101 Wedding Premium Lightroom Presets

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Date added: April 15, 2021
Date updated: May 6, 2022


These 101 Wedding Premium Lightroom presets is all you need, It has 101 Unique and different tone for your photograph. After this, You don’t need to rely on anything this is one of the finest presets and the best thing about this is the pack, this is specially designed for photographs which has a human figure in it so we have made sure that this presets preserves the skin color. These presets are tested on tons of photographs and we personally use these presets for ourselves. This preset not only focuses on Quantity but also on the Quality that you will Get it. Every preset need some little lighting setting to change but this presets offers so many tones and color that your photograph will surely get fit with any of these amazing Presets. Grab this Pack we assure you 100% Guaranteed you would love it!

What All Presets inside this pack!

Minimal Wedding – (10 Presets) – Basic Color and Light Editing giving a minimal and realistic look
Perfect Wedding – (11 Presets) – Works on every image giving a totally different look that would give a premium look
Wedding Desire – (20 Presets) – It would give your photograph punchy, enhance colors, and will balance the overall color of the image
Wedding Essential – (30 Presets) – this is an essential presets this is best for events, portraits & works on all
Wedding Mood – (30 Presets) – This is a Moody presets best for outdoor & proper lighting

Wedding – 101 Lightroom Presets
● 101 Lightroom presets in .xmp & .dng format
● For Lightroom Desktop and Mobile
● Compatible with Windows or Mac
● Works on RAW and JPEG images
● Works With & WITHOUT Adobe subscription

The File Size is 200MB – .zip Format

Why Choose Us?

– Takes only a single click.
– High-quality result.
– Easily editable effects.
– Non-destructive Workflow.
– Completely experimented & tested.

What’s Included?

– .XMP Format Preset
– .DNG Format Preset
– User Manual


– Adobe Lightroom (Desktop & Mobile)
– Adobe Photoshop Camera Raw (Version 4.1 and Later)
– Compatible with both a Windows and Mac
– Work on RAW and JPEG images
– Can be easily adjusted to fit your image

© 2021 Picartainment Presets All Rights Reserved

With these presets you will spend less time in color grading and more time in retouching the images which are so important if you are a portrait photographer. Our Lightroom Presets work on JPGs. These Lightroom presets are fully compatible with the Lightroom desktop as well as the Mobile version.

Some Minor Adjustments can be required like lighting condition changes from photograph to photograph, so that can be too done easily!

Spend more time during the shoot and less time in editing with our Premium Professional presets. We also publish blogs related to editing tips and how-to, Do have a look at that! Have Fun!

NOTE: Most of the images we have used to present our presets are cc-free and taken from Pexels or Unsplash. So, please don’t misuse these pictures and respect privacy.

You may contact us if you have any issues with presets but money won’t be refunded we can help with presets if you have any issues or error!

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  1. Alexis King (verified owner)

    Bestest Presets Collections I have ever seen, Not only Weddings this works on all images I took, Just Fav Worth it!

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Alexis King
  2. Aviana (verified owner)

    Amazing… Has everything that I need!

