KerjaYuk Business Icons

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File size: 3 MB
Date added: July 22, 2019
Date updated: August 25, 2019


300 set professional icons come in 3 different styles…Outline, Filled Line, and Duo Tone!. Suitable for web, interfaces and apps. Each symbols is named. All of the icons are correctly placed in separated folders. In this set you will get fully editable vector in Ai, XD, Figma, Font Awesome, EPS, and SVG!!

Features & Compatibility
– Vector-based for infinite scalability
– 300 Icons ( outline, filled line, and duo tone )
– Crafted in 32px artboard
– Easy to scalable and change color
– Elegant & minimal design
– Compatibility : Ai, XD, Figma, Font Awesome, EPS, and SVG


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Adobe Illustrator/Business Icons -
Adobe XD/Duo Tone version/Business Icons_32px_Duo Tone_XD.xd
Adobe XD/Filled Line version/Business Icons_32px_Filled Line_XD.xd
Adobe XD/Outline version/Business Icons_32px_Outline_XD.xd
Figma/Duo Tone version/Business Icons_32px_Duo Tone.fig
Figma/Filled Line version/Business Icons_32px_Filled Line.fig
Figma/Outline version/Business Icons_32px_Outline.fig
Font Awesome/
PNG/Duo Tone version/Account Person.png
PNG/Duo Tone version/Bank Money.png
PNG/Duo Tone version/Bank.png
PNG/Duo Tone version/Blank Bubble Chat.png
PNG/Duo Tone version/Blank Laptop.png
PNG/Duo Tone version/Blank Monitor.png
PNG/Duo Tone version/Booknoted.png
PNG/Duo Tone version/Briefcase.png
PNG/Duo Tone version/Bubble with Text.png
PNG/Duo Tone version/Bunch Document.png
PNG/Duo Tone version/Business Chart.png
PNG/Duo Tone version/Business Flag.png
PNG/Duo Tone version/Business Folder.png
PNG/Duo Tone version/Business Law.png
PNG/Duo Tone version/Business Structure.png
PNG/Duo Tone version/Business Tag Sale.png
PNG/Duo Tone version/Business Tag Sale_1.png
PNG/Duo Tone version/Business Target.png
PNG/Duo Tone version/Calculator - 1.png
PNG/Duo Tone version/Calculator - 2.png
PNG/Duo Tone version/Calendar.png
PNG/Duo Tone version/Chart Diagram Line.png
PNG/Duo Tone version/Chart Slide.png
PNG/Duo Tone version/Company Building.png
PNG/Duo Tone version/Contact Book.png
PNG/Duo Tone version/Credit Card - 1.png
PNG/Duo Tone version/Credit Card - 2.png
PNG/Duo Tone version/Credit Card - 3.png
PNG/Duo Tone version/Customer Service.png
PNG/Duo Tone version/Data Line Chart.png
PNG/Duo Tone version/Deal Tag.png
PNG/Duo Tone version/Discount Label - 1.png
PNG/Duo Tone version/Discount Label - 2.png
PNG/Duo Tone version/Discount Receipt.png
PNG/Duo Tone version/Discount Tag.png
PNG/Duo Tone version/Doc List - 1.png
PNG/Duo Tone version/Doc List - 2.png
PNG/Duo Tone version/Doc Paper - 1.png
PNG/Duo Tone version/Doc Paper - 2.png
PNG/Duo Tone version/Document Email.png
PNG/Duo Tone version/Document Printed.png
PNG/Duo Tone version/Dollar Bag - 1.png
PNG/Duo Tone version/Dollar Bag - 2.png
PNG/Duo Tone version/Dollar Coin.png
PNG/Duo Tone version/Dollar Document.png
PNG/Duo Tone version/Dollar Email.png
PNG/Duo Tone version/Dollar Lock.png
PNG/Duo Tone version/Dollar Printed.png
PNG/Duo Tone version/Dollar Receipt.png
PNG/Duo Tone version/Dollar Tag.png
PNG/Duo Tone version/Down Graphic.png
PNG/Duo Tone version/Empty Cart.png
PNG/Duo Tone version/Empty Email.png
PNG/Duo Tone version/Eye with Dollar.png
PNG/Duo Tone version/Gold Money.png
PNG/Duo Tone version/Graphic Slide.png
PNG/Duo Tone version/Handphone.png
PNG/Duo Tone version/Home Page Website.png
PNG/Duo Tone version/Laptop with Graph.png
PNG/Duo Tone version/List Slide.png
PNG/Duo Tone version/Magnifier.png
PNG/Duo Tone version/Money Deal.png
PNG/Duo Tone version/Money Dollar - 1.png
