Colorful paintbrush, Brush Stroke Collection | 25 variations

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File size: 84 MB
Date added: March 18, 2022


Colorful paintbrush, Brush Stroke Collection with 25 variations

What will you receive :
25 Files PNG high-quality PNG files created at 300 dpi on transparent background
25 Files JPG on white background
25 Files SVG
25 Files DXF
1 File AI
1 File EPS

size is approx. 20 inches at the widest point (.PNG files)
You can use the files with your Cricut, Cameo Silhouette, or other major home electric cutting machines.
If you have Silhouette Cameo BASIC version, you will need to use DXF

SKU: 20220316_001_Brush Strokes



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DXF/Brush Strokes-01.dxf
DXF/Brush Strokes-02.dxf
DXF/Brush Strokes-03.dxf
DXF/Brush Strokes-04.dxf
DXF/Brush Strokes-05.dxf
DXF/Brush Strokes-06.dxf
DXF/Brush Strokes-07.dxf
DXF/Brush Strokes-08.dxf
DXF/Brush Strokes-09.dxf
DXF/Brush Strokes-10.dxf
DXF/Brush Strokes-11.dxf
DXF/Brush Strokes-12.dxf
DXF/Brush Strokes-13.dxf
DXF/Brush Strokes-14.dxf
DXF/Brush Strokes-15.dxf
DXF/Brush Strokes-16.dxf
DXF/Brush Strokes-17.dxf
DXF/Brush Strokes-18.dxf
DXF/Brush Strokes-19.dxf
DXF/Brush Strokes-20.dxf
DXF/Brush Strokes-21.dxf
DXF/Brush Strokes-22.dxf
DXF/Brush Strokes-23.dxf
DXF/Brush Strokes-24.dxf
DXF/Brush Strokes-25.dxf
EPS/Brush Strokes.eps
JPG/Brush Strokes-01.jpg
JPG/Brush Strokes-02.jpg
JPG/Brush Strokes-03.jpg
JPG/Brush Strokes-04.jpg
JPG/Brush Strokes-05.jpg
JPG/Brush Strokes-06.jpg
JPG/Brush Strokes-07.jpg
JPG/Brush Strokes-08.jpg
JPG/Brush Strokes-09.jpg
JPG/Brush Strokes-10.jpg
JPG/Brush Strokes-11.jpg
JPG/Brush Strokes-12.jpg
JPG/Brush Strokes-13.jpg
JPG/Brush Strokes-14.jpg
JPG/Brush Strokes-15.jpg
JPG/Brush Strokes-16.jpg
JPG/Brush Strokes-17.jpg
JPG/Brush Strokes-18.jpg
JPG/Brush Strokes-19.jpg
JPG/Brush Strokes-20.jpg
JPG/Brush Strokes-21.jpg
JPG/Brush Strokes-22.jpg
JPG/Brush Strokes-23.jpg
JPG/Brush Strokes-24.jpg
JPG/Brush Strokes-25.jpg
PNG/Brush Strokes-01.png
PNG/Brush Strokes-02.png
PNG/Brush Strokes-03.png
PNG/Brush Strokes-04.png
PNG/Brush Strokes-05.png
PNG/Brush Strokes-06.png
PNG/Brush Strokes-07.png
PNG/Brush Strokes-08.png
PNG/Brush Strokes-09.png
PNG/Brush Strokes-10.png
PNG/Brush Strokes-11.png
PNG/Brush Strokes-12.png
PNG/Brush Strokes-13.png
PNG/Brush Strokes-14.png
PNG/Brush Strokes-15.png
PNG/Brush Strokes-16.png
PNG/Brush Strokes-17.png
PNG/Brush Strokes-18.png
PNG/Brush Strokes-19.png
PNG/Brush Strokes-20.png
PNG/Brush Strokes-21.png
PNG/Brush Strokes-22.png
PNG/Brush Strokes-23.png
PNG/Brush Strokes-24.png
PNG/Brush Strokes-25.png
SVG/Brush Strokes-01.svg
SVG/Brush Strokes-02.svg
SVG/Brush Strokes-03.svg
SVG/Brush Strokes-04.svg
SVG/Brush Strokes-05.svg
SVG/Brush Strokes-06.svg
SVG/Brush Strokes-07.svg
SVG/Brush Strokes-08.svg
SVG/Brush Strokes-09.svg
SVG/Brush Strokes-10.svg
SVG/Brush Strokes-11.svg
SVG/Brush Strokes-12.svg
SVG/Brush Strokes-13.svg
SVG/Brush Strokes-14.svg
SVG/Brush Strokes-15.svg
SVG/Brush Strokes-16.svg
SVG/Brush Strokes-17.svg
SVG/Brush Strokes-18.svg
SVG/Brush Strokes-19.svg
SVG/Brush Strokes-20.svg
SVG/Brush Strokes-21.svg
SVG/Brush Strokes-22.svg
SVG/Brush Strokes-23.svg
SVG/Brush Strokes-24.svg
SVG/Brush Strokes-25.svg