Pets and Animals Bundle (Desktop + Mobile)

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Date added: June 21, 2019
Date updated: June 25, 2019


This Bundle includes 7 Great Presets for Blogger/Vlogger, Photography, Instagram and all people who love great pictures of pets. Capture animal lifestyle photos and wildlife with these cool effects.

Product includes: 

– 1 Aquarium Preset
– 1 Dogs Preset
– 1 Home Pets Preset
– 1 Kitten Preset
– 1 Wildlife Preset
– 1 Zoo Preset

In each preset file, you’ll find:

1x DNG FILES (Mobile Files)
1x IRTEMPLATE FILES ( Desktop 7.3 and earlier)
1x XMP FILE (Desktop 7.4 and newer)
1x User Guide with Pictures for Desktop
1x User Guide with Pictures for Mobile


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Aquarium/DNG (Mobile)/MyBeautifulPresets-Aquarium.dng
Aquarium/lrtemplate (Desktop 7.3 and earlier)/MyBeautifulPresets - Aquarium.lrtemplate
Aquarium/XMP (Desktop 7.4 and newer)/MyBeautifulPresets - Aquarium.xmp
Dogs/DNG (Mobile)/MyBeautifulPresets - Happy Dogs.dng
Dogs/lrtemplate (Desktop 7.3 and earlier)/MyBeautifulPresets - Happy Dogs.lrtemplate
Dogs/XMP (Desktop 7.4 and newer)/MyBeautifulPresets - Happy Dogs.xmp
Home Pets/DNG (Mobile)/MyBeautifulPresets - Home Pets.dng
Home Pets/lrtemplate (Desktop 7.3 and earlier)/MyBeautifulPresets - Home Pets.lrtemplate
Home Pets/XMP (Desktop 7.4 and newer)/MyBeautifulPresets - Home Pets.xmp
Pretty Kitten/DNG (Mobile)/MyBeautifulPresets-Pretty-Kitten.dng
Pretty Kitten/lrtemplate (Desktop 7.3 and earlier)/MyBeautifulPresets - Pretty Kitten.lrtemplate
Pretty Kitten/XMP (Desktop 7.4 and newer)/MyBeautifulPresets - Pretty Kitten.xmp
Wildlife/DNG (Mobile)/MyBeautifulPresets-Wildlife.dng
Wildlife/lrtemplate (Desktop 7.3 and earlier)/MyBeautifulPresets - Wildlife.lrtemplate
Wildlife/XMP (Desktop 7.4 and newer)/MyBeautifulPresets - Wildlife.xmp
Zoo/DNG (Mobile)/MyBeautifulPresets-Zoo.dng
Zoo/lrtemplate (Desktop 7.3 and earlier)/MyBeautifulPresets - Zoo.lrtemplate
Zoo/XMP (Desktop 7.4 and newer)/MyBeautifulPresets - Zoo.xmp
How to desktop (7.3 and earlier).docx
How to desktop (7.4 and newer).docx
How to mobile.docx