Snowflakes Svg, Christmas Svg, Winter Svg Bundle

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File size: 23 MB
Date added: August 12, 2020


Snowflakes Svg, Christmas Svg, Winter Svg Bundle is suitable for t-shirt, laser cutting, sublimation, diy, hobby, cards, invitations, website or crafts projects. Perfect for magazine, news papers, posters, in branding, headers, invitations, flyers, packaging, bags, printable wall art, crafts, cut files and so much more.
Works great with Adobe Illustrator, Cricut cutting machine, Silhouette Studio, etc. Please make sure your machine and software are compatible before purchasing.
If you don’t mind to know that a few designs in our shop are more complex, and have much more of fine details. When utilizing these designs in cutting machines, they might be more qualified for bigger sizes or for vinyl to keep up the details.

What’s included:

– 40 DXF files;
– 40 EPS files;
– 40 PNG files 300 dpi;
– 40 SVG files;

The fonts are NOT included.
Enjoy it!


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Snowflake 10/Snowflake 10.dxf
Snowflake 10/Snowflake 10.eps
Snowflake 10/Snowflake 10.png
Snowflake 10/Snowflake 10.svg
Snowflake 11/Snowflake 11.dxf
Snowflake 11/Snowflake 11.eps
Snowflake 11/Snowflake 11.png
Snowflake 11/Snowflake 11.svg
Snowflake 12/Snowflake 12.dxf
Snowflake 12/Snowflake 12.eps
Snowflake 12/Snowflake 12.png
Snowflake 12/Snowflake 12.svg
Snowflake 13/Snowflake 13.dxf
Snowflake 13/Snowflake 13.eps
Snowflake 13/Snowflake 13.png
Snowflake 13/Snowflake 13.svg
Snowflake 14/Snowflake 14.dxf
Snowflake 14/Snowflake 14.eps
Snowflake 14/Snowflake 14.png
Snowflake 14/Snowflake 14.svg
Snowflake 15/Snowflake 15.dxf
Snowflake 15/Snowflake 15.eps
Snowflake 15/Snowflake 15.png
Snowflake 15/Snowflake 15.svg
Snowflake 16/Snowflake 16.dxf
Snowflake 16/Snowflake 16.eps
Snowflake 16/Snowflake 16.png
Snowflake 16/Snowflake 16.svg
Snowflake 17/Snowflake 17.dxf
Snowflake 17/Snowflake 17.eps
Snowflake 17/Snowflake 17.png
Snowflake 17/Snowflake 17.svg
Snowflake 18/Snowflake 18.dxf
Snowflake 18/Snowflake 18.eps
Snowflake 18/Snowflake 18.png
Snowflake 18/Snowflake 18.svg
Snowflake 19/Snowflake 19.dxf
Snowflake 19/Snowflake 19.eps
Snowflake 19/Snowflake 19.png
Snowflake 19/Snowflake 19.svg
Snowflake 1/Snowflake 1.dxf
Snowflake 1/Snowflake 1.eps
Snowflake 1/Snowflake 1.png
Snowflake 1/Snowflake 1.svg
Snowflake 20/Snowflake 20.dxf
Snowflake 20/Snowflake 20.eps
Snowflake 20/Snowflake 20.png
Snowflake 20/Snowflake 20.svg
Snowflake 21/Snowflake 21.dxf
Snowflake 21/Snowflake 21.eps
Snowflake 21/Snowflake 21.png
Snowflake 21/Snowflake 21.svg
Snowflake 22/Snowflake 22.dxf
Snowflake 22/Snowflake 22.eps
Snowflake 22/Snowflake 22.png
Snowflake 22/Snowflake 22.svg
Snowflake 23/Snowflake 23.dxf
Snowflake 23/Snowflake 23.eps
Snowflake 23/Snowflake 23.png
Snowflake 23/Snowflake 23.svg
Snowflake 24/Snowflake 24.dxf