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101-Weddding_picartainment.com_-8wahmk.zip (200 MB):
Desktop (.XMP)/Minimal Wedding 1.xmp
Desktop (.XMP)/Minimal Wedding 10.xmp
Desktop (.XMP)/Minimal Wedding 2.xmp
Desktop (.XMP)/Minimal Wedding 3.xmp
Desktop (.XMP)/Minimal Wedding 4.xmp
Desktop (.XMP)/Minimal Wedding 5.xmp
Desktop (.XMP)/Minimal Wedding 6.xmp
Desktop (.XMP)/Minimal Wedding 7.xmp
Desktop (.XMP)/Minimal Wedding 8.xmp
Desktop (.XMP)/Minimal Wedding 9.xmp
Desktop (.XMP)/Perfect Wedding 1.xmp
Desktop (.XMP)/Perfect Wedding 10.xmp
Desktop (.XMP)/Perfect Wedding 11.xmp
Desktop (.XMP)/Perfect Wedding 2.xmp
Desktop (.XMP)/Perfect Wedding 3.xmp
Desktop (.XMP)/Perfect wedding 4.xmp
Desktop (.XMP)/Perfect Wedding 5.xmp
Desktop (.XMP)/Perfect Wedding 6.xmp
Desktop (.XMP)/Perfect Wedding 7.xmp
Desktop (.XMP)/Perfect Wedding 8.xmp
Desktop (.XMP)/Perfect Wedding 9.xmp
Desktop (.XMP)/Wedding Desire 1.xmp
Desktop (.XMP)/Wedding Desire 10.xmp
Desktop (.XMP)/Wedding Desire 11.xmp
Desktop (.XMP)/Wedding Desire 12.xmp
Desktop (.XMP)/Wedding Desire 13.xmp
Desktop (.XMP)/Wedding Desire 14.xmp
Desktop (.XMP)/Wedding Desire 15.xmp
Desktop (.XMP)/Wedding Desire 16.xmp
Desktop (.XMP)/Wedding Desire 17.xmp
Desktop (.XMP)/Wedding Desire 18.xmp
Desktop (.XMP)/Wedding Desire 19.xmp
Desktop (.XMP)/Wedding Desire 2.xmp
Desktop (.XMP)/Wedding Desire 20.xmp
Desktop (.XMP)/Wedding Desire 3.xmp
Desktop (.XMP)/Wedding Desire 4.xmp
Desktop (.XMP)/Wedding Desire 5.xmp
Desktop (.XMP)/Wedding Desire 6.xmp
Desktop (.XMP)/Wedding Desire 7.xmp
Desktop (.XMP)/Wedding Desire 8.xmp
Desktop (.XMP)/Wedding Desire 9.xmp
Desktop (.XMP)/Wedding Essential 1.xmp
Desktop (.XMP)/Wedding Essential 10.xmp
Desktop (.XMP)/Wedding Essential 11.xmp
Desktop (.XMP)/Wedding Essential 12.xmp
Desktop (.XMP)/Wedding Essential 13.xmp
Desktop (.XMP)/Wedding Essential 14.xmp
Desktop (.XMP)/Wedding Essential 15.xmp
Desktop (.XMP)/Wedding Essential 16.xmp
Desktop (.XMP)/Wedding Essential 17.xmp
Desktop (.XMP)/Wedding Essential 18.xmp
Desktop (.XMP)/Wedding Essential 19.xmp
Desktop (.XMP)/Wedding Essential 2.xmp
Desktop (.XMP)/Wedding Essential 20.xmp
Desktop (.XMP)/Wedding Essential 21.xmp
Desktop (.XMP)/Wedding Essential 22.xmp
Desktop (.XMP)/Wedding Essential 23.xmp
Desktop (.XMP)/Wedding Essential 24.xmp
Desktop (.XMP)/Wedding Essential 25.xmp
Desktop (.XMP)/Wedding Essential 26.xmp
Desktop (.XMP)/Wedding Essential 27.xmp
Desktop (.XMP)/Wedding Essential 28.xmp
Desktop (.XMP)/Wedding Essential 29.xmp
Desktop (.XMP)/Wedding Essential 3.xmp
Desktop (.XMP)/Wedding Essential 30.xmp
Desktop (.XMP)/Wedding Essential 4.xmp
Desktop (.XMP)/Wedding Essential 5.xmp