PNG/Duo Tone version/Money Dollar - 2.png
PNG/Duo Tone version/Money Rotation.png
PNG/Duo Tone version/Monitor with Graph.png
PNG/Duo Tone version/Name Card - 1.png
PNG/Duo Tone version/Name Card - 2.png
PNG/Duo Tone version/Office Bag - 1.png
PNG/Duo Tone version/Office Bag - 2.png
PNG/Duo Tone version/Paper Receipt.png
PNG/Duo Tone version/Percent Chart.png
PNG/Duo Tone version/Pie Chart.png
PNG/Duo Tone version/Pound Money Deal.png
PNG/Duo Tone version/Pound Sale Tag.png
PNG/Duo Tone version/Printer.png
PNG/Duo Tone version/Reward.png
PNG/Duo Tone version/Rules.png
PNG/Duo Tone version/Safe Money.png
PNG/Duo Tone version/Sales Down.png
PNG/Duo Tone version/Sales Growth Slide.png
PNG/Duo Tone version/Sales Growth.png
PNG/Duo Tone version/Search Dollar.png
PNG/Duo Tone version/Share Money.png
PNG/Duo Tone version/Shopping Bag.png
PNG/Duo Tone version/Shopping Cart.png
PNG/Duo Tone version/Stopwatch.png
PNG/Duo Tone version/Tablet with Dollar.png
PNG/Duo Tone version/Tablet.png
PNG/Duo Tone version/Tag Sale Discount.png
PNG/Duo Tone version/Tag Sale.png
PNG/Duo Tone version/Tie.png
PNG/Duo Tone version/Time Watch.png
PNG/Duo Tone version/Up Graphic.png
PNG/Duo Tone version/Wallet Money - 1.png
PNG/Duo Tone version/Wallet Money - 2.png
PNG/Duo Tone version/Yen Money Deal.png
PNG/Duo Tone version/Yen Sale Tag.png
PNG/Duo Tone version/Zoom In.png
PNG/Duo Tone version/Zoom Out.png
PNG/Filled Line version/Account Person.png
PNG/Filled Line version/Bank Money.png
PNG/Filled Line version/Bank.png
PNG/Filled Line version/Blank Bubble Chat.png
PNG/Filled Line version/Blank Laptop.png
PNG/Filled Line version/Blank Monitor.png
PNG/Filled Line version/Booknoted.png
PNG/Filled Line version/Briefcase.png
PNG/Filled Line version/Bubble with Text.png
PNG/Filled Line version/Bunch Document.png
PNG/Filled Line version/Business Chart.png
PNG/Filled Line version/Business Flag.png
PNG/Filled Line version/Business Folder.png
PNG/Filled Line version/Business Law.png
PNG/Filled Line version/Business Structure.png
PNG/Filled Line version/Business Tag Sale.png
PNG/Filled Line version/Business Tag Sale_1.png
PNG/Filled Line version/Business Target.png
PNG/Filled Line version/Calculator - 1.png
PNG/Filled Line version/Calculator - 2.png
PNG/Filled Line version/Calendar.png
PNG/Filled Line version/Chart Diagram Line.png
PNG/Filled Line version/Chart Slide.png
PNG/Filled Line version/Company Building.png
PNG/Filled Line version/Contact Book.png
PNG/Filled Line version/Credit Card - 1.png
PNG/Filled Line version/Credit Card - 2.png
PNG/Filled Line version/Credit Card - 3.png
PNG/Filled Line version/Customer Service.png
PNG/Filled Line version/Data Line Chart.png
PNG/Filled Line version/Deal Tag.png
PNG/Filled Line version/Discount Label - 1.png
PNG/Filled Line version/Discount Label - 2.png
PNG/Filled Line version/Discount Receipt.png
PNG/Filled Line version/Discount Tag.png
PNG/Filled Line version/Doc List - 1.png
PNG/Filled Line version/Doc List - 2.png
PNG/Filled Line version/Doc Paper - 1.png
PNG/Filled Line version/Doc Paper - 2.png
PNG/Filled Line version/Document Email.png
PNG/Filled Line version/Document Printed.png
PNG/Filled Line version/Dollar Bag - 1.png
PNG/Filled Line version/Dollar Bag - 2.png
PNG/Filled Line version/Dollar Coin.png
PNG/Filled Line version/Dollar Document.png
PNG/Filled Line version/Dollar Email.png
PNG/Filled Line version/Dollar Lock.png
PNG/Filled Line version/Dollar Printed.png
PNG/Filled Line version/Dollar Receipt.png
PNG/Filled Line version/Dollar Tag.png
PNG/Filled Line version/Down Graphic.png
PNG/Filled Line version/Empty Cart.png
PNG/Filled Line version/Empty Email.png
PNG/Filled Line version/Eye with Dollar.png
