Christmas Scene Silhouette Clipart

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File size: 9 MB
Date added: July 23, 2022


Christmas SVG, Christmas Night Scene Silhouette Design Clip Art Cut Files for your creative DIY projects and Home Decorations. Perfect for vinyl, personalized T-shirts, apparel, cups, stickers, card stock, and other DIY projects. Options are endless! All designs come in a black color version for easy to change the color as your choice.

️You will get a ZIP archive that includes these file formats:
1 – AI file
1 – EPS file
36 – DXF file
36 – PDF file
36 – SVG file
36 – JPEG file
36 – PNG file with transparent background

What can you make?
– Decals
– Scrapbooking
– Cards
– Shirts
– Bags
– Mugs
– Tumblers
– Signs
& anything else you can imagine!

Beautiful Patterns of Art Vinyl Decal Cutting Files, which can be used for paper crafting programs like Cricut Explore, Silhouette, and other Cutting Machines.


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Christmas Night Scene 1/Christmas Night Paper Cut 1 DXF.dxf
Christmas Night Scene 1/Christmas Night Paper Cut 1 JPG.jpg
Christmas Night Scene 1/Christmas Night Paper Cut 1 PDF.pdf
Christmas Night Scene 1/Christmas Night Paper Cut 1 PNG.png
Christmas Night Scene 1/Christmas Night Paper Cut 1 SVG.svg
Christmas Night Scene 2/Christmas Night Paper Cut 2 DXF.dxf
Christmas Night Scene 2/Christmas Night Paper Cut 2 JPG.jpg
Christmas Night Scene 2/Christmas Night Paper Cut 2 PDF.pdf
Christmas Night Scene 2/Christmas Night Paper Cut 2 PNG.png
Christmas Night Scene 2/Christmas Night Paper Cut 2 SVG.svg
Christmas Night Scene 3/Christmas Night Paper Cut 3 DXF.dxf
Christmas Night Scene 3/Christmas Night Paper Cut 3 JPG.jpg
Christmas Night Scene 3/Christmas Night Paper Cut 3 PDF.pdf
Christmas Night Scene 3/Christmas Night Paper Cut 3 PNG.png
Christmas Night Scene 3/Christmas Night Paper Cut 3 SVG.svg
Christmas Night Scene
Christmas Night Scene EPS.eps
Snowflake 1/DXF/s 1 DXF.dxf
Snowflake 1/DXF/s 2 DXF.dxf
Snowflake 1/DXF/s 3 DXF.dxf
Snowflake 1/DXF/s 4 DXF.dxf
Snowflake 1/DXF/s 5 DXF.dxf
Snowflake 1/DXF/s 6 DXF.dxf
Snowflake 1/DXF/s 7 DXF.dxf
Snowflake 1/JPG/s 1 JPG.jpg
Snowflake 1/JPG/s 2 JPG.jpg
Snowflake 1/JPG/s 3 JPG.jpg
Snowflake 1/JPG/s 4 JPG.jpg
Snowflake 1/JPG/s 5 JPG.jpg
Snowflake 1/JPG/s 6 JPG.jpg
Snowflake 1/JPG/s 7 JPG.jpg
Snowflake 1/PDF/s 1 PDF.pdf
Snowflake 1/PDF/s 2 PDF.pdf
Snowflake 1/PDF/s 3 PDF.pdf
Snowflake 1/PDF/s 4 PDF.pdf
Snowflake 1/PDF/s 5 PDF.pdf
Snowflake 1/PDF/s 6 PDF.pdf
Snowflake 1/PDF/s 7 PDF.pdf
Snowflake 1/PNG/s 1 PNG.png
Snowflake 1/PNG/s 2 PNG.png
Snowflake 1/PNG/s 3 PNG.png
Snowflake 1/PNG/s 4 PNG.png
Snowflake 1/PNG/s 5 PNG.png
Snowflake 1/PNG/s 6 PNG.png
Snowflake 1/PNG/s 7 PNG.png
Snowflake 1/SVG/s 1 SVG.svg
Snowflake 1/SVG/s 2 SVG.svg
Snowflake 1/SVG/s 3 SVG.svg
Snowflake 1/SVG/s 4 SVG.svg
Snowflake 1/SVG/s 5 SVG.svg
Snowflake 1/SVG/s 6 SVG.svg
Snowflake 1/SVG/s 7 SVG.svg
Snowflake 2/DXF/sn 1 DXF.dxf
Snowflake 2/DXF/sn 2 DXF.dxf
Snowflake 2/DXF/sn 3 DXF.dxf
Snowflake 2/DXF/sn 4 DXF.dxf
Snowflake 2/DXF/sn 5 DXF.dxf
