40 Loose Tribal Geometry Patterns

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File type: .zip (Instant digital download)
File size: 207 MB
Date added: March 22, 2021
Date updated: March 26, 2021


Collection of 40 hand-drawn watercolor looking seamless patterns
Perfect for fabric, linen, wrapping, packaging in light tribal style.

What included:
40 seamless patterns high resolution JPG and transparent PNG
3 bonus Instagram posts with quotes about traveling JPG
3 bonus Instagram posts templates without texts JPG

Note if you need other color:
Open file in Photoshop, press command+U (MacOS) or cntrl+U (Windows), set color, save and use 🙂


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Loose-Tribal-Geometry-igem0i.zip (207 MB):
Posts/Posts with text/post-01.jpg
Posts/Posts with text/post-03.jpg
Posts/Posts with text/post-02.jpg
Posts/Posts without texts/post-01.jpg
Posts/Posts without texts/post-03.jpg
Posts/Posts without texts/post-02.jpg
Patterns/PNG/pattern 40.png
Patterns/PNG/pattern 33.png
Patterns/PNG/pattern 27.png
Patterns/PNG/pattern 26.png
Patterns/PNG/pattern 32.png
Patterns/PNG/pattern 24.png
Patterns/PNG/pattern 30.png
Patterns/PNG/pattern 18.png
Patterns/PNG/pattern 19.png
Patterns/PNG/pattern 31.png
Patterns/PNG/pattern 25.png
Patterns/PNG/pattern 09.png
Patterns/PNG/pattern 21.png
Patterns/PNG/pattern 35.png
Patterns/PNG/pattern 34.png
Patterns/PNG/pattern 20.png
Patterns/PNG/pattern 08.png
Patterns/PNG/pattern 36.png
Patterns/PNG/pattern 22.png
Patterns/PNG/pattern 23.png
Patterns/PNG/pattern 37.png
Patterns/PNG/pattern 12.png
Patterns/PNG/pattern 06.png
Patterns/PNG/pattern 07.png
Patterns/PNG/pattern 13.png
Patterns/PNG/pattern 05.png
Patterns/PNG/pattern 11.png
Patterns/PNG/pattern 39.png
Patterns/PNG/pattern 38.png
Patterns/PNG/pattern 10.png
Patterns/PNG/pattern 04.png
Patterns/PNG/pattern 28.png
Patterns/PNG/pattern 14.png
Patterns/PNG/pattern 15.png
Patterns/PNG/pattern 01.png
Patterns/PNG/pattern 29.png
Patterns/PNG/pattern 17.png
Patterns/PNG/pattern 03.png
Patterns/PNG/pattern 02.png
Patterns/PNG/pattern 16.png
Patterns/JPG/pattern 40.jpg
Patterns/JPG/pattern 27.jpg
Patterns/JPG/pattern 33.jpg
Patterns/JPG/pattern 32.jpg
Patterns/JPG/pattern 26.jpg
Patterns/JPG/pattern 30.jpg
Patterns/JPG/pattern 24.jpg
Patterns/JPG/pattern 18.jpg
Patterns/JPG/pattern 19.jpg
Patterns/JPG/pattern 25.jpg
Patterns/JPG/pattern 31.jpg
Patterns/JPG/pattern 09.jpg
Patterns/JPG/pattern 35.jpg
Patterns/JPG/pattern 21.jpg
Patterns/JPG/pattern 20.jpg
Patterns/JPG/pattern 34.jpg
Patterns/JPG/pattern 08.jpg
Patterns/JPG/pattern 22.jpg
Patterns/JPG/pattern 36.jpg
Patterns/JPG/pattern 37.jpg
Patterns/JPG/pattern 23.jpg
Patterns/JPG/pattern 06.jpg
Patterns/JPG/pattern 12.jpg
Patterns/JPG/pattern 13.jpg
Patterns/JPG/pattern 07.jpg
Patterns/JPG/pattern 11.jpg
Patterns/JPG/pattern 05.jpg
Patterns/JPG/pattern 39.jpg
Patterns/JPG/pattern 38.jpg
Patterns/JPG/pattern 04.jpg
Patterns/JPG/pattern 10.jpg
Patterns/JPG/pattern 28.jpg
Patterns/JPG/pattern 14.jpg
Patterns/JPG/pattern 01.jpg
Patterns/JPG/pattern 15.jpg
Patterns/JPG/pattern 29.jpg
Patterns/JPG/pattern 03.jpg
Patterns/JPG/pattern 17.jpg
Patterns/JPG/pattern 16.jpg
Patterns/JPG/pattern 02.jpg