Snowflake 24/Snowflake 24.eps
Snowflake 24/Snowflake 24.png
Snowflake 24/Snowflake 24.svg
Snowflake 25/Snowflake 25.dxf
Snowflake 25/Snowflake 25.eps
Snowflake 25/Snowflake 25.png
Snowflake 25/Snowflake 25.svg
Snowflake 26/Snowflake 26.dxf
Snowflake 26/Snowflake 26.eps
Snowflake 26/Snowflake 26.png
Snowflake 26/Snowflake 26.svg
Snowflake 27/Snowflake 27.dxf
Snowflake 27/Snowflake 27.eps
Snowflake 27/Snowflake 27.png
Snowflake 27/Snowflake 27.svg
Snowflake 28/Snowflake 28.dxf
Snowflake 28/Snowflake 28.eps
Snowflake 28/Snowflake 28.png
Snowflake 28/Snowflake 28.svg
Snowflake 29/Snowflake 29.dxf
Snowflake 29/Snowflake 29.eps
Snowflake 29/Snowflake 29.png
Snowflake 29/Snowflake 29.svg
Snowflake 2/Snowflake 2.dxf
Snowflake 2/Snowflake 2.eps
Snowflake 2/Snowflake 2.png
Snowflake 2/Snowflake 2.svg
Snowflake 30/Snowflake 30.dxf
Snowflake 30/Snowflake 30.eps
Snowflake 30/Snowflake 30.png
Snowflake 30/Snowflake 30.svg
Snowflake 31/Snowflake 31.dxf
Snowflake 31/Snowflake 31.eps
Snowflake 31/Snowflake 31.png
Snowflake 31/Snowflake 31.svg
Snowflake 32/Snowflake 32.dxf
Snowflake 32/Snowflake 32.eps
Snowflake 32/Snowflake 32.png
Snowflake 32/Snowflake 32.svg
Snowflake 33/Snowflake 33.dxf
Snowflake 33/Snowflake 33.eps
Snowflake 33/Snowflake 33.png
Snowflake 33/Snowflake 33.svg
Snowflake 34/Snowflake 34.dxf
Snowflake 34/Snowflake 34.eps
Snowflake 34/Snowflake 34.png
Snowflake 34/Snowflake 34.svg
Snowflake 35/Snowflake 35.dxf
Snowflake 35/Snowflake 35.eps
Snowflake 35/Snowflake 35.png
Snowflake 35/Snowflake 35.svg
Snowflake 36/Snowflake 36.dxf
Snowflake 36/Snowflake 36.eps
Snowflake 36/Snowflake 36.png
Snowflake 36/Snowflake 36.svg
Snowflake 37/Snowflake 37.dxf
Snowflake 37/Snowflake 37.eps
Snowflake 37/Snowflake 37.png
Snowflake 37/Snowflake 37.svg
Snowflake 38/Snowflake 38.dxf
Snowflake 38/Snowflake 38.eps
Snowflake 38/Snowflake 38.png
Snowflake 38/Snowflake 38.svg
Snowflake 39/Snowflake 39.dxf
Snowflake 39/Snowflake 39.eps
Snowflake 39/Snowflake 39.png
Snowflake 39/Snowflake 39.svg
Snowflake 3/Snowflake 3.dxf
Snowflake 3/Snowflake 3.eps
Snowflake 3/Snowflake 3.png
Snowflake 3/Snowflake 3.svg
Snowflake 40/Snowflake 40.dxf
Snowflake 40/Snowflake 40.eps
Snowflake 40/Snowflake 40.png
Snowflake 40/Snowflake 40.svg
Snowflake 4/Snowflake 4.dxf
Snowflake 4/Snowflake 4.eps
Snowflake 4/Snowflake 4.png
Snowflake 4/Snowflake 4.svg
Snowflake 5/Snowflake 5.dxf
Snowflake 5/Snowflake 5.eps
Snowflake 5/Snowflake 5.png
Snowflake 5/Snowflake 5.svg
Snowflake 6/Snowflake 6.dxf
Snowflake 6/Snowflake 6.eps
Snowflake 6/Snowflake 6.png
Snowflake 6/Snowflake 6.svg
Snowflake 7/Snowflake 7.dxf
Snowflake 7/Snowflake 7.eps
Snowflake 7/Snowflake 7.png
Snowflake 7/Snowflake 7.svg
Snowflake 8/Snowflake 8.dxf
Snowflake 8/Snowflake 8.eps
Snowflake 8/Snowflake 8.png
Snowflake 8/Snowflake 8.svg
Snowflake 9/Snowflake 9.dxf
Snowflake 9/Snowflake 9.eps
Snowflake 9/Snowflake 9.png
Snowflake 9/Snowflake 9.svg