Snowflake 2/DXF/sn 6 DXF.dxf
Snowflake 2/DXF/sn 7 DXF.dxf
Snowflake 2/JPG/sn 1 JPG.jpg
Snowflake 2/JPG/sn 2 JPG.jpg
Snowflake 2/JPG/sn 3 JPG.jpg
Snowflake 2/JPG/sn 4 JPG.jpg
Snowflake 2/JPG/sn 5 JPG.jpg
Snowflake 2/JPG/sn 6 JPG.jpg
Snowflake 2/JPG/sn 7 JPG.jpg
Snowflake 2/PDF/sn 1 PDF.pdf
Snowflake 2/PDF/sn 2 PDF.pdf
Snowflake 2/PDF/sn 3 PDF.pdf
Snowflake 2/PDF/sn 4 PDF.pdf
Snowflake 2/PDF/sn 5 PDF.pdf
Snowflake 2/PDF/sn 6 PDF.pdf
Snowflake 2/PDF/sn 7 PDF.pdf
Snowflake 2/PNG/sn 1 PNG.png
Snowflake 2/PNG/sn 2 PNG.png
Snowflake 2/PNG/sn 3 PNG.png
Snowflake 2/PNG/sn 4 PNG.png
Snowflake 2/PNG/sn 5 PNG.png
Snowflake 2/PNG/sn 6 PNG.png
Snowflake 2/PNG/sn 7 PNG.png
Snowflake 2/SVG/sn 1 SVG.svg
Snowflake 2/SVG/sn 2 SVG.svg
Snowflake 2/SVG/sn 3 SVG.svg
Snowflake 2/SVG/sn 4 SVG.svg
Snowflake 2/SVG/sn 5 SVG.svg
Snowflake 2/SVG/sn 6 SVG.svg
Snowflake 2/SVG/sn 7 SVG.svg
Star 1/DXF/1-1 DXF.dxf
Star 1/DXF/1-2 DXF.dxf
Star 1/DXF/1-3 DXF.dxf
Star 1/DXF/1-4 DXF.dxf
Star 1/DXF/1-5 DXF.dxf
Star 1/DXF/1-6 DXF.dxf
Star 1/JPG/1-1 JPG.jpg
Star 1/JPG/1-2 JPG.jpg
Star 1/JPG/1-3 JPG.jpg
Star 1/JPG/1-4 JPG.jpg
Star 1/JPG/1-5 JPG.jpg
Star 1/JPG/1-6 JPG.jpg
Star 1/PDF/1-1 PDF.pdf
Star 1/PDF/1-2 PDF.pdf
Star 1/PDF/1-3 PDF.pdf
Star 1/PDF/1-4 PDF.pdf
Star 1/PDF/1-5 PDF.pdf
Star 1/PDF/1-6 PDF.pdf
Star 1/PNG/1-1 PNG.png
Star 1/PNG/1-2 PNG.png
Star 1/PNG/1-3 PNG.png
Star 1/PNG/1-4 PNG.png
Star 1/PNG/1-5 PNG.png
Star 1/PNG/1-6 PNG.png
Star 1/SVG/1-1 SVG.svg
Star 1/SVG/1-2 SVG.svg
Star 1/SVG/1-3 SVG.svg
Star 1/SVG/1-4 SVG.svg
Star 1/SVG/1-5 SVG.svg
Star 1/SVG/1-6 SVG.svg
Star 2/DXF/2-1 DXF.dxf
Star 2/DXF/2-2 DXF.dxf
Star 2/DXF/2-3 DXF.dxf
Star 2/DXF/2-4 DXF.dxf
Star 2/DXF/2-5 DXF.dxf
Star 2/DXF/2-6 DXF.dxf
Star 2/JPG/2-1 JPG.jpg
Star 2/JPG/2-2 JPG.jpg
Star 2/JPG/2-3 JPG.jpg
Star 2/JPG/2-4 JPG.jpg
Star 2/JPG/2-5 JPG.jpg
Star 2/JPG/2-6 JPG.jpg
Star 2/PDF/2-1 PDF.pdf
Star 2/PDF/2-2 PDF.pdf
Star 2/PDF/2-3 PDF.pdf
Star 2/PDF/2-4 PDF.pdf
Star 2/PDF/2-5 PDF.pdf
Star 2/PDF/2-6 PDF.pdf
Star 2/PNG/2-1 PNG.png
Star 2/PNG/2-2 PNG.png
Star 2/PNG/2-3 PNG.png
Star 2/PNG/2-4 PNG.png
Star 2/PNG/2-5 PNG.png
Star 2/PNG/2-6 PNG.png
Star 2/SVG/2-1 SVG.svg
Star 2/SVG/2-2 SVG.svg
Star 2/SVG/2-3 SVG.svg
Star 2/SVG/2-4 SVG.svg
Star 2/SVG/2-5 SVG.svg
Star 2/SVG/2-6 SVG.svg
Star 3/DXF/3-1 DXF.dxf
Star 3/DXF/3-2 DXF.dxf
Star 3/DXF/3-3 DXF.dxf
Star 3/DXF/3-4 DXF.dxf
Star 3/DXF/3-5 DXF.dxf
Star 3/DXF/3-6 DXF.dxf
Star 3/JPG/3-1 JPG.jpg
Star 3/JPG/3-2 JPG.jpg
Star 3/JPG/3-3 JPG.jpg
Star 3/JPG/3-4 JPG.jpg
Star 3/JPG/3-5 JPG.jpg
Star 3/JPG/3-6 JPG.jpg
Star 3/PDF/3-1 PDF.pdf
Star 3/PDF/3-2 PDF.pdf
Star 3/PDF/3-3 PDF.pdf
Star 3/PDF/3-4 PDF.pdf
Star 3/PDF/3-5 PDF.pdf
Star 3/PDF/3-6 PDF.pdf
Star 3/PNG/3-1 PNG.png
Star 3/PNG/3-2 PNG.png
Star 3/PNG/3-3 PNG.png
Star 3/PNG/3-4 PNG.png
Star 3/PNG/3-5 PNG.png
Star 3/PNG/3-6 PNG.png
Star 3/SVG/3-1 SVG.svg
Star 3/SVG/3-2 SVG.svg
Star 3/SVG/3-3 SVG.svg
Star 3/SVG/3-4 SVG.svg
Star 3/SVG/3-5 SVG.svg
Star 3/SVG/3-6 SVG.svg
The Moon/The Moon DXF.dxf
The Moon/The Moon JPG.jpg
The Moon/The Moon PDF.pdf
The Moon/The Moon PNG.png
The Moon/The Moon SVG.svg