PNG/Filled Line version/Gold Money.png
PNG/Filled Line version/Graphic Slide.png
PNG/Filled Line version/Handphone.png
PNG/Filled Line version/Home Page Website.png
PNG/Filled Line version/Laptop with Graph.png
PNG/Filled Line version/List Slide.png
PNG/Filled Line version/Magnifier.png
PNG/Filled Line version/Money Deal.png
PNG/Filled Line version/Money Dollar - 1.png
PNG/Filled Line version/Money Dollar - 2.png
PNG/Filled Line version/Money Rotation.png
PNG/Filled Line version/Monitor with Graph.png
PNG/Filled Line version/Name Card - 1.png
PNG/Filled Line version/Name Card - 2.png
PNG/Filled Line version/Office Bag - 1.png
PNG/Filled Line version/Office Bag - 2.png
PNG/Filled Line version/Paper Receipt.png
PNG/Filled Line version/Percent Chart.png
PNG/Filled Line version/Pie Chart.png
PNG/Filled Line version/Pound Money Deal.png
PNG/Filled Line version/Pound Sale Tag.png
PNG/Filled Line version/Printer.png
PNG/Filled Line version/Reward.png
PNG/Filled Line version/Rules.png
PNG/Filled Line version/Safe Money.png
PNG/Filled Line version/Sales Down.png
PNG/Filled Line version/Sales Growth Slide.png
PNG/Filled Line version/Sales Growth.png
PNG/Filled Line version/Search Dollar.png
PNG/Filled Line version/Share Money.png
PNG/Filled Line version/Shopping Bag.png
PNG/Filled Line version/Shopping Cart.png
PNG/Filled Line version/Stopwatch.png
PNG/Filled Line version/Tablet with Dollar.png
PNG/Filled Line version/Tablet.png
PNG/Filled Line version/Tag Sale Discount.png
PNG/Filled Line version/Tag Sale.png
PNG/Filled Line version/Tie.png
PNG/Filled Line version/Time Watch.png
PNG/Filled Line version/Up Graphic.png
PNG/Filled Line version/Wallet Money - 1.png
PNG/Filled Line version/Wallet Money - 2.png
PNG/Filled Line version/Yen Money Deal.png
PNG/Filled Line version/Yen Sale Tag.png
PNG/Filled Line version/Zoom In.png
PNG/Filled Line version/Zoom Out.png
PNG/Outline version/Account Person.png
PNG/Outline version/Bank Money.png
PNG/Outline version/Bank.png
PNG/Outline version/Blank Bubble Chat.png
PNG/Outline version/Blank Laptop.png
PNG/Outline version/Blank Monitor.png
PNG/Outline version/Booknoted.png
PNG/Outline version/Briefcase.png
PNG/Outline version/Bubble with Text.png
PNG/Outline version/Bunch Document.png
PNG/Outline version/Business Chart.png
PNG/Outline version/Business Flag.png
PNG/Outline version/Business Folder.png
PNG/Outline version/Business Law.png
PNG/Outline version/Business Structure.png
PNG/Outline version/Business Tag Sale.png
PNG/Outline version/Business Tag Sale_1.png
PNG/Outline version/Business Target.png
PNG/Outline version/Calculator - 1.png
PNG/Outline version/Calculator - 2.png
PNG/Outline version/Calendar.png
PNG/Outline version/Chart Diagram Line.png
PNG/Outline version/Chart Slide.png
PNG/Outline version/Company Building.png
PNG/Outline version/Contact Book.png
PNG/Outline version/Credit Card - 1.png
PNG/Outline version/Credit Card - 2.png
PNG/Outline version/Credit Card - 3.png
PNG/Outline version/Customer Service.png
PNG/Outline version/Data Line Chart.png
PNG/Outline version/Deal Tag.png
PNG/Outline version/Discount Label - 1.png
PNG/Outline version/Discount Label - 2.png
PNG/Outline version/Discount Receipt.png
PNG/Outline version/Discount Tag.png
PNG/Outline version/Doc List - 1.png
PNG/Outline version/Doc List - 2.png
PNG/Outline version/Doc Paper - 1.png
PNG/Outline version/Doc Paper - 2.png
PNG/Outline version/Document Email.png
PNG/Outline version/Document Printed.png
PNG/Outline version/Dollar Bag - 1.png
PNG/Outline version/Dollar Bag - 2.png
PNG/Outline version/Dollar Coin.png
PNG/Outline version/Dollar Document.png
PNG/Outline version/Dollar Email.png
