Add Free Products and Earn up to $174 Per Referred Sale

Add Free Products and Earn up to $174 Per Referred Sale - free products and earn -

We have some great news to share! If you’re one of our amazing Crella sellers, you’re now able to add free products to Crella. This is a great way to let other Crella users to get familiar with your products and to drive traffic from your website/social media to your Crella shop.

How to add free products?

This is simple as 1-2-3! When uploading or updating your product in the seller dashboard, just price it to $0 and it will automatically become a free item in the chosen category. You will now find this product on the freebie page of its category. For example, free fonts can be found here:

Tags us on Behance with your freebie for maximum visibility

Now that you’ve uploaded your freebie, let the world know about it! One of the best platforms for sharing a freebie is Behance. When you’re creating a Behance post of your Crella freebie, add “Crella” or “Crella Marketplace” as a co-owner for it and we’re more likely able to promote it to our existing newsletter lists.

Share your freebie on Pixelify and Dafont

Here are some more tips on how to best succeed with a freebie. Share it also on the best freebie sharing sites, and (if it’s a font) with one of these ways:

  • Pixelify/Dafont (free for personal use) -> Crella (free for commercial use)
  • Pixelify/Dafont (free for personal use) -> Crella (paid product)
  • Pixelify/Dafont (free for commercial use or demo) -> Crella (full product or a bundle)

These platforms are always full of potential customers and together with your affiliate URL, you’re able to boost your product to new audiences and get a chance to earn a passive income!

Earn up to $174 per sale when you promote Crella freebies

We’re also changing the game with our affiliate program and able you to earn up to $174 per sale by promoting these free products outside Crella. Just become our affiliate and we’ll give you the tools to track your URL -links. Register as an affiliate here:

As an extra bonus, if you add these free products to Crella Subscription -category, you’ll also become part of Crella Subscription earnings pool and earn on every download of your free products that a Crella subscriber makes. Only downloads by Crella subscribers are counted, not regular free downloads by users.

Free products visibility

Free products are not visible in the category, product or seller’s shop page. These freebies are only visible via direct URL link and in the free products -pages like

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