Desktop (.XMP)/Wedding Essential 6.xmp
Desktop (.XMP)/Wedding Essential 7.xmp
Desktop (.XMP)/Wedding Essential 8.xmp
Desktop (.XMP)/Wedding Essential 9.xmp
Desktop (.XMP)/Wedding Mood 1.xmp
Desktop (.XMP)/Wedding Mood 10.xmp
Desktop (.XMP)/Wedding Mood 11.xmp
Desktop (.XMP)/Wedding Mood 12.xmp
Desktop (.XMP)/Wedding Mood 13.xmp
Desktop (.XMP)/Wedding Mood 14.xmp
Desktop (.XMP)/Wedding Mood 15.xmp
Desktop (.XMP)/Wedding Mood 16.xmp
Desktop (.XMP)/Wedding Mood 17.xmp
Desktop (.XMP)/Wedding Mood 18.xmp
Desktop (.XMP)/Wedding Mood 19.xmp
Desktop (.XMP)/Wedding Mood 2.xmp
Desktop (.XMP)/Wedding Mood 20.xmp
Desktop (.XMP)/Wedding Mood 21.xmp
Desktop (.XMP)/Wedding Mood 22.xmp
Desktop (.XMP)/Wedding Mood 23.xmp
Desktop (.XMP)/Wedding Mood 24.xmp
Desktop (.XMP)/Wedding Mood 25.xmp
Desktop (.XMP)/Wedding Mood 26.xmp
Desktop (.XMP)/Wedding Mood 27.xmp
Desktop (.XMP)/Wedding Mood 28.xmp
Desktop (.XMP)/Wedding Mood 29.xmp
Desktop (.XMP)/Wedding Mood 3.xmp
Desktop (.XMP)/Wedding Mood 30.xmp
Desktop (.XMP)/Wedding Mood 4.xmp
Desktop (.XMP)/Wedding Mood 5.xmp
Desktop (.XMP)/Wedding Mood 6.xmp
Desktop (.XMP)/Wedding Mood 7.xmp
Desktop (.XMP)/Wedding Mood 8.xmp
Desktop (.XMP)/Wedding Mood 9.xmp
Extra Tool/- Grain +.xmp
Extra Tool/- Grain ++.xmp
Extra Tool/- Grain +++.xmp
Extra Tool/- Grain ++++.xmp
Extra Tool/-- Grain OFF.xmp
Extra Tool/- Vignette +.xmp
Extra Tool/- Vignette ++.xmp
Extra Tool/- Vignette +++.xmp
Extra Tool/- Vignette ++++.xmp
Extra Tool/-- Vignette OFF.xmp
Extra Tool/_- RESET -_.xmp
How to Import Preset in Desktop.pdf
How to Import Presets in Mobile.pdf
Mobile (.DNG)/Minimal Wedding-1.dng
Mobile (.DNG)/Minimal Wedding-10.dng
Mobile (.DNG)/Minimal Wedding-2.dng
Mobile (.DNG)/Minimal Wedding-3.dng
Mobile (.DNG)/Minimal Wedding-4.dng
Mobile (.DNG)/Minimal Wedding-5.dng
Mobile (.DNG)/Minimal Wedding-6.dng
Mobile (.DNG)/Minimal Wedding-7.dng
Mobile (.DNG)/Minimal Wedding-8.dng
Mobile (.DNG)/Minimal Wedding-9.dng
Mobile (.DNG)/Perfect Wedding-1.dng
Mobile (.DNG)/Perfect Wedding-10.dng
Mobile (.DNG)/Perfect Wedding-11.dng
Mobile (.DNG)/Perfect Wedding-2.dng
Mobile (.DNG)/Perfect Wedding-3.dng
Mobile (.DNG)/Perfect Wedding-4.dng
Mobile (.DNG)/Perfect Wedding-5.dng
Mobile (.DNG)/Perfect Wedding-6.dng
Mobile (.DNG)/Perfect Wedding-7.dng
Mobile (.DNG)/Perfect Wedding-8.dng
Mobile (.DNG)/Perfect Wedding-9.dng
Mobile (.DNG)/Wedding Desire-1.dng
Mobile (.DNG)/Wedding Desire-10.dng
Mobile (.DNG)/Wedding Desire-11.dng
Mobile (.DNG)/Wedding Desire-12.dng
Mobile (.DNG)/Wedding Desire-13.dng
Mobile (.DNG)/Wedding Desire-14.dng
Mobile (.DNG)/Wedding Desire-15.dng
Mobile (.DNG)/Wedding Desire-16.dng