PNG/Outline version/Dollar Lock.png
PNG/Outline version/Dollar Printed.png
PNG/Outline version/Dollar Receipt.png
PNG/Outline version/Dollar Tag.png
PNG/Outline version/Down Graphic.png
PNG/Outline version/Empty Cart.png
PNG/Outline version/Empty Email.png
PNG/Outline version/Eye with Dollar.png
PNG/Outline version/Gold Money.png
PNG/Outline version/Graphic Slide.png
PNG/Outline version/Handphone.png
PNG/Outline version/Home Page Website.png
PNG/Outline version/Laptop with Graph.png
PNG/Outline version/List Slide.png
PNG/Outline version/Magnifier.png
PNG/Outline version/Money Deal.png
PNG/Outline version/Money Dollar - 1.png
PNG/Outline version/Money Dollar - 2.png
PNG/Outline version/Money Rotation.png
PNG/Outline version/Monitor with Graph.png
PNG/Outline version/Name Card - 1.png
PNG/Outline version/Name Card - 2.png
PNG/Outline version/Office Bag - 1.png
PNG/Outline version/Office Bag - 2.png
PNG/Outline version/Paper Receipt.png
PNG/Outline version/Percent Chart.png
PNG/Outline version/Pie Chart.png
PNG/Outline version/Pound Money Deal.png
PNG/Outline version/Pound Sale Tag.png
PNG/Outline version/Printer.png
PNG/Outline version/Reward.png
PNG/Outline version/Rules.png
PNG/Outline version/Safe Money.png
PNG/Outline version/Sales Down.png
PNG/Outline version/Sales Growth Slide.png
PNG/Outline version/Sales Growth.png
PNG/Outline version/Search Dollar.png
PNG/Outline version/Share Money.png
PNG/Outline version/Shopping Bag.png
PNG/Outline version/Shopping Cart.png
PNG/Outline version/Stopwatch.png
PNG/Outline version/Tablet with Dollar.png
PNG/Outline version/Tablet.png
PNG/Outline version/Tag Sale Discount.png
PNG/Outline version/Tag Sale.png
PNG/Outline version/Tie.png
PNG/Outline version/Time Watch.png
PNG/Outline version/Up Graphic.png
PNG/Outline version/Wallet Money - 1.png
PNG/Outline version/Wallet Money - 2.png
PNG/Outline version/Yen Money Deal.png
PNG/Outline version/Yen Sale Tag.png
PNG/Outline version/Zoom In.png
PNG/Outline version/Zoom Out.png
SVG/Duo Tone version/Business Icons_Account Person.svg
SVG/Duo Tone version/Business Icons_Bank Money.svg
SVG/Duo Tone version/Business Icons_Bank.svg
SVG/Duo Tone version/Business Icons_Blank Bubble Chat.svg
SVG/Duo Tone version/Business Icons_Blank Laptop.svg
SVG/Duo Tone version/Business Icons_Blank Monitor.svg
SVG/Duo Tone version/Business Icons_Booknoted.svg
SVG/Duo Tone version/Business Icons_Briefcase.svg
SVG/Duo Tone version/Business Icons_Bubble with Text.svg
SVG/Duo Tone version/Business Icons_Bunch Document.svg
SVG/Duo Tone version/Business Icons_Business Chart.svg
SVG/Duo Tone version/Business Icons_Business Flag.svg
SVG/Duo Tone version/Business Icons_Business Folder.svg
SVG/Duo Tone version/Business Icons_Business Law.svg
SVG/Duo Tone version/Business Icons_Business Structure.svg
SVG/Duo Tone version/Business Icons_Business Tag Sale-21.svg
SVG/Duo Tone version/Business Icons_Business Tag Sale-41.svg
SVG/Duo Tone version/Business Icons_Business Target.svg
SVG/Duo Tone version/Business Icons_Calculator - 1.svg
SVG/Duo Tone version/Business Icons_Calculator - 2.svg
SVG/Duo Tone version/Business Icons_Calendar.svg
SVG/Duo Tone version/Business Icons_Chart Diagram Line.svg
SVG/Duo Tone version/Business Icons_Chart Slide.svg
SVG/Duo Tone version/Business Icons_Company Building.svg
SVG/Duo Tone version/Business Icons_Contact Book.svg
SVG/Duo Tone version/Business Icons_Credit Card - 1.svg
SVG/Duo Tone version/Business Icons_Credit Card - 2.svg
SVG/Duo Tone version/Business Icons_Credit Card - 3.svg
SVG/Duo Tone version/Business Icons_Customer Service.svg
SVG/Duo Tone version/Business Icons_Data Line Chart.svg
