gallery

Minimum resolution:1160px * 772px. Maximum number of images: 50.

5. General

5.1 Price

Min price: $1.00. Please keep your price at the same or lower level as you’re selling on your website or other marketplaces with a similar license.

5.2 Schedule

You may schedule a limited time sale with this tool.

5.3 Download File

Max file size 1,000MB. If your file exceeds this limit, please split it to smaller .zip files or add an external download link. For external links, please follow these guidelines:

  • for bigger files, please attach a compressed (.zip) PDF or Text file that includes an url download link to the file. We suggest using proper services like DropBox, Google Drive, Shopify Digital Downloads or similar. It’s a good practice to add more than one download link to various services as some might have monthly bandwidth limits.

6. Inventory

Manage the stock by clicking “Manage stock?”. This is a great way to create limited sales as the stock reduces after every purchase. After a product has been sold out and you haven’t made it available again, we’ve will manually bring it back up to its normal price. This might take 24-48 hours on a formal business day. If you’ve drafted the product, then we won’t bring it back up.