20 Dark Mood Presets,Photoshop actions,LUTS,VSCO

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Date added: July 5, 2020
Date updated: November 28, 2021


20 Dark Mood Desktop & Mobile Presets,affinity photo presets,adobe premiere pro presets,Photoshop actions,vsco presets,Lightroom Presets,


Works in Lightroom Mobile App (iOS/Android) With & WITHOUT Adobe subscription. You only need Lightroom CC App on your Phone/iPad.
Works in Lightroom Desktop (WIN/MAC) (4-8 & CC Versions)
Works in only Adobe Photoshop CC Versions
Works in Affinity & VSCO
Works in only Adobe Premiere CC Versions
Compatible with Adobe Raw, Tiff and JPEG


Lightroom Presets Mobile version
Lightroom Presets Desktop version
Photoshop Actions
Xmp Files
PDF Help Files

This presets are available in 5 formats :

Lightroom desktop. (Lrtemplate)
Lightroom mobile. ( DNG)
Adobe Photoshop. (Ps Actions)
Adobe Premire. (Cinematic LUTS)
Adobe Camera Raw,Affinity & VSCO. (XMP)
And it operates in Windows, Mac, Android and IOS version.


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Dark-Mood-oxjd4w.zip (26 MB):
Desktop Version/Dark Mood 01.lrtemplate
Desktop Version/Dark Mood 02.lrtemplate
Desktop Version/Dark Mood 03.lrtemplate
Desktop Version/Dark Mood 04.lrtemplate
Desktop Version/Dark Mood 05.lrtemplate
Desktop Version/Dark Mood 06.lrtemplate
Desktop Version/Dark Mood 07.lrtemplate
Desktop Version/Dark Mood 08.lrtemplate
Desktop Version/Dark Mood 09.lrtemplate
Desktop Version/Dark Mood 10.lrtemplate
Desktop Version/Dark Mood 11.lrtemplate
Desktop Version/Dark Mood 12.lrtemplate
Desktop Version/Dark Mood 13.lrtemplate
Desktop Version/Dark Mood 14.lrtemplate
Desktop Version/Dark Mood 15.lrtemplate
Desktop Version/Dark Mood 16.lrtemplate
Desktop Version/Dark Mood 17.lrtemplate
Desktop Version/Dark Mood 18.lrtemplate
Desktop Version/Dark Mood 19.lrtemplate
Desktop Version/Dark Mood 20.lrtemplate
Extra Files/Actions Work PS CC/Dark Mood.atn
Extra Files/XMP/Dark Mood 01.xmp
Extra Files/XMP/Dark Mood 02.xmp
Extra Files/XMP/Dark Mood 03.xmp
Extra Files/XMP/Dark Mood 04.xmp
Extra Files/XMP/Dark Mood 05.xmp
Extra Files/XMP/Dark Mood 06.xmp
Extra Files/XMP/Dark Mood 07.xmp
Extra Files/XMP/Dark Mood 08.xmp
Extra Files/XMP/Dark Mood 09.xmp
Extra Files/XMP/Dark Mood 10.xmp
Extra Files/XMP/Dark Mood 11.xmp
Extra Files/XMP/Dark Mood 12.xmp
Extra Files/XMP/Dark Mood 13.xmp
Extra Files/XMP/Dark Mood 14.xmp
Extra Files/XMP/Dark Mood 15.xmp
Extra Files/XMP/Dark Mood 16.xmp
Extra Files/XMP/Dark Mood 17.xmp
Extra Files/XMP/Dark Mood 18.xmp
Extra Files/XMP/Dark Mood 19.xmp
Extra Files/XMP/Dark Mood 20.xmp
Installation Lightroom desktop version.pdf
Installation Lightroom mobile version.pdf
LUTs CUBE/Dark Mood (1).cube
LUTs CUBE/Dark Mood (10).cube
LUTs CUBE/Dark Mood (11).cube
LUTs CUBE/Dark Mood (12).cube
LUTs CUBE/Dark Mood (13).cube
LUTs CUBE/Dark Mood (14).cube
LUTs CUBE/Dark Mood (15).cube
LUTs CUBE/Dark Mood (16).cube
LUTs CUBE/Dark Mood (17).cube
LUTs CUBE/Dark Mood (18).cube
LUTs CUBE/Dark Mood (19).cube
LUTs CUBE/Dark Mood (2).cube
LUTs CUBE/Dark Mood (20).cube
LUTs CUBE/Dark Mood (3).cube
LUTs CUBE/Dark Mood (4).cube
LUTs CUBE/Dark Mood (5).cube
LUTs CUBE/Dark Mood (6).cube
LUTs CUBE/Dark Mood (7).cube
LUTs CUBE/Dark Mood (8).cube
LUTs CUBE/Dark Mood (9).cube
Mobile Version/Dark Mood 01.dng
Mobile Version/Dark Mood 02.dng
Mobile Version/Dark Mood 03.dng
Mobile Version/Dark Mood 04.dng
Mobile Version/Dark Mood 05.dng
Mobile Version/Dark Mood 06.dng
Mobile Version/Dark Mood 07.dng
Mobile Version/Dark Mood 08.dng
Mobile Version/Dark Mood 09.dng
Mobile Version/Dark Mood 10.dng
Mobile Version/Dark Mood 11.dng
Mobile Version/Dark Mood 12.dng
Mobile Version/Dark Mood 13.dng
Mobile Version/Dark Mood 14.dng
Mobile Version/Dark Mood 15.dng
Mobile Version/Dark Mood 16.dng
Mobile Version/Dark Mood 17.dng
Mobile Version/Dark Mood 18.dng
Mobile Version/Dark Mood 19.dng
Mobile Version/Dark Mood 20.dng