SVG/Duo Tone version/Business Icons_Deal Tag.svg
SVG/Duo Tone version/Business Icons_Discount Label - 1.svg
SVG/Duo Tone version/Business Icons_Discount Label - 2.svg
SVG/Duo Tone version/Business Icons_Discount Receipt.svg
SVG/Duo Tone version/Business Icons_Discount Tag.svg
SVG/Duo Tone version/Business Icons_Doc List - 1.svg
SVG/Duo Tone version/Business Icons_Doc List - 2.svg
SVG/Duo Tone version/Business Icons_Doc Paper - 1.svg
SVG/Duo Tone version/Business Icons_Doc Paper - 2.svg
SVG/Duo Tone version/Business Icons_Document Email.svg
SVG/Duo Tone version/Business Icons_Document Printed.svg
SVG/Duo Tone version/Business Icons_Dollar Bag - 1.svg
SVG/Duo Tone version/Business Icons_Dollar Bag - 2.svg
SVG/Duo Tone version/Business Icons_Dollar Coin.svg
SVG/Duo Tone version/Business Icons_Dollar Document.svg
SVG/Duo Tone version/Business Icons_Dollar Email.svg
SVG/Duo Tone version/Business Icons_Dollar Lock.svg
SVG/Duo Tone version/Business Icons_Dollar Printed.svg
SVG/Duo Tone version/Business Icons_Dollar Receipt.svg
SVG/Duo Tone version/Business Icons_Dollar Tag.svg
SVG/Duo Tone version/Business Icons_Down Graphic.svg
SVG/Duo Tone version/Business Icons_Empty Cart.svg
SVG/Duo Tone version/Business Icons_Empty Email.svg
SVG/Duo Tone version/Business Icons_Eye with Dollar.svg
SVG/Duo Tone version/Business Icons_Gold Money.svg
SVG/Duo Tone version/Business Icons_Graphic Slide.svg
SVG/Duo Tone version/Business Icons_Handphone.svg
SVG/Duo Tone version/Business Icons_Home Page Website.svg
SVG/Duo Tone version/Business Icons_Laptop with Graph.svg
SVG/Duo Tone version/Business Icons_List Slide.svg
SVG/Duo Tone version/Business Icons_Magnifier.svg
SVG/Duo Tone version/Business Icons_Money Deal.svg
SVG/Duo Tone version/Business Icons_Money Dollar - 1.svg
SVG/Duo Tone version/Business Icons_Money Dollar - 2.svg
SVG/Duo Tone version/Business Icons_Money Rotation.svg
SVG/Duo Tone version/Business Icons_Monitor with Graph.svg
SVG/Duo Tone version/Business Icons_Name Card - 1.svg
SVG/Duo Tone version/Business Icons_Name Card - 2.svg
SVG/Duo Tone version/Business Icons_Office Bag - 1.svg
SVG/Duo Tone version/Business Icons_Office Bag - 2.svg
SVG/Duo Tone version/Business Icons_Paper Receipt.svg
SVG/Duo Tone version/Business Icons_Percent Chart.svg
SVG/Duo Tone version/Business Icons_Pie Chart.svg
SVG/Duo Tone version/Business Icons_Pound Money Deal.svg
SVG/Duo Tone version/Business Icons_Pound Sale Tag.svg
SVG/Duo Tone version/Business Icons_Printer.svg
SVG/Duo Tone version/Business Icons_Reward.svg
SVG/Duo Tone version/Business Icons_Rules.svg
SVG/Duo Tone version/Business Icons_Safe Money.svg
SVG/Duo Tone version/Business Icons_Sales Down.svg
SVG/Duo Tone version/Business Icons_Sales Growth Slide.svg
SVG/Duo Tone version/Business Icons_Sales Growth.svg
SVG/Duo Tone version/Business Icons_Search Dollar.svg
SVG/Duo Tone version/Business Icons_Share Money.svg
SVG/Duo Tone version/Business Icons_Shopping Bag.svg
SVG/Duo Tone version/Business Icons_Shopping Cart.svg
SVG/Duo Tone version/Business Icons_Stopwatch.svg
SVG/Duo Tone version/Business Icons_Tablet with Dollar.svg
SVG/Duo Tone version/Business Icons_Tablet.svg
SVG/Duo Tone version/Business Icons_Tag Sale Discount.svg
SVG/Duo Tone version/Business Icons_Tag Sale.svg
SVG/Duo Tone version/Business Icons_Tie.svg
SVG/Duo Tone version/Business Icons_Time Watch.svg
SVG/Duo Tone version/Business Icons_Up Graphic.svg
SVG/Duo Tone version/Business Icons_Wallet Money - 1.svg
SVG/Duo Tone version/Business Icons_Wallet Money - 2.svg
SVG/Duo Tone version/Business Icons_Yen Money Deal.svg
SVG/Duo Tone version/Business Icons_Yen Sale Tag.svg
SVG/Duo Tone version/Business Icons_Zoom In.svg