Mobile (.DNG)/Wedding Desire-17.dng
Mobile (.DNG)/Wedding Desire-18.dng
Mobile (.DNG)/Wedding Desire-19.dng
Mobile (.DNG)/Wedding Desire-2.dng
Mobile (.DNG)/Wedding Desire-20.dng
Mobile (.DNG)/Wedding Desire-3.dng
Mobile (.DNG)/Wedding Desire-4.dng
Mobile (.DNG)/Wedding Desire-5.dng
Mobile (.DNG)/Wedding Desire-6.dng
Mobile (.DNG)/Wedding Desire-7.dng
Mobile (.DNG)/Wedding Desire-8.dng
Mobile (.DNG)/Wedding Desire-9.dng
Mobile (.DNG)/Wedding Essential-1.dng
Mobile (.DNG)/Wedding Essential-10.dng
Mobile (.DNG)/Wedding Essential-11.dng
Mobile (.DNG)/Wedding Essential-12.dng
Mobile (.DNG)/Wedding Essential-13.dng
Mobile (.DNG)/Wedding Essential-14.dng
Mobile (.DNG)/Wedding Essential-15.dng
Mobile (.DNG)/Wedding Essential-16.dng
Mobile (.DNG)/Wedding Essential-17.dng
Mobile (.DNG)/Wedding Essential-18.dng
Mobile (.DNG)/Wedding Essential-19.dng
Mobile (.DNG)/Wedding Essential-2.dng
Mobile (.DNG)/Wedding Essential-20.dng
Mobile (.DNG)/Wedding Essential-21.dng
Mobile (.DNG)/Wedding Essential-22.dng
Mobile (.DNG)/Wedding Essential-23.dng
Mobile (.DNG)/Wedding Essential-24.dng
Mobile (.DNG)/Wedding Essential-25.dng
Mobile (.DNG)/Wedding Essential-26.dng
Mobile (.DNG)/Wedding Essential-27.dng
Mobile (.DNG)/Wedding Essential-28.dng
Mobile (.DNG)/Wedding Essential-29.dng
Mobile (.DNG)/Wedding Essential-3.dng
Mobile (.DNG)/Wedding Essential-30.dng
Mobile (.DNG)/Wedding Essential-4.dng
Mobile (.DNG)/Wedding Essential-5.dng
Mobile (.DNG)/Wedding Essential-6.dng
Mobile (.DNG)/Wedding Essential-7.dng
Mobile (.DNG)/Wedding Essential-8.dng
Mobile (.DNG)/Wedding Essential-9.dng
Mobile (.DNG)/Wedding Mood-1.dng
Mobile (.DNG)/Wedding Mood-10.dng
Mobile (.DNG)/Wedding Mood-11.dng
Mobile (.DNG)/Wedding Mood-12.dng
Mobile (.DNG)/Wedding Mood-13.dng
Mobile (.DNG)/Wedding Mood-14.dng
Mobile (.DNG)/Wedding Mood-15.dng
Mobile (.DNG)/Wedding Mood-16.dng
Mobile (.DNG)/Wedding Mood-17.dng
Mobile (.DNG)/Wedding Mood-18.dng
Mobile (.DNG)/Wedding Mood-19.dng
Mobile (.DNG)/Wedding Mood-2.dng
Mobile (.DNG)/Wedding Mood-20.dng
Mobile (.DNG)/Wedding Mood-21.dng
Mobile (.DNG)/Wedding Mood-22.dng
Mobile (.DNG)/Wedding Mood-23.dng
Mobile (.DNG)/Wedding Mood-24.dng
Mobile (.DNG)/Wedding Mood-25.dng
Mobile (.DNG)/Wedding Mood-26.dng
Mobile (.DNG)/Wedding Mood-27.dng
Mobile (.DNG)/Wedding Mood-28.dng
Mobile (.DNG)/Wedding Mood-29.dng
Mobile (.DNG)/Wedding Mood-3.dng
Mobile (.DNG)/Wedding Mood-30.dng
Mobile (.DNG)/Wedding Mood-4.dng
Mobile (.DNG)/Wedding Mood-5.dng
Mobile (.DNG)/Wedding Mood-6.dng
Mobile (.DNG)/Wedding Mood-7.dng
Mobile (.DNG)/Wedding Mood-8.dng
Mobile (.DNG)/Wedding Mood-9.dng
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User Manual.pdf