Stationery Branding Identity Bundle

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Date added: February 27, 2019
Date updated: July 22, 2019


P O W E R F U L-B R A N D I N G Identity Bundle is here!

Trendbiz is very powerfull complete business branding for any kind of corporate agency or multipurpose company. It will save your expense & many times. All Color, shape and all elements is 100% Editable. It is fully editable & customizable to your own choices (without logo shape) because i am use PNG Logo in all items.

Please Note : Mockup and Images are not include in the main file (mockup and images only use for preview) But, include used fonts and images link in the documentation folder

This is a huge amount of value for only $39! Branding packages can start at around $2000 + for this amount of high-end, cleanly designed, versatile documents.

Replace the titles and logos with your own and change the colours and images to match your brand.

PDFs for Support Documentation
InDesign CS5 files (For Tri-Fold Brochure, Bi-Fold Brochure and Project Proposal)
PSD Files (For Business Card, Letterhead / With Comps , Social Media Packages, Letterhead, Invoice, Flyer, Tri-Fold Brochure, Invitation Card, Certificate, Fax Paper and Desktop Wallpaper)
MS Word File (For Letterhead, Invoice, Fax Paper)

Business Card (Size : 3.5×2 inch)
Letterhead-Both Side (A4 Size)
Complement Card-Double Side (Size : 8.25×3.54 inch)
Envelope (3 Size : commercial, official & catalog size)
Folder (Size : 18×16 inch) Include dye cut & creasing
Invoice (A4 Size) Include : MS Word, PSD & EPS File Format
CD Case & Compact Disk (CD Case Size 11.38×6.57 inch, Compact Disk 4.72×4.72 inch)
ID Card-Portrait & Landscape (Size : 2.13×3.39 inch) double side
Flyers (A4 Size) Dark and Light
Tri-Fold Brochure (Size: Tall Tri-Fold A4 Size, Square Tri-Fold 24.8×8.27 inch)
Bi-Fold Brochure-22 Pages (A4 Size)
Signage : Shop Sign Size : 120×48 inch, Billboard Size : 120×48 inch, Standboard Size : 30×70 inch, Promotion Counter Upper Size : 48×11 inch, Promotion Counter Buttom Side Size : 48×35.5 inch & Location Board Size :36×18 inch (4designs)
Shopping Bag (4 Size) Square, Landscap, Standard and Portrait Size
Proposal-32 Pages (A4 Size)
Certificate-Portrait & Landscap (US Letter Size)
Invitation Card-Double Side (Size : 9.5×7 inch)
Fax Paper (A4 Size)
T-Shirt-only Shape and Design
CAP-only Shape and Design
Clock-only Shape and Design
Mug-only Shape and Design
PenDrive-only Shape and Design
Pen-only Shape and Design
Car-only Shape and Design
Social Media Cover Design : Facebook Size : 851×315 px, Twitter : 1500×500 px, Youtube : 2560×1440 px
Wallpaper (HD)

Features: (as above, plus)
High-quality clean & creative designs
Fully editable & vector
Print Ready with CMYK
300DPI & Resizable vector
Trim marks & Guidelines included
Dye-Cut & Creasing included in Packaging
Bleeds & Dimension Included
We are a professional global creative collective with over 15 years of experience working on high end branding and product development in print and digital media.

Thank you for viewing and/or purchasing our templates. We really hope you enjoy this one with its flexibility to create whatever you desire!

PLEASE NOTE: This bundle comes with a ”Standard License”. Please read the Licenses FAQ and purchase the correct license that suits your end product. Please purchase the Extended License where necessary – it is still incredibly amazing value, we believe in supporting the creator’s hard work.

If you love it, remember to FOLLOW ME so you’ll be notified about my updates on new product launches! If you have any questions regarding this bundle or anything, just hit me with a message and let’s have a virtual cup of coffee to discuss 🙂