SVG/Duo Tone version/Business Icons_Zoom Out.svg
SVG/Filled Line version/Business Icons_Account Person.svg
SVG/Filled Line version/Business Icons_Bank Money.svg
SVG/Filled Line version/Business Icons_Bank.svg
SVG/Filled Line version/Business Icons_Blank Bubble Chat.svg
SVG/Filled Line version/Business Icons_Blank Laptop.svg
SVG/Filled Line version/Business Icons_Blank Monitor.svg
SVG/Filled Line version/Business Icons_Booknoted.svg
SVG/Filled Line version/Business Icons_Briefcase.svg
SVG/Filled Line version/Business Icons_Bubble with Text.svg
SVG/Filled Line version/Business Icons_Bunch Document.svg
SVG/Filled Line version/Business Icons_Business Chart.svg
SVG/Filled Line version/Business Icons_Business Flag.svg
SVG/Filled Line version/Business Icons_Business Folder.svg
SVG/Filled Line version/Business Icons_Business Law.svg
SVG/Filled Line version/Business Icons_Business Structure.svg
SVG/Filled Line version/Business Icons_Business Tag Sale-21.svg
SVG/Filled Line version/Business Icons_Business Tag Sale-41.svg
SVG/Filled Line version/Business Icons_Business Target.svg
SVG/Filled Line version/Business Icons_Calculator - 1.svg
SVG/Filled Line version/Business Icons_Calculator - 2.svg
SVG/Filled Line version/Business Icons_Calendar.svg
SVG/Filled Line version/Business Icons_Chart Diagram Line.svg
SVG/Filled Line version/Business Icons_Chart Slide.svg
SVG/Filled Line version/Business Icons_Company Building.svg
SVG/Filled Line version/Business Icons_Contact Book.svg
SVG/Filled Line version/Business Icons_Credit Card - 1.svg
SVG/Filled Line version/Business Icons_Credit Card - 2.svg
SVG/Filled Line version/Business Icons_Credit Card - 3.svg
SVG/Filled Line version/Business Icons_Customer Service.svg
SVG/Filled Line version/Business Icons_Data Line Chart.svg
SVG/Filled Line version/Business Icons_Deal Tag.svg
SVG/Filled Line version/Business Icons_Discount Label - 1.svg
SVG/Filled Line version/Business Icons_Discount Label - 2.svg
SVG/Filled Line version/Business Icons_Discount Receipt.svg
SVG/Filled Line version/Business Icons_Discount Tag.svg
SVG/Filled Line version/Business Icons_Doc List - 1.svg
SVG/Filled Line version/Business Icons_Doc List - 2.svg
SVG/Filled Line version/Business Icons_Doc Paper - 1.svg
SVG/Filled Line version/Business Icons_Doc Paper - 2.svg
SVG/Filled Line version/Business Icons_Document Email.svg
SVG/Filled Line version/Business Icons_Document Printed.svg
SVG/Filled Line version/Business Icons_Dollar Bag - 1.svg
SVG/Filled Line version/Business Icons_Dollar Bag - 2.svg
SVG/Filled Line version/Business Icons_Dollar Coin.svg
SVG/Filled Line version/Business Icons_Dollar Document.svg
SVG/Filled Line version/Business Icons_Dollar Email.svg
SVG/Filled Line version/Business Icons_Dollar Lock.svg
SVG/Filled Line version/Business Icons_Dollar Printed.svg
SVG/Filled Line version/Business Icons_Dollar Receipt.svg
SVG/Filled Line version/Business Icons_Dollar Tag.svg
SVG/Filled Line version/Business Icons_Down Graphic.svg
SVG/Filled Line version/Business Icons_Empty Cart.svg
SVG/Filled Line version/Business Icons_Empty Email.svg
SVG/Filled Line version/Business Icons_Eye with Dollar.svg
SVG/Filled Line version/Business Icons_Gold Money.svg
SVG/Filled Line version/Business Icons_Graphic Slide.svg
SVG/Filled Line version/Business Icons_Handphone.svg
SVG/Filled Line version/Business Icons_Home Page Website.svg
SVG/Filled Line version/Business Icons_Laptop with Graph.svg
SVG/Filled Line version/Business Icons_List Slide.svg
SVG/Filled Line version/Business Icons_Magnifier.svg
SVG/Filled Line version/Business Icons_Money Deal.svg
SVG/Filled Line version/Business Icons_Money Dollar - 1.svg
