Oriental Dreams patterns

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Date added: November 18, 2019
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Friends, we continue our virtual graphic journey through countries and continents. This time we are happy to present you the patterns inspired by traditional Persian, Turkish and Moroccan decorations.

Imagine that you find yourself in a fragrant oriental garden, full of sweet-smelling flowers and bright peacocks walking along the paths, and there’s always a dish with pomegranates, grapes, and figs on the table.

This set expands our experiments in which we look for shapes and colors. We increased the detail of drawing of the pattern elements and tried to make them even more refined. And when choosing color combinations in our new patterns we drew inspiration from traditional oriental mosaics.

Each pattern from our new collection consists of a large number of carefully drawn elements. A complete list of items used in the collection: pomegranate, clove, saffron, myrtle, Arabian jasmine, figs, magnolia, tulip, grapes, oleander, orange, pomegranate leaves, quince, peacock, peacock, peacock feather, and lamp (which could very well be a magical one).

The scope of application of “Oriental dreams patterns” is enormous and is only limited by your imagination: postcards, invitation and congratulation cards, posters and stickers, cases and mugs, T-shirts and caps, kids clothing, any printed materials, hand-made and DIY projects, and a lot of other things.

With the purchase of the collection you get:

– 10 classic vector patterns (10 EPS files 1500×1500 px, 10 PNG files 6000×6000 px, 10 JPG files 6000×6000 px)
– 10 dark vector patterns (10 EPS files 1500×1500 px, 10 PNG files 6000×6000 px, 10 JPG files 6000×6000 px)

That’s 60 files in total.

Technical requirements for software.
To work with files in PNG / JPEG format you need to install one of the following programs: Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Painter, Adobe Photoshop Elements, Gimp, Microsoft Publisher.
To use files in EPS format you need to install one of the following programs: Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, Adobe InDesign.

Enjoy! If you have any questions or wishes, please write to us—info@pinatafoundry.com

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*Short notice regarding the license: items purchased under the Standard License may be used to create End Products for Sale where lifetime sales of the End Products for Sale do not exceed 500 units. Items purchased under the Extended License may be used to create End Product for Sale that may be sold an unlimited number of times.


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Oriental-Dreams-patterns.zip (872 MB):
light patterns/PNG/pattern 2.png
light patterns/PNG/pattern 3.png
light patterns/PNG/pattern 1.png
light patterns/PNG/pattern 4.png
light patterns/PNG/pattern 5.png
light patterns/PNG/pattern 7.png
light patterns/PNG/pattern 6.png
light patterns/PNG/pattern 8.png
light patterns/PNG/pattern 10.png
light patterns/PNG/pattern 9.png
light patterns/JPG/pattern 2.jpg
light patterns/JPG/pattern 3.jpg
light patterns/JPG/pattern 1.jpg
light patterns/JPG/pattern 4.jpg
light patterns/JPG/pattern 5.jpg
light patterns/JPG/pattern 7.jpg
light patterns/JPG/pattern 6.jpg
light patterns/JPG/pattern 8.jpg
light patterns/JPG/pattern 10.jpg
light patterns/JPG/pattern 9.jpg
light patterns/EPS/pattern 8.eps
light patterns/EPS/pattern 9.eps
light patterns/EPS/pattern 10.eps
light patterns/EPS/pattern 2.eps
light patterns/EPS/pattern 3.eps
light patterns/EPS/pattern 1.eps
light patterns/EPS/pattern 4.eps
light patterns/EPS/pattern 5.eps
light patterns/EPS/pattern 7.eps
light patterns/EPS/pattern 6.eps
dark patterns/PNG/pattern 2.png
dark patterns/PNG/pattern 3.png
dark patterns/PNG/pattern 1.png
dark patterns/PNG/pattern 4.png
dark patterns/PNG/pattern 5.png
dark patterns/PNG/pattern 7.png
dark patterns/PNG/pattern 6.png
dark patterns/PNG/pattern 8.png
dark patterns/PNG/pattern 10.png
dark patterns/PNG/pattern 9.png
dark patterns/JPG/pattern 2.jpg
dark patterns/JPG/pattern 3.jpg
dark patterns/JPG/pattern 1.jpg
dark patterns/JPG/pattern 4.jpg
dark patterns/JPG/pattern 5.jpg
dark patterns/JPG/pattern 7.jpg
dark patterns/JPG/pattern 6.jpg
dark patterns/JPG/pattern 8.jpg
dark patterns/JPG/pattern 10.jpg
dark patterns/JPG/pattern 9.jpg
dark patterns/EPS/pattern 8.eps
dark patterns/EPS/pattern 9.eps
dark patterns/EPS/pattern 10.eps
dark patterns/EPS/pattern 2.eps
dark patterns/EPS/pattern 3.eps
dark patterns/EPS/pattern 1.eps
dark patterns/EPS/pattern 4.eps
dark patterns/EPS/pattern 5.eps
dark patterns/EPS/pattern 7.eps
dark patterns/EPS/pattern 6.eps