24 cute doggies

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File type: .zip (Instant digital download)
File size: 44 MB
Date added: April 1, 2019
Date updated: August 27, 2019


24 cute doggies – vector clipart. The package includes 24 separate images of doggies of different breeds (24 jpeg +24 eps +24 png with a transparent background). Jpeg and png files are saved in high resolution 300dpi. The vector eps8 files are easily edited.
zip file size = 44.1 Mb


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24-cute-doggies.zip (44 MB):
Afghanischer Windhund dog.eps
white Miniature poodle.png
white Miniature poodle.jpg
white Miniature poodle.eps
West Highland White Terrier.png
West Highland White Terrier.jpg
West Highland White Terrier.eps
the Shih Tzu dog.png
the Shih Tzu dog.jpg
the Shih Tzu dog.eps
the Pomeranian Spitz.png
the Pomeranian Spitz.jpg
the Pomeranian Spitz.eps
the labradoodle dog.png
the labradoodle dog.jpg
the labradoodle dog.eps
the Cockerpoo dog.png
the Cockerpoo dog.jpg
the Cockerpoo dog.eps
Standard Schnauzer dog.png
Standard Schnauzer dog.jpg
Standard Schnauzer dog.eps
Skye Terrier dog.png
Skye Terrier dog.jpg
Skye Terrier dog.eps
Shih Tzu dog.png
Shih Tzu dog.jpg
Shih Tzu dog.eps
Miniature Schnauzer dog.png
Miniature Schnauzer dog.jpg
Miniature Schnauzer dog.eps
little Shih Tzu.png
little Shih Tzu.jpg
little Shih Tzu.eps
little Pekingese dog.png
little Pekingese dog.jpg
little Pekingese dog.eps
Japanese chin dog.png
Japanese chin dog.jpg
Japanese chin dog.eps
grey standard poodle.png
grey standard poodle.jpg
grey standard poodle.eps
grey Small poodle.png
grey Small poodle.jpg
grey Small poodle.eps
Fox Terrier dog.png
Fox Terrier dog.jpg
Fox Terrier dog.eps
Dandie Dinmont Terrier.png
Dandie Dinmont Terrier.jpg
Dandie Dinmont Terrier.eps
Czech Terrier dog.png
Czech Terrier dog.jpg
Czech Terrier dog.eps
cute Toy poodle.png
cute Toy poodle.jpg
cute Toy poodle.eps
chocolate standard poodle.png
chocolate standard poodle.jpg
chocolate standard poodle.eps
Cairn Terrier dog.png
Cairn Terrier dog.jpg
Cairn Terrier dog.eps
black Riesenschnauzer dog.png
black Riesenschnauzer dog.jpg
black Riesenschnauzer dog.eps
Australian Silky Terrier.png
Australian Silky Terrier.jpg
Australian Silky Terrier.eps
Afghanischer Windhund dog.png
Afghanischer Windhund dog.jpg