SVG/Filled Line version/Business Icons_Money Dollar - 2.svg
SVG/Filled Line version/Business Icons_Money Rotation.svg
SVG/Filled Line version/Business Icons_Monitor with Graph.svg
SVG/Filled Line version/Business Icons_Name Card - 1.svg
SVG/Filled Line version/Business Icons_Name Card - 2.svg
SVG/Filled Line version/Business Icons_Office Bag - 1.svg
SVG/Filled Line version/Business Icons_Office Bag - 2.svg
SVG/Filled Line version/Business Icons_Paper Receipt.svg
SVG/Filled Line version/Business Icons_Percent Chart.svg
SVG/Filled Line version/Business Icons_Pie Chart.svg
SVG/Filled Line version/Business Icons_Pound Money Deal.svg
SVG/Filled Line version/Business Icons_Pound Sale Tag.svg
SVG/Filled Line version/Business Icons_Printer.svg
SVG/Filled Line version/Business Icons_Reward.svg
SVG/Filled Line version/Business Icons_Rules.svg
SVG/Filled Line version/Business Icons_Safe Money.svg
SVG/Filled Line version/Business Icons_Sales Down.svg
SVG/Filled Line version/Business Icons_Sales Growth Slide.svg
SVG/Filled Line version/Business Icons_Sales Growth.svg
SVG/Filled Line version/Business Icons_Search Dollar.svg
SVG/Filled Line version/Business Icons_Share Money.svg
SVG/Filled Line version/Business Icons_Shopping Bag.svg
SVG/Filled Line version/Business Icons_Shopping Cart.svg
SVG/Filled Line version/Business Icons_Stopwatch.svg
SVG/Filled Line version/Business Icons_Tablet with Dollar.svg
SVG/Filled Line version/Business Icons_Tablet.svg
SVG/Filled Line version/Business Icons_Tag Sale Discount.svg
SVG/Filled Line version/Business Icons_Tag Sale.svg
SVG/Filled Line version/Business Icons_Tie.svg
SVG/Filled Line version/Business Icons_Time Watch.svg
SVG/Filled Line version/Business Icons_Up Graphic.svg
SVG/Filled Line version/Business Icons_Wallet Money - 1.svg
SVG/Filled Line version/Business Icons_Wallet Money - 2.svg
SVG/Filled Line version/Business Icons_Yen Money Deal.svg
SVG/Filled Line version/Business Icons_Yen Sale Tag.svg
SVG/Filled Line version/Business Icons_Zoom In.svg
SVG/Filled Line version/Business Icons_Zoom Out.svg
SVG/Outline version/Business Icons_Account Person.svg
SVG/Outline version/Business Icons_Bank Money.svg
SVG/Outline version/Business Icons_Bank.svg
SVG/Outline version/Business Icons_Blank Bubble Chat.svg
SVG/Outline version/Business Icons_Blank Laptop.svg
SVG/Outline version/Business Icons_Blank Monitor.svg
SVG/Outline version/Business Icons_Booknoted.svg
SVG/Outline version/Business Icons_Briefcase.svg
SVG/Outline version/Business Icons_Bubble with Text.svg
SVG/Outline version/Business Icons_Bunch Document.svg
SVG/Outline version/Business Icons_Business Chart.svg
SVG/Outline version/Business Icons_Business Flag.svg
SVG/Outline version/Business Icons_Business Folder.svg
SVG/Outline version/Business Icons_Business Law.svg
SVG/Outline version/Business Icons_Business Structure.svg
SVG/Outline version/Business Icons_Business Tag Sale-21.svg
SVG/Outline version/Business Icons_Business Tag Sale-41.svg
SVG/Outline version/Business Icons_Business Target.svg
SVG/Outline version/Business Icons_Calculator - 1.svg
SVG/Outline version/Business Icons_Calculator - 2.svg
SVG/Outline version/Business Icons_Calendar.svg
SVG/Outline version/Business Icons_Chart Diagram Line.svg
SVG/Outline version/Business Icons_Chart Slide.svg
SVG/Outline version/Business Icons_Company Building.svg
SVG/Outline version/Business Icons_Contact Book.svg
SVG/Outline version/Business Icons_Credit Card - 1.svg
SVG/Outline version/Business Icons_Credit Card - 2.svg
SVG/Outline version/Business Icons_Credit Card - 3.svg
SVG/Outline version/Business Icons_Customer Service.svg
SVG/Outline version/Business Icons_Data Line Chart.svg