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01_Documentation/01_Fonts Used and How to Install.pdf
01_Documentation/02_Image Documentation.pdf
01_Documentation/03_Contact & Support.pdf
02_Sourse Files/01_Business Card/01_EPS/01_Front Side.eps
02_Sourse Files/01_Business Card/01_EPS/02_Back Side.eps
02_Sourse Files/01_Business Card/02_PSD/01_Front Side.psd
02_Sourse Files/01_Business Card/02_PSD/02_Back Side.psd
02_Sourse Files/02_Letterhead/01_EPS/01_Front Side.eps
02_Sourse Files/02_Letterhead/01_EPS/02_Back Side.eps
02_Sourse Files/02_Letterhead/02_PSD/01_Front Side.psd
02_Sourse Files/02_Letterhead/02_PSD/02_Back Side.psd
02_Sourse Files/02_Letterhead/03_MS Word/01_Front Side.docx
02_Sourse Files/02_Letterhead/03_MS Word/02_Back Side.docx
02_Sourse Files/03_Compliment Card/01_Front Side.eps
02_Sourse Files/03_Compliment Card/02_Back Side.eps
02_Sourse Files/04_Presentation Folder/01_Front Side.eps
02_Sourse Files/04_Presentation Folder/02_Back Side.eps
02_Sourse Files/05_Invoice/01_EPS/01_Color Version.eps
02_Sourse Files/05_Invoice/02_PSD/01_Color Version.psd
02_Sourse Files/05_Invoice/03_MS Word/01_Invoice.docx
02_Sourse Files/06_Envelop/01_Commercial Size.eps
02_Sourse Files/06_Envelop/02_Official Size.eps
02_Sourse Files/06_Envelop/03_Catalog Size.eps
02_Sourse Files/07_Business Flyer and Poster/01_EPS/01_Light Version.eps
02_Sourse Files/07_Business Flyer and Poster/01_EPS/02_Dark Version.eps
02_Sourse Files/07_Business Flyer and Poster/02_PSD/01_Light Version.psd
02_Sourse Files/07_Business Flyer and Poster/02_PSD/02_Dark Version.psd
02_Sourse Files/08_Tri-Fold Brochure/01_InDesign (ID)/01_Tall Tri-Fold Brochure/01_Brochure.indd
02_Sourse Files/08_Tri-Fold Brochure/01_InDesign (ID)/02_Square Tri-Fold Brochure/01_Brochure.indd
02_Sourse Files/08_Tri-Fold Brochure/02_EPS/01_Tall Tri-Fold Brochure/01_Front Side.eps
02_Sourse Files/08_Tri-Fold Brochure/02_EPS/01_Tall Tri-Fold Brochure/02_Back Side.eps
02_Sourse Files/08_Tri-Fold Brochure/02_EPS/02_Square Tri-Fold Brochure/01_Front Side.eps
02_Sourse Files/08_Tri-Fold Brochure/02_EPS/02_Square Tri-Fold Brochure/02_Back Side.eps
02_Sourse Files/08_Tri-Fold Brochure/03_PSD/01_Tall Tri-Fold Brochure/01_Front Side.psd
02_Sourse Files/08_Tri-Fold Brochure/03_PSD/01_Tall Tri-Fold Brochure/02_Back Side.psd
02_Sourse Files/08_Tri-Fold Brochure/03_PSD/02_Square Tri-Fold Brochure/01_Front Side.psd
02_Sourse Files/08_Tri-Fold Brochure/03_PSD/02_Square Tri-Fold Brochure/02_Back Side.psd
02_Sourse Files/09_Bi-Fold Brochure/01_Brochure.indd
02_Sourse Files/10_Signage Solution Pack/01_Shop Signboard.eps
02_Sourse Files/10_Signage Solution Pack/02_Billboard.eps
02_Sourse Files/10_Signage Solution Pack/03_Rollup_Outdoor Banner.eps
02_Sourse Files/10_Signage Solution Pack/04_Location Board.eps
02_Sourse Files/10_Signage Solution Pack/05_Promotion Counter/01_Top Side Design.eps
02_Sourse Files/10_Signage Solution Pack/05_Promotion Counter/02_Buttom Design.eps
02_Sourse Files/11_Invitation Card/01_EPS/01_Front Side.eps
02_Sourse Files/11_Invitation Card/01_EPS/02_Back Side.eps
02_Sourse Files/11_Invitation Card/02_PSD/01_Front Side.psd
02_Sourse Files/11_Invitation Card/02_PSD/02_Back Side.psd
02_Sourse Files/12_Shopping Bags/01_Square Size (Celebrity or Traveller).eps
02_Sourse Files/12_Shopping Bags/02_Landscap Size (Fashion and Shop).eps
02_Sourse Files/12_Shopping Bags/03_Standard Size (Mart and Market).eps
02_Sourse Files/12_Shopping Bags/04_Portrait Size (Wine Vino).eps
02_Sourse Files/13_Proposal/01_Proposal.indd
02_Sourse Files/14_Certificate/01_EPS/01_Landscap version.eps
02_Sourse Files/14_Certificate/01_EPS/02_Portrait version.eps
02_Sourse Files/14_Certificate/02_PSD/01_Landscap Version.psd
02_Sourse Files/14_Certificate/02_PSD/02_Portrait version.psd
02_Sourse Files/15_CD & DVD Pack/01_CD and DVD Case.eps
02_Sourse Files/15_CD & DVD Pack/02_CD and DVD Disk.eps
02_Sourse Files/16_Official ID Card/01_Portrait Version/01_Front Side.eps
02_Sourse Files/16_Official ID Card/01_Portrait Version/02_Back Side.eps
02_Sourse Files/16_Official ID Card/02_Landscap Version/01_Front Side.eps
02_Sourse Files/16_Official ID Card/02_Landscap Version/02_Back Side.eps
02_Sourse Files/17_Fax Paper/01_EPS/01_Color Version.eps
02_Sourse Files/17_Fax Paper/02_PSD/01_Color Version.psd
02_Sourse Files/17_Fax Paper/03_MS Word/01_Fax Paper.docx
02_Sourse Files/18_Social Media Cover Design/01_Facebook/01_Facebook.psd
02_Sourse Files/18_Social Media Cover Design/01_Facebook/02_Avatar.psd
02_Sourse Files/18_Social Media Cover Design/02_Twitter/01_Cover Photo design.psd
02_Sourse Files/18_Social Media Cover Design/02_Twitter/02_Avatar.psd
02_Sourse Files/18_Social Media Cover Design/03_Youtube/01_Channel Art.psd
02_Sourse Files/19_T Shirt/01_T Shirt Design and shape.eps
02_Sourse Files/20_Cap/01_Cap Design.eps
02_Sourse Files/21_Clock/01_Clock.eps
02_Sourse Files/22_Mug/01_Mug.eps
02_Sourse Files/23_Pen/01_Pen.eps
02_Sourse Files/24_Flash Drive/01_Flash Drive.eps
02_Sourse Files/25_Car and Vehicle/01_Car.eps
02_Sourse Files/25_Car and Vehicle/02_Sticker Design for Vehicle.eps
02_Sourse Files/26_Wallpaper/01_Wallpaper.psd