SVG/Outline version/Business Icons_Deal Tag.svg
SVG/Outline version/Business Icons_Discount Label - 1.svg
SVG/Outline version/Business Icons_Discount Label - 2.svg
SVG/Outline version/Business Icons_Discount Receipt.svg
SVG/Outline version/Business Icons_Discount Tag.svg
SVG/Outline version/Business Icons_Doc List - 1.svg
SVG/Outline version/Business Icons_Doc List - 2.svg
SVG/Outline version/Business Icons_Doc Paper - 1.svg
SVG/Outline version/Business Icons_Doc Paper - 2.svg
SVG/Outline version/Business Icons_Document Email.svg
SVG/Outline version/Business Icons_Document Printed.svg
SVG/Outline version/Business Icons_Dollar Bag - 1.svg
SVG/Outline version/Business Icons_Dollar Bag - 2.svg
SVG/Outline version/Business Icons_Dollar Coin.svg
SVG/Outline version/Business Icons_Dollar Document.svg
SVG/Outline version/Business Icons_Dollar Email.svg
SVG/Outline version/Business Icons_Dollar Lock.svg
SVG/Outline version/Business Icons_Dollar Printed.svg
SVG/Outline version/Business Icons_Dollar Receipt.svg
SVG/Outline version/Business Icons_Dollar Tag.svg
SVG/Outline version/Business Icons_Down Graphic.svg
SVG/Outline version/Business Icons_Empty Cart.svg
SVG/Outline version/Business Icons_Empty Email.svg
SVG/Outline version/Business Icons_Eye with Dollar.svg
SVG/Outline version/Business Icons_Gold Money.svg
SVG/Outline version/Business Icons_Graphic Slide.svg
SVG/Outline version/Business Icons_Handphone.svg
SVG/Outline version/Business Icons_Home Page Website.svg
SVG/Outline version/Business Icons_Laptop with Graph.svg
SVG/Outline version/Business Icons_List Slide.svg
SVG/Outline version/Business Icons_Magnifier.svg
SVG/Outline version/Business Icons_Money Deal.svg
SVG/Outline version/Business Icons_Money Dollar - 1.svg
SVG/Outline version/Business Icons_Money Dollar - 2.svg
SVG/Outline version/Business Icons_Money Rotation.svg
SVG/Outline version/Business Icons_Monitor with Graph.svg
SVG/Outline version/Business Icons_Name Card - 1.svg
SVG/Outline version/Business Icons_Name Card - 2.svg
SVG/Outline version/Business Icons_Office Bag - 1.svg
SVG/Outline version/Business Icons_Office Bag - 2.svg
SVG/Outline version/Business Icons_Paper Receipt.svg
SVG/Outline version/Business Icons_Percent Chart.svg
SVG/Outline version/Business Icons_Pie Chart.svg
SVG/Outline version/Business Icons_Pound Money Deal.svg
SVG/Outline version/Business Icons_Pound Sale Tag.svg
SVG/Outline version/Business Icons_Printer.svg
SVG/Outline version/Business Icons_Reward.svg
SVG/Outline version/Business Icons_Rules.svg
SVG/Outline version/Business Icons_Safe Money.svg
SVG/Outline version/Business Icons_Sales Down.svg
SVG/Outline version/Business Icons_Sales Growth Slide.svg
SVG/Outline version/Business Icons_Sales Growth.svg
SVG/Outline version/Business Icons_Search Dollar.svg
SVG/Outline version/Business Icons_Share Money.svg
SVG/Outline version/Business Icons_Shopping Bag.svg
SVG/Outline version/Business Icons_Shopping Cart.svg
SVG/Outline version/Business Icons_Stopwatch.svg
SVG/Outline version/Business Icons_Tablet with Dollar.svg
SVG/Outline version/Business Icons_Tablet.svg
SVG/Outline version/Business Icons_Tag Sale Discount.svg
SVG/Outline version/Business Icons_Tag Sale.svg
SVG/Outline version/Business Icons_Tie.svg
SVG/Outline version/Business Icons_Time Watch.svg
SVG/Outline version/Business Icons_Up Graphic.svg
SVG/Outline version/Business Icons_Wallet Money - 1.svg
SVG/Outline version/Business Icons_Wallet Money - 2.svg
SVG/Outline version/Business Icons_Yen Money Deal.svg
SVG/Outline version/Business Icons_Yen Sale Tag.svg
SVG/Outline version/Business Icons_Zoom In.svg
SVG/Outline version/Business Icons_Zoom Out.svg